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Listen: Our Hairlines Hath Forsaken Us


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Rich and WIM talk Blackberry struggles, ratchet ass MLK party flyers, gender equality, Gabby Sidibe and other celebrity responses to shade, going bald (too soon), and more. To jump to the baldness discussion, go to 53:55.

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    1. Yeah the key is knowing when to let go. Can't get that Tony Dungy cut forever. Just move on.

      Thank Buddha my hairline is intact. I'll never take it for granted again.

  1. Male pattern baldness is being experienced by many men and many do seek effective treatments such as hair restoration, FUE, FUT etc. Reasons behind baldness are still not defined well but the prominent one being genetic or hereditary reasons. Hair restoration done to prevent baldness is done by transplanting healthy donor hair on to bald areas of the forehead.


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