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SBM Sports: Why [Insert Team Here] Will Win the NCAA Championship



After the most exciting NCAA Tournament since…last season, we finally arrived at the Final Four. Since no one predicted these teams, except Florida, would get here (shout out to Warren Buffet), there’s no way anyone knows who will actually win.

Since I’m terrible at predictions, I won’t guess either.

Instead, I’ll make sure I’m right. Here are the reasons every team will win it all next Monday:

Why Kentucky will win the championship –

Because they apparently figured it out at the perfect time.

The preseason #1, everyone knew Kentucky would be good this season. Then they started the season, and everyone thought Kentucky would be back in the NIT.

Instead, the Wildcats were an 8-seed, stuck in a bracket with three(!!) of last year’s Final Four. So what did they do? Beat each of those teams in succession of course.

Instead of playing like overmatched freshmen, everything has gelled nicely.

Despite real concerns about his pro prospects, Julius Randle has turned back into a beast. He has double doubles in every tournament game, and was (stubbornly) playing against triple teams against Michigan.

The Harrison Twins are shooting (Aaron) and assisting (Andrew).

James Young has continued his strong play.

Someone named Marcus Lee turned into skinny Charles Barkley.

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All in all, the team is playing as well as it has all season. Kentucky will win because they forgot how to lose. Knowshon Moreno tears for my Michigan Wolverines.

Why Florida will win the championship –

Because they are better than you realize.

Did you know Florida has made four straight Elite Eights? Of course not. No one remembers the team that loses in that round, even if they do it three straight times. florida ncaa

This is a team that has been consistent, and they’ve barely had to sweat thus far in the tournament.

Florida ran through Albany, Pittsburgh, UCLA, and Dayton by an average of over 12 points a game. Compared to the road Kentucky took to the Final Four, Florida has done little more than show up.

The Gators are on a 29-game win streak, so it’s safe to say they are in a comfort zone. They have a great defense and a balanced offense with four players in double digits. Even though they lost by one to UCONN in December (their last loss by the way), they are a worthy favorite to win it all.

Why UCONN will win the championship –

Speaking of the Huskies, UCONN will win the championship because Shabazz Napier has become Kemba Walker, the point guard who led the team to a championship in 2011.

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Napier has put the team on his back, drawing the defense his wayso the rest of the team can thrive.

Napier shredded Michigan State on Sunday from outside and on drives to the rim. When the Huskies went on the clinching run, it was his five points, on a stepback jumper and several free throws, that helped break the game open.

When UCONN wins it all, it will be because of the second coming of Kemba Walker.

Why Wisconsin will win the championship –

Wisconsin buzzzzzzz
Look at the BUZZCUTS!

Because this is a Badger team with…an offense?

Wisconsin has been known for defense and white guys since forever. The Badgers have always played a prototypical Big Ten game: set shots, elbows, and solid, solid screens. It was truly terrible to watch.

Now, though the Badgers still feature a bunch of white guys, almost none of them have buzz cuts, and they have actual athletes that can run, cut, jump, and even dunk. They’re damn near entertaining!

Wisconsin will win it all because they have the best of both worlds. They still play great defense, except this year they back it up with an offense that is not puke-inducing.

There you have it. Undeniable reasons why every team will win the championship.

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Since I’m a man, I must give my actual prediction. I have Florida beating Kentucky on Monday. Since I’m sure I’ll be wrong, I’ll spare you my reasons why.

Who do you have winning it all? Did you guess any more than one of the Final Four teams? Will need a screenshot of your bracket as proof of course.

Get your Negrodamus (or Blancodamus I guess) on in the comments!


  1. I never believed in Wisconsin so based off my predictions this year they'll probably win it all but will at least get to the final. Boston's own Shabazz Napier is the hot hand so I'm leaning towards them taking out Florida even tho they were my actual pick to win it all.

    In a perfect world I wanna see UConn over Kentucky, but realistically I'm staying chalk with Florida winning.
    My recent post Today’s Word is… SUPERMAN

    1. I NEVER advance Kansas or Wisconsin past the Sweet 16, including this year. Creighton, like milk, was a bad choice. I think I had KU in the 8's this year. Bracket was all bad.

      1. Yeah, I had Kansas getting bounced by Stanford so I looked pretty good there, lol. I just took a gamble based on their height and no Embiid and figured if I was wrong they would still lose to Syracuse in the next round (boy was I wrong there, lol).

        And poos Creighton, sheesh….Baylor came out like Tyson in '88 , lol.

  2. "Since no one predicted these teams, except Florida, would get here.. "

    *AHEM* ….This guy right here had Florida, Iowa State, Michigan AND Wisconsin in his final four, lol. Yes, I really had the Badgers. #B1G

    At any rate I liked what Kenny Smith said about UK….they have top 3 talent, but weren't a top 3 team…until now. I like picking greater talent in these kind of scenarios , but a team with tough guard play (UCONN, FLA) usually is a hard out. I'll stick with my pick of Floriday to take it all, but wouldn't be surprised to see the Cats bring it home.

    1. Yeah I'll definitely tackle that at some point. I am a proud NCAA hater. Gotta write that takedown. Probably in summer when things are slower.

      Kentucky vs. Florida, Round 4 would be a lot of fun. That's what I'm rooting for. That's ALSO what I predicted, so it's bound to not happen.

  3. Quick tally. How many of us attended one of the Final Four universities?

    Go Gators, here! 🙂 My prediction: UF over Wisconsin.

  4. Haha. Ms. Brown is errr “interesting.” It’s great to be a Florida Gator! 🙂 Let’s go senior boys. UConn is gator bait.


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