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Why Men Like Ratchet Women and More



Rich and WIM of Two Guys One Show discuss #DatTape (“Scandal in Atlanta”), how to (accidentally) look old in the club, the fallacy of women maturing faster than men, why you should avoid hypothetical questions from your significant other, the U.S. Airways tweet fiasco, Pharrell’s “New Black” concept, genetically engineered P, why women are more religious than men, the decline in colleges and universities, resume tips that’ll help you get noticed, why men love hoodrat women, and more! **Don’t forget to give us a five-star rating on iTunes and/or Stitcher!**

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  1. 1. My takeaway from #dattape was that i was impressed, she’s 20 years my senior, that’s wild.
    2. Hypothetical questions are always a trap
    3. I’m with WIM on Pharrell, we struggle to realistically draw the line between you can do anything and this sh t isn’t easy. A new rapper isn’t ever going to sell records like Jay, plenty of educated black people are in debt, its annoying hearing successful people talk about how we can just do what they did and problem solved.
    4. I think women are more religious because religion is the ultimate humbling and men typically struggle to submit themselves.
    5. I seriously need to update my resume now
    6. I like how WIM ended his rant but then kept spitting after the beat stopped
    7. As for the rant itself, men like “hoodrats” because we’re like bargain hunters, take an easier women and work out the kinks you got a diamond in the rough rather than overextending trying to just get a diamond. Also whats lost in this conversation is these good women aren’t as can’t miss as they swear they are.

  2. “you aint getting me out the house without a nap or a energy drink.. ” – WIM

    Man listen im 34 and co-sign this all the way my brotha…naps are the key to life!

  3. “This fake argument makes me not want money!” tearsssss!

    I don’t know why famous black people consistently feel the need to discuss race. Kobe Bryant kinda did the same thing w/ his comments about the Heat paying homage during the Trayvon Martin outrage. I feel like Pharrell going on this whole “new black” thing in interviews is no different than a white person saying “I don’t see color”. The fake outrage about his album cover was essentially bait and he took it. Just make dope music and stay forever young.

    The resume/LinkedIn advice was helpful. I struggle on what type of picture (is there such thing as a good prof. selfie? lol) is appropriate, how to make my prof. summary stronger, little things like that. I think even when you’re not actively job-hunting, you never know when a networking opp will come up and someone who matters will ask for a resume or Google you.


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