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7 Fictional Characters Your Relationship Can Do Without



1.) Superman: As the old saying goes; Superman was really Clark Kent, Clark Kent wasn’t really Superman. You are human, you will make mistakes, and you can’t save everyday. Don’t try to be superman in your family, just aim to be super faithful.

2.) Lone Ranger: You can’t do it all by yourself, God placed you two together to be a duet, not solo performers.

3.) The Grinch: No one likes a Grinch.

4.) The Riddler: Life is difficult enough, your spouse shouldn’t have to unscramble your thoughts, mood or actions. Say what you mean and mean what you say, this always removes the clutter from your marriage.

5.) The Incredible Hulk: It is scary when you lose your temper with your spouse. If it’s not, your marriage is unhealthy and needs professional help. If you can keep your cool when your boss rubs you the wrong way, you should be able to keep your cool when your spouse disappoints you. It’s just not ok to turn into a monster whenever you become dissatisfied with your mate.

6.) Flash: Slow down and be present, don’t be so quick to move to the next destination. Memories are created when we slow down and enjoy the person and the moment.

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7.) Storm: Ladies, I’m sorry! Storm was a sister who had the ability to control the weather over limited areas (mostly in her relationship.

What fictional characters would you add to the list based on your experience?

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  1. I struggle with #1 and #2. It's hard to change your ways when you grew up like the lone ranger (only child) and always feel obligated to swoop in and do the things others just can't do (Superman)…

  2. Batman/Bruce Wayne-

    Trying to be a Player, like things are okay and we are in complete control, and yet the alter ego is the person who strikes fear into the enemies (men or Women) that caused or cause/will cause harm.
    *Plus, Batman SUCKED at keeping Sidekicks (Robin> Nightwing, Romin 2> Red Robin, Batgirl>????, etc)

  3. Mystique: Don't need you changing up all the dang time!_Wolverine: Strong exterior and independence to overcompensate for not really knowing who he/she really is_Captain Cold: nuff said!_Wonder Woman: I know your strong woman, but I can do things too…lol__Bonus: SKELETOR: I need some meat on those bones to grab onto…rofl!


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