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Keeping Up with Her in Bed, Dating Accountability, and Black Male Struggles


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Rich pays tribute to Undertaker’s shocking end to his Wrestlemania win streak (and wishes he knew about Ultimate Warrior at time of recording). He and WIM discuss the privilege of boredom, things black men have to deal with, accountability and expectations in dating, women buying men drinks, twitter ruining relationships, a guy that claims he slept with 200 women from online, a grown ass reality show, branding being a dirty word, the inverse sexual thirst of men and women as they get older, and more. **Don’t forget to leave us a five-star rating on iTunes and/or Stitcher!**



Difference Between Men and Women

Things Men Get Wrong with Women

Women Buying Men Drinks

The Science of Cougar Sex

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  1. 1. When it comes to making others comfortable, I'm a little in both camps, if I'm in a hoodie or something then I'm self aware how i look to others, if I'm like work clothes, she'll be iight not saying dudes in suits can't harass but i cant control everything.
    2. I had a woman buy me a drink, it was recently, i even tweeted how shocked i was, we were talking she asked what i had i thought conversationally but next thing you know, new drink. She also gave me her card so felt kinda macked, its….odd.
    3. Twitter cause more rifts than Facebook because embarrassment, Facebook are ppl u know, twitter are mostly strangers so subliminals sting more, the prospect of new p is there etc
    4. The reason ppl don't like branding i think is the pigeonholing of it. We grow, we change, and ppl don't always accept. Take like Kanye, he talks about fashion and the masses say, just rhyme homie

    1. 5. Cougar is still around but in my experience women use it to me self depreciatingly like "i don't wanna seem like a cougar but…" I'm 25 so i don't know the struggle yet, but after them twitter responses….I'm terrified. Lol

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