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In the first episode of one of the guy’s birthday month, Rich and WIM discuss the difference between courting and chasing, digits gone digital, Rich seeing red at work, a Negative Nancy being forced into hiding by the internet, the Oscars, the Pharrell album cover controversy, a pastor requesting female congregants to remove their panties in the name of Jesus, the resurrection of a prehistoric megavirus, an article on reasons to date a single mother, the economics of sex, open relationships, and more. **Don’t forget to leave us a five star review on iTunes and/or Stitcher!**


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  1. 1)Rich : Happy Early birthday
    2)WIM: Some of us 90’s baby’s (I’m 1990) still give out phone numbers lol I have noticed that men will ask for your number along with your twitter.
    3)I swear some pastors are nothing but Pimps that use a bible and holy water instead of an open hand and baby powder. I can’t believe people should up to the “house of the lord with no panties on”.

    1. 4)Open relationships. To each it’s own, I mean at some point I think we all participate in some type of open situation (ex :dating) or that phase that Wim mentioned where your really into the person and that’s your main but ya’ll haven’t quite agreed to be exclusive so the option to step out is always there. I think I’m more scared of my partner cheating emotionally, if I agree to an open relationship and you fall in love with someone else, I’ll just feel like a comfort zone, like a safety net if things don’t work out. I guess at some point for some peoples marriages as long as you do your part as a parent, show up to family functions and pay the bills, what you have going on outside doesn’t matter, but I would still feel like something is missing. Plus what if we try an open relationship and I decide I don’t want to participate anymore and he’s like nope too late.

  2. LOL @ pasta-based. That's real for being a single man. As long as you have carbs and a protein, you're good. I've never used a preheat setting either. My rule is just to leave the food in 5 minutes longer than whatever the instructions or recipes say.

    I think it's interesting that there are people who still don't get that "black" is an American thing. I've never heard an African call themselves "black". But that was a stupid tangent for Twitter and commenters to go on. To me, the bottom line was Lupita won. You got the results you wanted. Why nitpick or try to take away the dopeness of the accomplishment.

    My recent post Forgiveness Isn’t A Manly Thing To Do

  3. Using the same evolutionary basis, women aim as high as they can and then try and get the best one they can to commit. It’s hard for women to know their league because guys above her will still date her for sex, but not consider her for commitment.

    Basically women can “date up” but they have to “marry down,” and men will “date down” but will only “marry up”. Men realize this from a young age because to get sex we have to drop our standards. It often takes women a lot longer to realize that in order to get married she will eventually have to “marry down” (settle) or stay single. The longer she waits, the older she gets and the more she will have to compromise.

    That’s why women find dating so difficult.

  4. To be fair to Chris Tucker, he said on the Tom Joyner Morning Show that he was contacted less than a week before the BET Awards and asked to host.

    1. I didn't know this, but it's worth noting. Still though, I think this speaks to talent level. There are people that could've gotten that short notice and thrived. This guy made MJ jokes.lol. Gotta do better than that.
      My recent post 017: One Last Run


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