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The Introvert Struggle, Street Harassment, and Where the Good Guys Are



On this episode, Rich and WIM discuss the (male) introvert struggle (16:50), bloggers as the new journalists (30:50), Drake and Sasheer Zamata on SNL (41:25), The Richard Sherman debacle and online the proliferation of ignorance and fake outrage (46:05), perceptions of wealth (1:01:15), where the “good guys” are (1:26:08), street harassment (1:35:30), and more.

Link from show discussion: 

Friday Night Tykes Show

Rich’s post on proliferation of ignorance/Richard Sherman debacle

Booker T cuts aggressive promo and accidentally calls Hulk Hogan the N-word.


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  1. Comment towards the "Introvert Struggle". If you have the time look up Ambivert, which is not Introvert or Extrovert, its in-between.

  2. Best episode yet. You guys touched on so many things and all I could mumble is the agreeable "Son!"

    Introverts hate small talk. I experience this more often than I care to on LinkedIn. You sent the connection request for a specific reason, so don't small talk me to death or talk around what you want. Either I can connect the dot or I can't. I think the older we get, you just approach certain conversations w/ the "get in, get out" attitude. It's irritating that people write these fake deep articles about how introverts are socially awkward, lack confidence, and all around weirdos w/ no type of social decorum. As a fellow introvert, I can say that our charisma just comes across in a different way. Quiet as kept, it's gotta be exhausting to be constantly ON all the time.

    It's dope that you guys are discussing finance/wealth management in this medium. It's hard and probably boring to write about it. The little details and sacrifices can add that extra $100 in your account.

    My recent post Your Girlfriend Will Hate Your Writing [Sometimes]

  3. Hi,

    I really enjoyed this podcast. Slim and WIM you make a wonderful team. (Or should I say Slim and Friends)

    WIM: I really hope that you keep us updated on your financial journey and any good financial tips that you feel the everyday person can take advantage of. I am also trying to get my finances in order (Killing Sallie Mae one payment at a time), and have decided to take a similar path in making the money I have left over work for me in the long run.

    1. Slim: I’m on the fence about background checks. In one way we put so much information on the internet, and if you meet a person via the web (dating site, twitter, Facebook) you kind of get a sense of what someone is like or what they may be into. I would be worried of someone did a background check and told me non-public information about myself (i.e. : Credit Score, SSN, Address ) or something that a person could only find out about me if I told them. I don’t put a lot of personal information on Social media. I also don’t have a criminal record so I don’t have too much to worry about. I understand why people with children would do a background search on a potential partner.

      1. Street harassment: I agree with the definition given on the podcast. Like most twitter conversations (this is where I first saw the topic discussed), a topic that could have started off as a informative discussion that would hopefully lead to solutions, turned into a troll circus where men took examples personal examples that women shared about street harassment a simple responded with a “if you though so and so was attractive you wouldn’t consider it street harassment”. That’s when the sh!t hit the fan and now you have people trying to discourage or go against troll and who feel attack coming up with all this random rule about approaching and etc..

        1. I don’t speak for every single woman, but I will say some don’t have an issue with a man politely trying to approach. Now that doesn’t guarantee the feeling will be mutually or that the woman will even respond. Also street harassment isn’t just about a man trying to approach you. A lot of street harassment is men yelling or saying inappropriate comments “just for the heck of it” as you pass, cat calling, or trying to coop a feel on the subway (I’m from NY). I agree with WIM I feel like the men who need these lessons on “street harassment isn’t on Huffington post highlighting tips in a street harassment essay. I’m not sure how I feel about men who street don’t harass interjecting when they see a woman being harassed on the street, I can see why some men may be hesitant. The most we can do for starters is teaching boys/young men how to respect women.

          I tried to comment on you two guys one show website.. but it would load.. sorry for the long comment here

        2. I had the same issue as well. It kept going back to the 7th episode and will not start whenever I tried to hit play for the 8th episode. It did work eventually, but after many tries.


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