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Hear What You Want: Richard Sherman Beats Commercial


Beats by Dre ad capitalizes on the NFL’s most polarizing figure- Richard Sherman. The commercial consists of Richard Sherman being attacked in the locker room by a swarm of reporters and a slew of questions. Interrogating Sherman about trash-talking, violence in Compton, and being a “thug”. The beauty of the commercial is the parallel between Beats by Dre headphones and silencing your critics, which Sherman has done. If he wins the Superbowl, don’t expect him to bite his tongue anytime soon.

What do you think about the controversy surrounding Richard Sherman? Is he a just a braggadocios thug or does he deserve to turn up on his haters? Is this a race thing or just an etiquette matter?



  1. I believe it's an etiquette thing. People make things racial. In this case Sherman is expressing himself in a way he sees fit. Some players are boisterous, while others are quiet. He lets his game speak on the field and afterwards when the cameras are around. I wouldn't label him anything. I would describe him as being passionate. Depersonalize America. Depersonalize.

  2. WOW. I really enjoyed this commercial. Was it made prior to Sunday's game or after the whole incident? Either way, I think it was great. Sherman had every right to express himself and he is an amazing athlete so he can do as much trash talking as he'd like. Society feels so threatened when a black man is talented and knows he talented. He should make no apologies for being who he is!
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  3. If you follow the Seahawks then you know it's just Richard being Richard. I thought the post game interview was hilarious people are just searching for a story and blowing things way out of proportion. The commercial was cool even though it was a bit long, they could've left out some of the questions.

  4. It's a race thing. America saw a black man with dreads yelling in a white girl's face and lost their damn minds lol if it wasn't a race thing I'm sure a Stanford guy who graduated with a 3.9 wouldn't be labeled as a "thug." we all know what thug means when white people say it, come on now lol

  5. I love that commercial, btw. When you compare his official NFL post-game interview with the game interview "heard 'round the world" with Erin Andrews, you'll notice 2 different personalities. I chalked up his interview with Erin Andrews as adrenaline-pumped talk (if I sent my team to the Superbowl I'd probably be hyped too) based off of his beef with Crabtree…which is why he mentioned Crabtree's name more than once.

    It IS a race thing for the ignoramuses/bigots who mentioned degrading things about an entire race based off of his interview (just check out those tweets) with a white woman (who says she loved it!), but bigots always focus on race so, meh.

  6. There are strong racial overtones and implication regarding the term 'thug' being used in the media and within circles to characterize him. It is not Richard Sherman who is polarizing, it is the terminology being slapped across his back by many that is polarizing.

    Interestingly enough, etiquette plays a significant part in how one is received and perceived. A lack of 'good etiquette' as a person of color has far different implications than a Caucasian exhibiting similar flair. The perception is vastly different, hence why Sherman is labeled a thug while its safe to assume(as history has already shown) a non person of color would be called unsportsmanlike, or excused for being 'caught up in the excitement of an adrenaline rush'.

    Mr. SoBo

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