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Men Have Always Been Better Cheaters


Women cheat. Men cheat. However, when you listen to the radio or watch comedians run their routines, you always hear people say women are better cheaters. Don’t believe them. When it comes to cheating men have all the power and less of the consequences. Since the dawn of infidelity Men Have Always Been Better Cheaters:

We are Expected To

Women cut men more slack, because society says that we should be cheaters and have multiple sex partners. That means the consequences are less dire. If a woman cheats on a man and he finds out, it’s usually a wrap. When a woman gets caught there’s no bouncing back most of the time. Those expectations allow men to fool around and still marry the love of their lives.

Most Men Who’ve Been Cheated On Were Too Busy Cheating to Notice

He let you do you, because he was doing so much wrong he couldn’t bring up his suspicions. He didn’t really care, so what did you really get away with. Cheating a person that doesn’t care about what you do is more like cheating yourself. Because you’re doing it for retribution or attention, your cheating is reactionary which is a weak trait in itself. It’s weak, because you sink to a level lower then the wrong doer because that’s not even your steez. If you want to really make him hurt, walk away. At the end of the day, he will always respect you and that hurts more.

Men Get Caught to Test You

Only careless people get caught. Sometimes you’re dealing with a man that doesn’t respect you and you have to stand your ground. When a man doesn’t care, he’s sloppy with his cheating because he doesn’t fear the consequences. Any person that is capable of cheating is capable of not getting caught. So don’t accuse your man of being stupid, accuse him of being something more. Accuse him of being heartless and nonchalant to the repercussions of the cheating.

Ya’ll Not Really Together

You say “he’s cheating”, but he doesn’t even claim you. He doesn’t consider you all to be in a monogamous relationship. He’s just going with the flow and saying what it takes to make you happy. You’re wasting tears over a man that isn’t worth wasting a glass of cheap champagne over. Next time, make him define what you guys are doing before you cry over the things he has done.

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Deflection: Women are Emotional

Any woman that has ever accused a man of cheating knows that most men deflect your accusations or concerns by saying that your feelings are illegitimate. He claims you’re overacting or that you’re crazy, this behavior or practice is acceptable in our culture. How can you compete with the ever-so-deadly “You tripping” or “I don’t even know what you talm’ bout?” You can’t.

Do you still believe women are better cheaters than men? Has a man/woman ever cheated on you? Have you ever been caught cheating on your man/woman? Ladies, do you hate when a man tries to deflect your emotions or legitimate concerns? This post is in no way promoting or condoning cheating.

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  1. I agree that men get forgiven more often for cheating, whereas women get banished quicker than Jon Snow to the wall if a dude even suspects she slipped on top of another penis. But Women are MUCH better cheaters in terms of not getting caught.

    Girls, don't cheat for lust, they usually cheat to fill a void left by a man they love. Dude isn't showing attention, the next dude is, so she does what she thinks she has to, while still going to extreme measures to cover those tracks. Unlike males who get sloppy the moment they sniff new cooch, females protect their at home investment. I've talked to so many women that have shared these 007 techniques because they didn't want to lose their true love for a fulfillment nut.

    As men we like to think we're smooth, but at the end of the day we're so bad at cheating that "guy caught cheating" has become the norm, while women are so exceptional that it's thought of as a rarity. If men knew the real number of women cheaters, it would probably blow our minds. But we will never know because they've mastered that art and set fire to the evidence.
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  2. I've always had this belief. Matter of fact, the reason I don't believe too many men argue with the whole "women are better cheaters" belief is so that we can keep doing dirt!!! lmfao

  3. Men are better cheaters because women make it too easy. Theres the exes never quite leave the picture, the women who forget that they don't actually need proof to leave, side chicks who won't let the girlfriend "win"…but of course this is all futile because relationships are just about optional these days

  4. Cheating is a character flaw. Most men have low self esteem. Besides its not cheating unless you verified a relationship or marriage with someone.

  5. I don’t think one sex cheats better than the other. I think its one sex techniques (men) are better known than the other. I don’t think we’ll ever really know who’s better because most men don’t go running around town telling every open ear about their significant other cheating, or how he got played. I definitely know men, who have taken back a cheating spouse, but it’s usually someone their very serious with and it’s not happening more than once probably.

    I agree with reasoning in this article. If men are better cheaters, it’s because the women they are cheating on (like in the scenarios above) are in love with the though of being in a relationship rather than looking at the actually circumstances.

  6. Men are better cheaters yes, they have the upper hand in cheating but women are better in hiding their cheating ways.

      1. Right.. and the reason you're not looking is because she made sure she dotted her I's and crossed her T's. She makes sure you stay secure in thinking she ain't slidin off.

  7. Ummm….I don't think I can agree with this one. For starters, none of your 5 points really gave any reason why men are better at cheating. Honestly I think men are far more sloppy cheaters whereas women can be far more cold and calculating. my fellow male associates and friends that cheat (or have cheated) often get caught or close to getting caught because they were sloppy. I however can count on my hand the number of women I know that actually got caught cheating. Their ish was always clean and their man never found out till she decided to tell him. In one case I know of the female never told him. Just dumped him when she didn't want him anymore. Till this day he still doesn't know.

