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Two Guys One Show: Brown Fist Urban League {Podcast}


my brothers keeper

The 2 Guys discuss Rich turning 31, some clarification on women not wanting men to have fun…EVER, Stay in Your Lane Relationship Insurance, cutting things out of life that don’t make you happy, a divisive article on Salon.com about the My Brother’s Keeper initiative and the struggles of young black girls and women, a woman getting dumped after her bae hit the lotto, black and brown youth getting incarcerated for cash, being liked for you vs. the quality of work you do, the “Wrong Number” struggle, and more. **Don’t forget to leave us a Five-Star review on iTunes and/or Stitcher!**

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  1. Great show…a couple of points

    1. You say any generalization of women and your mentions light up with chicks saying I'm different yeah I'm different. Yeah, OK.
    2. Any forum where men and women intersect there will be some heybooing. Professionals prefer to date professionals but personally I never could bring myself to hop in DMs let alone LinkedIn mail.
    3. I like how Rich had the same reaction I had at the way WIM was able to flip that Salon piece, boys get more because they need more, sad but true
    4. Doesn't Inez have a lottery ticket herself, the child of a lottery winner? She could just go Kelis on him. And I agree it seems like he was merely tolerating her til he didn't have to anymore
    My recent post Today’s Word is… THINKPIECE

    1. 5. I rather have my work speak for itself, like the Steve Martin quote, "Be so good they can't ignore you". Popularity helps but when I think of that I think more of oblivious stans not actual fans of your work/art
      6. I'm good with faces, names not so much. I'll say fam or sweetie until it comes to me if it never does then welp.
      7. WIMs rant took a dark turn, its sad savages ruined it to the point that women feel like "give me ur number or else" and I'm just trying to know her better
      My recent post Today’s Word is… THINKPIECE

      1. I like how you use numeral bullet points for thoughts.lol.

        I was most surprised by the dark turn. Given the latest discourse on twitter regarding assault, seems like it's very real out there. I still find myself wondering "who are these dudes?" It does make it difficult for the rest of us though.
        My recent post 015: Brown Fist Urban League

  2. "I like your work history, we should get up" LOL Ya'll wilding. But it's weird how people will turn any social networking site into a dating/hook up opportunity. Not that there's anything wrong with that. -Wim voice

    The for-profit prison kickback story was also an episode of SVU…that's an extreme nature of zero-tolerance, but in general I take issue w/ criminalizing children, especially for nonviolent offenses

    Lmao @ Wim's rant. Kinda surprised by the "for my safety" as a reason too. That probably goes back to the street harrassment. Correcting the though process behind it is futile because the guys who need to hear why it's wrong aren't reading blogs or participating in productive discourse. Guys like us aren't gonna strong-arm for the #; mainly because we don't have to. Another topic lol Trying to understand the behavior is hard since it might be a class difference.
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  3. I had the same thougts when I saw the article posted by a friend. Like I get the struggle that the author was saying but at the same time, women do a better job of supporting each other.
    1. Black Girls Rock
    2. Black Girls Run

    And many of the other conferences and event that exist for men. Also, with a recent report saying that Black girls attend college higher than other race/gender group, women are handling their business. So I agree that it does feel like her article is saying to cut one for the other, especially when we know that funding will be limited.


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