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Femininity v. Masculinity, Men Not Supporting Each Other, The Hustle, and More



Rich and WIM eclipse episode 10 of Two Guys One Show (with new artwork…above)! In this one, they cover a range of topics including their Super Bowl experiences and the commercials (5:10), performance review season at the day gigs (18:50), reflections on show feedback and early doubts about if some content could make it (24:40), the “We Want Women Who Enjoy Being Feminine” article on SingleBlackMale.org (38:45), the decline of Facebook (54:45), Wolf of Wall Street and excessively reckless wealth (1:06:30), the listener question on why men don’t support each other (1:27:37), Rich’s experience learning the podcast game and the importance of being memorable and likable (1:54:30), and WIM’s rant on why we can’t all be ballers (2:03:50).

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We Want Women Who Enjoy Being Feminine” article on Single Black Male.


  1. Listening to this now as I work. Great podcast. To touch on the topic of some ideas in the black community only being discussed online (submission) I used to think the same thing until I got confronted with it in real life. I think the internet is a place where people say things that they really feel but refrain from saying in their daily walking lives.

  2. So much to cover…

    1)honestly I fell asleep on the game when the 4th quarter started…blame honey jack and the itis, I find it hilarious how JC Penneys "drunk tweets" got more reaction than 4 million dollar commercials.

    2)idk how I ended up listening to podcasts, might've started off with bomani jones and tbgwt and to richs point its a big umbrella. I like the balance of tgos its entertaining and insightful and more appropriate for work..no shade there's humor but I'm not busting out laughing like other podcasts I've deemed nsfw for that very reason.

    3. I took a pass on fuegos guest post, I agree the examples werent great but i got where he was going its just hard to say out loud without ruffling feathers. I watched "Don Jon" last night there's a scene when he wants to buy a swiffer and his girl is not having it because it isn't manly. In that same vein its okay to find nontraditional men or women unattractive but no one ever wants to hear it.

  3. 4. I watched wolf of wall street as for the rape…its easier to consider it rape than make a case for how it isn't…what's crazier is how Jonah was just as paid and he literally came from nothing.

    5. Male support comes from ego, men struggle to be vulnerable to women let alone another man. Ironically, at my job they just hired two brothers and at lunch they noted how it was easier to understand things when I said it than an older white colleague. I think men support just differently, we're built more on movements and teams and you eat we eat. We often look for our own benefits within helping.

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    1. No shade taken fam.lol. Glad you're listening to the show. Also appreciate the thoughts on the topics, particularly on male support. If I'm interpreting your comment right, are you saying that we're more inclined to support when there's something in it for us vs. "altruistic" motives?

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  4. Appreciate you guys taking the time to address my question and the original post was great insight Rich. After reading the post and comments, it makes sense that black male mentorship (at least in the workplace) is really more about "is helping you going to advance me or make me look good?"

    I saw The Wolf of Wall St and no I don't think that scene qualified as rape. As a Scorcese fan, I feel like the hostility in the scene was good to convey that their marriage was for real over. Their connection had been reduced to his wife giving in just to get away from him if that makes sense. Submission doesn't equate to force.

    I agree w/ Tristan. TGOS is something I can listen to on a flight or in between meetings without looking crazy because I'm laughing every 5 minutes. I don't listen to a lot of podcasts, but I think some podcasts are 1 and dones probably because the hosts have it in their mind to compete or copy w/ another popular podcast. When you create your own lane, the cosigns and support will automatically come. Plus I mean, nobody wants to listen to 4 podcasts that essentially sound the same in terms of content and personalities you know
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    1. Re: the last piece, It's been cool to hear/see people describe the show and find it different than what's out there or not have many shows to compare us to. The best part (for me at least) is that we're not trying to be anything. We're just talking about what interests us and it's working. Speaking of the show, I need to go prepare to record.lol
      My recent post 010: The Talented 10th

  5. I agree with the food cause I'm a greedy skinny girl. There's just something about being in you guys' clothes. It's comforting. Yes…we don't like you guys to have fun without us.


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