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Spinning Poles & “Spanish Girls” {Podcast}


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Rich & WIM discuss strip club revelations, dating apps, how to solve for a major relationship problem, a woman who was too sexy for the gym, coming home to a freakfest, controversy around the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the BuzzFeed/Steenfox story, the “unmarriables” article, listener feedback, being old as f*ck, and more. **Don’t forget to give us a five-star rating on iTunes and/or Stitcher**

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  1. The communication tangent was wild because even when you think you're communicating effectively, people (or more pointedly, your lady) will still take what you said their own way. My pops used to say something to the effect of when it comes to conflict, people choose to take your words as offense (when it's clear they're not meant that way) simply because it keeps the conflict going.

    This is the 3rd podcast I heard that's discussed the Buzzfeed/Steenfox thing. I have 2 questions about this. A – where's people's genuine integrity these days? Buzzfeed curated a story that wasn't a "story". HOWEVER, common decency should've kicked in for the Buzzfeed writer to simply tweet a few of the young ladies and say "hey do you mind if I use your tweets in a story?". I'm in the majority where this situation was just laziness on the part of the writer. B – while I understand this was a moment survivors felt comfortable sharing and if it helped them, that's great. But was Twitter really the platform/venue for a topic so sensitive? Idk. It's odd to me how people treat Twitter like a therapist's couch.
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  2. I thought that when someone (mostly black people) said "Spanish girls" (or guys) they were stereotypically referring to all Hispanic people. It is usually never said respectfully.


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