  8. IDK if better is the word I would use in this post. More like, more comfortable with cheating. Better to me is who is more likely to get caught. In these instances you have men, who aren't afraid to get caught, because they know they have a great chance of still maintaining said relationships.
    My recent post Things that I have learned in my 20s

  9. This whole "You can't call women crazy" nonsense has got to stop. It's one thing if the guy is cheating, and you caught him cheating.

    But if you're…
    – riding through a parking lot to make sure his car is where it's supposed to be
    – trying to hack his e-mail, Facebook, etc.
    – constantly trying to catch him doing something
    …then fcuk you, you're crazy. Accept that you will be called as such.

  10. "Do you still believe women are better cheaters than men?" Yes..

    Reason being is #1 We don't ever get too comfortable..

    Most men get caught because they get sloppy or they start falling off on the homefront (patterns changec become forgetful, late, weak alibis, etc.) which raises a red flag. Women who are creepin willl make sure everything on the homefront is still running smoothly to the point she even starts to overcompensate a little in some areas; (extra meals, extra chexy time/more adventurous, gifts, etc.) while her man will see it as " My Bae be putting in that werk for her man!!" she is just covering her tracks which is why we go undetected when cheating because we not giving you any reason to feel that we are.

    If a man ever finds out his woman was cheating it's only because she wanted him to and she didn't care anymore.

    1. Ummm, I don't agree for the simple fact that anybody, man or woman, once they start cheating is withholding a piece of them from their signifigant other and giving it to the person they're cheating with. The examples you give don't make sense to me, if she was/is cheating on her man, it's for a reason, maybe he took her for granted, not spending time her, financially irresponible, etc, whatever the reason, she couldn't find it in her current relationship so she went looking elsewhere. Well if thats the case why would she do extra for a man that could'nt provide her what she needed, because after awhile she is going to give more to the person she is cheating with, thats just human nature, men are not impervious to this either. I guess my point is if you make a conscious decision to stray from your relationship, at some point and time you are going to emotionally divest yourself from your current relationship, its just human nature, I don't care who are, what sex you are, age, or ethnicity, this happens on the subconcious level. You may try to do extra to compensate and not raise suspicions, but sooner or later it's going to come out.

    1. I believe comments like yours is the reason men are better cheaters. Society as a whole believes that men are stupid, sloppy, and lazy. I know I'm none of the three but I've also never argued against it. If I had to guess you probably have never tried to argue that point either. Which such a low bar of expectation you'd be surprised with the number of men that go unnoticed doing there dirt.

      1. Men are only stupid and sloppy when they are cheating on women they know won’t leave if they get caught. Not to say you can’t be cautious and not be caught, but the sloppiness is a sign of disrespect towards the current partner, an insult to their intelligence.

        Think of how many married men have affairs and don’t say anything or get caught until their about to actually leave their wife, or men who start new situations before leaving the old situations.

  11. "Do you still believe women are better cheaters than men?"
    I'm not going to go as far to say that women are smarter than men, but we are better at playing naive. Women put their man on a pedestal (and men know this!) so often that the men do not expect us to cheat. If they did they would not be with us. They know/assume that we are loyal, and our actions and contribution into the relationship, and making him happy assures him that we won't stray.
    On the contrary, when a woman cheats, it USUALLY was premeditated. We been planned this out in our minds. We already have an alibi set up before we even perform the act of cheating. In my opinion, when men cheat it is most likely impulse, so they're sloppy and nervous and acting different. We already know you cheated, but SOME of us (note: I am not speaking for all women okay) are just indenial or not ready to be single again (weak), so we let it slide until we have evidence or can catch you in the act (when we start going through your stuff).

    I have never suspected a spouse of cheating in my adult life, so this is just my observation.

  12. The funny thing is women cheat once every 10 years then try to compare it to a man that cheats ten times a month, and believe that equates to being a woman being a better cheater than man.

    It's men with two whole families out here and the women don't even find out about it, til he dies. Men hide secrets better I'm telling you. We're just wired different.

    Again it's not like cheating is cool or anything, just thought this wasan interesting topic.
    My recent post 7 Things Exes Love to Do

    1. I assume you're just trying to make a point, but do you think women are really that innocent? We (men and women) are all bad, and all good. What do you think women do when their man isn't doing what he used to do or isn't being as attentive as he used to be? Just sit there and stare at the wall? Women get just as bored, just as lonely, just as horny as men do. We will fulfill that.

      Just curious… Do men believe in "emotional cheating"? I have always wondered that.

      1. I know women aren't innocent at all I''ve slept with a lot of "supposedly monogamous women". TheSUNK is pretty much dedicated to the things that women do that they can't discuss with closed-minded people .

