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Love or Lust: A Few Dating Sites You Should Check Out


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YourTango recently listed six dating apps/sites that’ll show off your confidence. The article is geared toward the ladies (in tone), but this could be applicable to the fellas too…since no dating happens if men aren’t there to turn the digital into digits into dates into pokey. There are some familiar and unfamiliar (for me at least) names on the list. Here are a few and a description of each:

1. HowAboutWe
HowAboutWe bills itself as the “offline” dating site, since the goal of this service is for a couple to connect based on a shared interest — such as eating dumplings or listening to live jazz — and then to get out there and do said activity together. Users post date ideas, other users who dig the idea respond and either the magic happens or it does’t. Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but when it comes to showcasing the areas you feel most confident about — like your commitment to volunteering or your PhD in art history — HAW is the site to let your great ideas, and not just your pretty face, shine. (Slim’s Note: If you wanna give HowAboutWe a try, you can get started here.

2. Twine Canvas
Like HowAboutWe, this site aims to help you tell your story with more than just a cookie-cutter profile. Instead, users create “personality canvases” — collages of pictures that represent their interests and personalities. Matches are made, and profile photos are revealed, only when two people “like” each other’s canvas. This way, you get to lead with the qualities that you feel define who you are — and therefore feel most confident about — like your mastery of the violin, your military background or your ability to bake a tarte tatin (it’s a serious feat, people!).

3. Tinder
You might be surprised to find hookup-friendly Tinder on the list, but as other sites have started figuring out, the app that’s growing at lightning speed is actually good for supporting users’ self-confidence. The main reason? There’s less investment. On most dating sites, you spend time and energy crafting a witty profile or a message that makes you stand out — only to be met with radio silence. On Tinder, you’re only connected with a user once each of you has liked the other’s profile photo. So, from the get-go, you know there’s a mutual attraction. And if someone doesn’t like you back, chances are you’ve “liked” so many photos in a day you won’t even remember the crazy fools who passed on you.

Now I’ve never been one to dilly dally in dating sites and apps, but I’ve heard plenty about HowAboutWe and Tinder, which is apparently hookup-by-swipe central. But hey, I’m not judging. Go with what suits and soothes you. Others that made the list include Revealr, Hinge, and Grouper, which sounds like a multi-person participatory hookup site. Of course it’s not really that, but still.

Dating site success stories seem to be on the rise all around me, so I’d be curious to hear from you. Have you tried a dating site? Did it work for you? If not, what was the biggest issue? If so, which site led to the magic (however long it lasted)?



    1. lol at the alley approach. I hadn’t thought about it that way, but it’s exactly like that. Yeah, HAW doesn’t do the best job promoting to black folks. The again, a lot of the dating sites don’t do a good job unless black is in the name, but yet more of us are on some of the other ones. Curious to hear what other sites people out there winning on.

      1. I remember a few years ago when i tried match, I used to hear some many of us say in conversation “online dating is wack”. But it surprised me how many black people are on these sites yet slander them publicly. As much as the media loves #blacktwitter, I’m curious as to why that hasn’t shifted in marketing on dating/hookup sites. Then again, I think Twitter is best non-dating dating app out there lowkey

  1. A friend of mine suggested I try HAW. As you both stated they don’t do the best job of promoting to blacks. Then when I did get messages it said I had to pay to read them. No thanks

  2. blacksingles and zoosk actually have some nice women there. as far as free miumeet wasnt that bad just have to weed thru them

  3. Well if you are looking for just black people I see your point. …but if you are an open minded black person, you are just looking for a compatible mate……


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