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In this episode of Two Guys One Show, Rich and WIM discuss the aftermath of Valentine’s Day including skating in the name of love (3:45), men pushing it to the limit with selfies (20:35), the Jordan Davis trial outcome (27:00), the difference between hot and beautiful women (39:50), a black neighborhood fighting to keep a Trader Joe’s out (1:04:00), the key to a happy relationship (1:10:20), listener feedback and questions including why men stand women up (1:26:00), pursuing your passion (1:53:45), and the WIM Rant on women asking “why did you stop texting?” (2:01:00), and more. **Don’t forget to leave us a five rating on iTunes and/or Stitcher**

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  1. Great podcast. You and Wisdom have great Chemistry

    1)The woman who wrote the hot v.s. beautiful article is definitely the Jan Brady of the group. I hate when women write these articles, they’re being just as superficial as the men they’re writing about. To me hot is about sex appeal. Women who fall between a 3-6 on the scale (like the one Wisdom posted on twitter, at least I think it was you) can be hot. Women can be hot and beautiful. Beautiful can just describe the physical if you don’t know the person or it can describe the physical pulse more if you know the person.

    1. 2)Being from NYC and seeing the gentrification of Harlem and now Brooklyn, I can see why community leaders may be nervous. But I think keeping Traders Joe’s out is a bad move. I think the community can limit how many outside chains can come in the community, but that area is a food desert. Trader Joe’s also has reasonably priced healthy food, pay’s their workers good wages (not like Walmart), and I think new business improves the feel of a neighborhood. Plus we don’t chase any of the non-black people that own grade F restaurants, or bodega/small grocery stores that sell us over priced old food.

      3)The 1st of the month struggle is real. Sallie Mae !!!!!!!!!!

  2. 1. I'm like WIM, I'm creative but not really expressive. I usually hide behind sarcasm, my card was sweet tho
    2. I had to unfollow some homies, selfies, shirtless pics, I just couldnt deal. I take pictures only 3 occasions; I'm out, I got on something new or I got a fresh cut and feeling myself
    3. I steered clear of the Dunn Trial, although from what I heard, going for 1st degree murder (premeditated) was a stretch when 2nd degree seemed to fit, just like Zimmerman should've been tried for manslaughter as well, the prosecution are overplaying their hands and losing.

    My recent post Today’s Word is… INDEBTED

    1. 4. Personally I think beautiful is overused, everyone can't be beautiful. The author trying to play being hot as 2nd tier just screams bitterness.
      5. What kids and employment have in common is obligation, when you find yourself in a relationship because you have to, it loses luster than when u was just with someone who made u happy
      6. Gentrification is a slippery slope there's a degree of reverse racism but some ppl don't like change in their community but unlike the movies businesses win, they want a trader joes there, they'll be one.

      My recent post Today’s Word is… INDEBTED

      1. 7. I've never stood up a woman but I will disappear rather than deal with conversation, silly rabbit breakups are for girlfriends, we just talking.
        8. I never want my passion to be my job, somewhat like I said about relationships when u add obligation its spoiled. I blog when I want, not because I need to pay that bill, I draw to relax I don't need to sell my work to eat
        9. I got a who's this before, I said never mind and deleted the number, she blew up my phone and miraculously remembered afterwards but she already lost. You only get one shot, word to slim shady.
        My recent post Today’s Word is… INDEBTED

  3. listening to this now as i work. had to comment about trader joes. you guys need to read the letter that the PAALF wrote to the city. the issue of gentrification has been an ongoing thing. there are other grocery stores in the area that will be negatively affected business wise. the city of portland also gave them and/or the contracting company a subsidy of over 2 million dollars to build that spot up for a trader joes. didn't give any local biz that same money.

  4. I used to think similarly to the woman who wrote that list. I would always wonder why people called me "sexy", because I thought "beautiful" was the best compliment; I thought "how can I be sexy if I have minimal curves (more of an athletic body type), don't wear makeup, have a really simple style, and don't even try to be sexy? There are women that try"
    From experience, I think she needs to realize her entire self-worth- not only inner but outer beauty as well- because let's face it how a person feels about the way he/she looks translates into how they feel about themselves as a whole. Stop wasting time trying to convince people that you're beautiful and wondering why they don't see it; just do you and keep it moving.
    The major flaw I found with the article is that it doesn't take into consideration the fact that men use different terms and sometimes clump terms together. Depending on the guy, "hot" and "beautiful" can mean the same thing, but he uses one more often. Like my friend and I had this conversation last year, he obviously knew me and respected me and even after going through the terms and giving possible definitions of them, he still said I was hot. Who cares? I really think this is more about bitterness than standing up for women. Just know you're not ugly and take care of yourself.

    1. And for your question about if a beautiful personality cannot make a person physically attractive if they weren't before, the answer is NO for men and YES for women. ( I'm straight btw.) If I think a girl is ugly or not very fortunate at first, I usually end up changing my mind after getting to know her, even if she just moves up to "okay" in my mind. On the other hand, if I thought she was gorgeous, that's usually dimmed down to "pretty" after talking to her if her attitude is right. Personality and intelligence tend to normalize a person's looks for me, but that may be due to the fact that I'm invested in empowering young women so I try to see the good when I look at them. Maybe. In that case, I say NO to men, because "ugly" only moves up to "okay" and "okay" is not attractive enough to date. I mean I don't want to make my partner feel average or below; men like the "damn, you're sexy" or "you're so cute" comments too. You have to have some physical trait that I LOVE, even if its just your smile.


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