        But socially it's things that men do and lines that men cross that a lot of women aren't willing to cross and we're unapologetic about it.

        Most of the men I know would rather a woman cheat physically than emotionally and hopefully not with someone he knows. Also it's easier to cope with it if she is getting us back, because we feel like we deserve it, if and only if we've been doing the same thing. But I also don't want to speak for all men. But a lot of my close friends use this logic.

        I talk about cheating a lot here: http://thesunk.com/?s=cheat
        My recent post 7 Things Exes Love to Do

      2. Yes I personally do believe in emotional cheating, now if you ask me which is worse, I could'nt tell I think there both the same.

      1. When you reference a study you need to provide a source. Secondly, women have kids with the other man all the time and ruin their good thing with their actual husband/boyfriend or in some cases the man doesn't find out, but eventually they do if the man cares to look. That's a much slimmer chance of concealing the truth with the proof in the household as opposed to a man having two separate and complete families.

        Again this depresses me talking about it. Thought this topic would be a fun convo piece , now it just reminds me that the world is a shady shady place lol.
        My recent post 7 Things Exes Love to Do

    2. Just because women don’t speak on things, doesn’t mean they are not aware or have a feeling about something. Trust me if your grandpa had a second family, your grandma probably knew, or had an idea that there was someone else. Men get away with a lof of their actions because women are willing to participate . Know I know of older women who have had a side baby on their husband, the ended up staying with the husband and that man raised the child as his own, but their wasn’t no whole side family, not to many men are going to put up with that.

      1. Firstly, I mentioned this in my post that the fact women don't or won't to say anything makes the condition to facilitate cheating for men much easier. That's a much better environment to get your creep on.

        Secondly, women can't have a side family, that's my whole point. A mother can only raise one family at a time.
        My recent post 7 Things Exes Love to Do

  13. "Do you still believe women are better cheaters than men?"

    Being a better cheater is not a badge of honor, so, … yeah, y'all can have that one.

  14. I wouldn't say that they're better, I'd say that they choose the right type of women to cheat on and to cheat with. Usually insecure women with low self-esteem willing to take what they can get and be disrespected instead of walking away from a person that is selfish piece of s***. Men are usually sloppy cheaters that get found out because they don't know how to go about doing their dirt on the low. Women who cheat usually have been emotionally cheating for some time due to their needs not being met within their relationship. Both parties are immature, selfish cowards that need to grow up, learn to communicate, and walk away from the situation before they decide to step out on their partner.

  15. Late to this convo and although I normally enjoy the articles posted on this site, I must say this topic is rather asinine and insulting to both men and women. Why? Because are we REALLY discussing which of our gender is better & more clandestine with the goods when it comes to infidelity? Not like we (A-As) don’t have enough relationship/STD/baby mamma & daddy issues in our community already… Our discussions should most definitely be focused elsewhere. SMDH.

  16. Erin has a point it does depend on the woman, because some women know the game and probably stand more to lose if not as much as the man she's cheating with. However men are not better cheaters…yes they aren't. How many women you see walking around sober, heartbroken, and borderline depressed because their man cheated on them or outright left them for another woman. There's even a plethora of songs by female R&B artist that suggest this as well. Despite the generalization that men are stronger emotionally, but the truth is you seldom hear of many men exhibiting that kind of behavior, Why? Because women can do it better.

  17. i'm not so sure if i would say that men are better cheaters though i agree with most of the writer's point of view. if i wanted to dissect all of these analogies here i would simply say that some men generally cheat because the price for capture can be paid whether that is if she leaves him he can live with that or if she annoys him and tells every female member of his family he can live with it. on the flip side most women can't take everyone looking at them in that "she's a hoe" etc way so maybe over time she has learned to hide her indiscretions better. who's better? i still don't know but to either sex their own
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  18. Do you still believe women are better cheaters than men?

    Yup. Then again, I'm a woman and know that the secret lives of woman are almost always underestimated. Probably for the better. Men don't really want the truth anyway.

  19. I can hardly believe there’s a conversation going on about which gender is better at cheating…smh

    Just for the record, having an opinion doesn’t mean one is correct. No one gender is better at cheating, but the ridiculous manner in which people are trying to prove that point is crazy.

  20. In my opinion, the men I've dealt with were horrible cheaters. I have though cheated in my previous relationship with my ex fiance, he was the worst of the worst. I knew he was cheating so I dumbed myself down and cheated. The thing with me is that I had no emotional attachment with the person I cheated on him with. I knew what I wanted and that was all. I didn't hold no conversations with this person at all. It was hi, hit and bye.

    From what I experienced with the men I've dealt with, if they decided to cheat, they were doing to much if you asked me. For instance if they met someone they wanted to have relations with they would go the extra mile to make them feel like they were going to start a relationship with them. Why add the extra emotions when the only feeling they want is in between their legs? Which leads to their sloppy cheating……the girl they cheat on with starts to catch feelings and starts slashing tires, calling the house etc. Then have the nerve to say girl is crazy……no fool, you did this……


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