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Are the 49ers the New ’90s Buffalo Bills?

Eternal quest?

Championship Sunday in the NFL recently wrapped up, and we have our Super Bowl matchup. We will jump into the matchup between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks next Tuesday. Today, we’ll eulogize the San Francisco 49ers’ season.

The Niners and Seahawks were the smart pick to face each other in the NFC Championship game. They each have dynamic coaches, young, electrifying quarterbacks, tough running games, and nasty defenses. A perfect matchup on paper.

The game lived up to the hype as well. It was tight throughout, and ultimately Seattle’s defense made more plays. This includes the game-sealing interception that led to this masterpiece of a postgame interview. Never change, Richard Sherman.

The interview (and subsequent racism) aside, the 49ers place in history took centerstage in my mind.

Disclaimer to all Niner fans: I respect the hell out of your team. The defense is amazing, and Colin Kaepernick could be a Hall of Famer for all we know.

That said, what is keeping this team from becoming the 90’s Buffalo Bills…or the oughts’ Philadephia Eagles?

How do we know this team isn’t destined to be the “Best Team Never to Win it All” of this decade?

They have all the familiar symptoms:

They are starting to build the resume –

Sunday’s game marked the third straight NFC Championship game for the 49ers. You can’t be the best team never to win it without an impressive streak like that.

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But it comes with a price. nfl_a_sadck_cr_576

When any team, in any sport, has sustained success, their coaching staff becomes a prime target for poaching. The best compliment to any head coach is his very own coaching tree. We are starting to see that happen in San Francisco.

The Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman, Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio and Defensive Line Coach Jim Tomsula have all drawn interest from other teams. Now that the Niners have lost, it’s at least possible the coaching exodus will begin. That puts pressure on Head Coach Jim Harbaugh and the General Manager to find the right guys to keep the success going. This has undone lots of teams before.

How do they improve? –

One of the major reasons I can see the 49ers heading down a bad path is that we have seen them at their best…and it hasn’t gotten them over the hump.

The only real improvement I can see the team making is to further develop Colin Kaepernick. He made some critical mistakes in Sunday’s game, which you can understand given his relative lack of experience.

Other than that? Where are the glaring holes on this team? I don’t see them. The team is good, young, and shows no obvious signs of slowing down…well everyone but Anquan Boldin anyway. He’s already pretty slow.

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I mean, if this is the best the 49ers get, that’s pretty good. Take it from a Lions fan, you have it really good if you root for San Francisco. It’s exceedingly difficult to win a Super Bowl. There are great players who have never done it.

Maybe that will include this current group of 49ers.

What do you think? Could the Niners have already peaked? Give me your best reasons for or against a future San Francisco Super Bowl in the comments below!


  1. I'm a diehard Niners fan and the only real issue I see is developing Kap. To me he's still a lil wet behind the ears. Some of his decisions are questionable. I think we have what it take to get to the end its just a matter of time. Also other teams are simply better. Seattle for some damn reason makes it work. They have a little bit of every element to do just enough to be better than us (for now). We had a flip flop type of season and we will get better. But Kaps got my vote, hes our quarterback and I'm on board with that.

    1. Yeah Kap seems like a guy to go to war with. I get nervous with that "it's just a matter of time" idea because that championship window is fleeting. You guys have been right there for three years. History says they better strike while the iron is hot.

  2. I have to agree with the above post from MR SD. KAP has outperformed his draft position and all of his QB peers drafted before him. KAP is a young QB who just needs to keep stay Also, if you noticed in the game Carlos Rogers got burned alot and maybe adding a younger CB would be a good add in the offseason. Also, I think the fact that SF will be brining back most of their key players (hopefully Anquan Boldin re-signs) most of the key players will be intact unlike Seattle who is the only really competition for SF in the NFC West. Seattle has to address the following FA's: Golden Tate, Baldwin,3 Offensive Lineman, Michael Bennett (very big), Walter Thurmond, Jeron Johnson, and Steven Hauschka.

    1. Seattle definitely seems like they have more to lose in the near future. Winning the 'ship this year actually makes it less likely they stay at the top IMO. After you win it all, all those middle of the road guys end up leaving for big contracts elsewhere. The Ravens of last season would be an extreme example (at least in part because they broke the bank on Flacco), but it always seems to happen.

  3. I see the 49ers winning a Superbowl as long as they keep that defense in order. Kap will get better once he gets more reliable receivers sans Boldin. They just went up against a team that had a better regular season and had home field advantage. If that game was played on a neural field I believe the 49ers would have won the game.
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    1. That's fair. They are definitely a championship-caliber team. I just wonder if they are this decade's "Coulda, Shoulda Won it but Didn't" team.

  4. Sadly, i think that 90s Bills tag goes to my Patriots, who are just about penciled in to be in contention for the AFC every year because there's only 2 teams that ever have anything to say about it.

    As for the Niners, i think they have a chance, in their last three season enders you cant say definitively that the better team won. Its just about to get real when they have pay Kaep franchise QB money and Peter King starts hating on him
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    1. There was a recent article about how the teams in contention are getting franchise QB numbers out of players on rookie contracts. I can't find it again. But I agree, a team like Seattle and SF are in prime position to succeed right now because the QB isn't taking up a quarter of the cap. Of course the Lions are in the exact opposite situation.

      Because OF COURSE, smh.

      1. Don't feel bad Joe. I am actually liking what the Lions are doing. Bringing in a Offensive minded head coach and the hire of Lombardi from New Orleans as a QB coach will help ALOT! He coached Brees and was part of the coaching staff during the greatest show on turf team in ST Louis. The front 4 is the best in the league and if they can add some depth in that secondary and draft another WR (looking like Mike Evans from Texas A&M) I wouldn't sleep on them.

  5. I would say that prior to the 2003 season going to the Conference Championship or winning our division and coming up with no Super Bowl was typical for the Niners. Also it took us a couple times to get past the Cowboys in the mid-nineties and that only yielded one chip. With all that said, we've been here before. It's annoying but I think we'll be back next year in the playoffs and have a shot at it.

    We also have 14 picks in the upcoming draft and we didn't even use Marcus Lattimore last year. That's basically a hell of a draft pick in itself. So yeah… we'll be good, if not better.

  6. Agree w/ Dr. J. I'm looking forward to see Lattimore play and them finding some fresh legs at the WR position. Him, Gore, and LaMichael James could be what Jacobs/Ward/Bradshaw were a few years back for the G-men.

    Homefield advantage definitely gave the Seahawks that extra push. It's a great rivalry that's good for fans and the league. I think the 6th ring is attainable next season if that running core stays healthy most of the time.
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  7. The 49ers will be fine. Kaepernick will continue to improve, their defense is still strong, and they have great coaching. I think they should look into another running back as frank gore approaches the twilight of his career. And they haven't gone to the SB 4 years straight and lose like the Bills, so I woudn't refer to them as that yet
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