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Online Dating, Valentine’s Day Struggles, Love in Space, and More

Rich (on far left looking jolly) was at Hot97 this past Sunday to discuss online dating.
Rich (on far left looking jolly) was at Hot97 this past Sunday to discuss online dating.

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Episode Title: Racist Black Soap

In this episode, Rich and WIM discuss an outer space offer and government shady schemes (10:20), the Valentine’s Day struggle (15:30), an important Public Service Announcement about a personal problem (21:30), navigating social events while in relationships (25:30), bootleg Burger King in Pittsburgh (35:00), the ups and downs of online dating (39:35), the Marcus Smart saga (1:04:37), Michael Sam’s coming out and flagrant locker room antics (1:16:30), the ultimate semen swindle (1:29:50), the Harvard webcam girl (1:37:35), investing and saving while in debt (2:05:10), and WIM’s rant for next week (2:30:40). **Please don’t forget to give us a five star rating on iTunes and/or Stitcher. It’s the best way to show your support for the show.**

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  1. Nice show, I got it out in one sitting, i have a boring job.

    1. I tried to get a Slim “boobookins” name drop count..think it was 13

    2. As bad as that 2012 movie was I’ve been suspicious ever since, whenever they finish that space station I expect things to get real

    3. I never got valentines day hate, its a day to flex ur relationship to everyone else, u rolling home with ur bouquet like get like me

    4. I’m flattered how fly my girl assumes I am, I get hit on and would have no idea, there’s been times she brings it up later how so and so was hitting on me and contrary to her belief I’m shocked

    1. 5. I could never see myself on like a okcupid or something but in this day and age, twitter, SBM, instagram, why not? Especially with street harassment and whatnot us be better off carpe DMing
      6. The semen swindle, I guess its not different from her scooping old condoms and using turkey basters or something idk I saw it on The Game once
      7. I'm 25, I'm at a point where I can really get on this debt or figure out what I'm doing with myself, I'm kinda at the latter.
      8. I wanted wim to go in on himym but yeah college is about getting not just a job a career. Especially full time, I could take a class for an experience, I left home for this sh t, I'm trying to make a life of this.

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  2. Women definitely "nag" you to get/stay in better health. A unspoken perk of relationship.

    I've stumbled into a relationship once too. I think most men aren't actively seeking anything w/ a woman. We play it by ear and then it gets to a point where it hits you that that's your girl. Good to hear another man say that, Wis. Never really knew the story behind you and Muze getting together, Rich. That's cool man. I feel you on the couples needing separation thing. I look at my girl's page sometimes and in my head, I'm always like "all these single women and you stay in my girl's notifications. Beat it!". The struggle.

    Re: Marcus Smart – I think it's a slippery slope when people say college players should act like professionals. Smart was wrong and the suspension is reasonable. But having another man literally in your face talking trash (especially a slur)? Completely different. From my POV, it was a fan who exacerbated Malice at the Palace. Even that lady at the Heat/Bulls game that was screaming at Joakim Noah. I don't know where the bravado comes from, but fans feel like they're above getting hands. Nah, not always champ.
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  3. Enjoyed the show, laughed through so much of it (you guys will say ANYTHING).

    Excellent advice about paying off debt and saving!!! I started when I was 48, now ten years later totally debt free. Driving a 17 year old Saturn, but my house is paid off and getting ready to retire in 4 years with @ $200,000 saved up for retirement (started with 401K at 28 and $5,000). Never to early to start saving, and I am loving my life right now.

    Keep up the good work Rich and WIM! Still LMFAO!!!

  4. WIM dropped alot of science at the end as it relates to finances. One thing I have to add (if already said sorry for missing it) I'm an advocate of paying for everything in cash. Credit costs more. That includes cars and homes. People also need to think about the risk vs. reward of incurring debt especially with education. Will going out and accruing 15-30k in debt for a masters degree after you have already accrued 30k of debt for a bachelors degree make you better able to pay off the debt and live a comfortable life?


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