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Three (More) Reasons the Green Bay Packers Will Win the Super Bowl



I suck at predictions.

Like, I’m really terrible at them (all separate links by the way). It’s ridiculous to try and predict anything in sports before the season starts, but it’s also what makes being a sports fan so fun. Not an excuse, I still suck at predicting things.

So as we look ahead to the NFL Playoffs this weekend, I’m going to revel in one that I could still get right. I think the Packers will win the Super Bowl this year. Here’s why:

Aaron Freaking Rodgers

To me, the best quarterback in football. There are a few QB’s for whom you could make a credible argument, but Rodgers is my guy. Rodgers is one of the most accurate passers in the league, and mobile enough to get a first down on a broken play.

There isn’t too much to add here other than Rodgers is absolutely a Super Bowl caliber quarterback. He returned from a broken collarbone just in time to get his team into the playoffs, and a healthy Rodgers makes the Packers very dangerous.

Every NFC team is flawed

Admittedly, that includes the Packers. Their defense has been below average since late October, allowing more than 20 points in every game since then. The defense ranks 29th in DVOA, a fancy stat for rating defensive efficiency on every play, which is lowest among NFC playoff teams. They aren’t good. rodgers thumbs up

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But every NFC team has its weakness. For all but one team, that weakness will be fatal.

Seattle is a worthy favorite, but their offense hasn’t kept up with the (league’s best) defense lately, and they lost at home for the first time in two seasons. Carolina’s offense has sputtered recently. New Orleans is turrble on the road. Philadelphia’s defense may be worse than Green Bay’s.

And that leaves San Francisco, who has beaten Green Bay to start each of the last two seasons AND in the playoffs last year to boot. However, the Niners played exactly three good teams on the road this season (Seattle, New Orleans, Arizona) and are 1-2. There’s no rational way to say the Packers will definitely beat the Niners, but they are evenly matched and I’ll take Green Bay at home.

I can’t be wrong every time…right?

Being 0 for infinity on predictions means one thing: I’m due to get something right.

Bet the mortgage on the Packers to win the Super Bowl. Prosper. Thank me later.


That’s another soon-to-be-proven-wrong prediction in the books for me. Who do you think makes it to the Super Bowl? Who do you think will win it all?

Hit the comments and give me your thoughts!


    1. I'd have picked the Packers to play the Pats before the season. Of course, I would have guessed the defense would be surprisingly good, Amendola would be Welker-ish, and Aaron Hernandez would bridge the gap until Gronk came back to dominate, lol.

      I'll chalk that up to Brady being the man. This is LeBron on the Cavs right now, and they're the 2 seed!

  1. Good argument Joe, but the Packers Defense sucks. They barely beat the Bears which is why I can't go with them. Coming out the NFC, I will have to give it to Carolina or Seattle. Both teams can score at will and have great run games with a mobile QB.

    1. "Coming out the NFC, I will have to give it to Carolina or Seattle. Both teams can score at will and have great run games with a mobile QB."

      If this is why you think it's Carolina or Seattle then you also think San Fran too.

      I can't wait for everybody to see that Carolina is a fraud.

  2. Good article but you didn't really give a reason why the 49ers and Saints aren't better picks. Saying that a team has lost often on the road isn't really an indictment on the team as much as it is a compliment to their opponents.

    1. That's true, but in the playoffs every team is good. So if they play worse on the road, it's a big deal. I didn't delve into stats, but the Saints especially are a different team. I think the Niners SHOULD win this weekend, but I picked the Packers to start the year, and I'm rolling with them.

  3. i totally agree they have a chance to come out of the NFC, and you're also right when you say every team is flawed, BUT at the same time they still have a tough road because they have to play wild card weekend and go from there. Although teams that have played Wild Card Weekend have turned around and won (pittsburgh 2005, GB 2010, NY Giants 2007, 2011) the results favor the team with the bye much more. I wouldn't want to see the Patriots face them simply because of their weak secondary.
    My recent post Killer Shoe Game: New Jordans Are To Die For…Literally

    1. No easy road through the playoffs, as it should be. I'll stick behind my pick because of Aaron Rodgers. I don't think they should be favored to make it to the Super Bowl though.

    1. I tend to agree. I'd love to see an 8-team field. And you know the NFL would do it because that means more games (and more money). Those weak division winners creates an artificial edge. You only play 6 games in division, why get home field over better teams?

      I DO think all division winners should get in. If you have divisions, you should let the winner in…just not with automatic home field.

    1. Perfect symmetry, lol. I'm pretty sure you were first to respond when I picked the Packers before the season.

      I think the Niners are worthy favorites. They should win this weekend, but it's far from a guarantee IMO. If history is any guide, Kaep will run wild on Sunday.

  4. And the Winner IS??????? San Fran! lol I do believe the panthers will give them the business down in charlotte.


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