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6 Reasons Why Women Love Beards


women love beards

In 2013 we saw the re-emergence and adoration of one of man’s greatest accessories- facial hair, more specifically the beard. A few squiggly hairs on your chin wasn’t enough to suffice as sexy unless you were Pharrell. Women were fawning over scruffy faces all over the U.S., and it is a fact that women love beards. You might saw pages dedicated to beards on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

Here are 6 Reasons Why Women Love Beards:

Looks Like a Man

Women got tired of those super-pretty negroes. They wanted men that wouldn’t take more time than them to get ready. Ladies, know that they should never have to fight a man over mirror time and bearded fellas know that a beard, nice watch, and a pair of clean shoes is really all we need to look fly.

You Can Handle Her

Bearded men look more aggressive and like alpha males. One thing we’ve noticed is women complaining more and more about men acting soft these days. A beard signifies the pinnacle of manhood, it’s possible to be a pushover with a beard, but I’ve yet to meet one.

He Can Switch It Up

One of the benefits of dating a man with a beard is that you know he can switch it up. He can go clean shaven, do a goatee, or bring it back to the beard- there are endless possibilities. Whoever you want him to be, just give him the word and he can transform for you.

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You Appear to Be Mature

For some reason beards make a man look wiser or mysterious. It makes a man look distinguished or like he has something to say worth being heard. Beards commend respect or at least attention. Women like men that look like they can have an interesting discussion with.


Every man can’t grow one. Some men’s beards won’t connect or it does connect and it’s patchy. Whatever the case may be, if you can grow a magnificent beard it’s a great feat, and being adored by beautiful women should be the least of what you deserve.

He Goes Down and Does It Well

Women believe a man with a beard can eat p*ssy, I’ve heard many women say “he must’ve grown that beard by eating a lot of …” True or False?

What are some other reasons women love men with beards? Are beards overrated? Are men with beards better in bed? Do you want to write a rebuttal to this post about why women like clean shaven men, send it here [SBM @ singleblackmale.org].

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  1. None of the reasons listed. Growing up my grandfather and father (on and off) wore beards and it is something that I associate with their positive influence . Also I find men who wear beards to be more confident and tend to march to the beat of their own drum.

  2. Yea I can’t really say definitively because some guys wear it and it’s sexy whereas others just look like dusty men from the Old Testament….so idk lol

    1. I see a lot of men going for the gritty look with the big beard, but the rest of their person looks as if they haven’t bathed or washed their clothes in weeks.

  3. I would say theyre overrated, pardon the avi.

    I do buy in this new era of emo ninjas women would flock to something that looks masculine (bald dudes y’all up next)

    1. Once get passed the itchy phase you become a god amongst men, or at least you feel like it. Lol

  4. I hadn’t worn a beard in 10 years. I wasn’t sure anymore because since that time it doesnt exactly growing in all black anymore, LOL! Well my girl loves it and I actually like the sprinkling of ‘salt’ mixed in. And, as the article says, I switch it up periodically when I want a younger look.

  5. I have had the beard game going for two years now, unfortunately I had to cut it for a job, but I’m going it back.

  6. I started a beard journey man, Started it after my birthday in December. Turned 25 and wanted to do this little challenge for myself. Then about 2 weeks ago a barber(not my normal one, he was on vacation) frigging trimmed my beard too much. I was working on that bad boy for like 4 months and change! I’ll see how it grows out by June. If I don’t dig it I’ll switch it up.

    1. Take it from a senior beard adviser(had a beard 6+ years), always cut your beard yourself until you build trust with that special barber. They’ll always cut off your progress, if you don’t watch em. Also ask for them to cut it with the shears rather than the clippers.

    2. If you have a barber trim it make sure he’s experienced and using a straight razor. But tell him how much you want off. Or rather how thin/thick you want it. Before he cuts. And ask, (I found out the hard way) if they do a shave what do they shave. I usually shave before I go in so I can mark the edges. Then have them clean it all up.

  7. What cities and states did they interview women who contributed to these statements in this article??? Most women I know prefer a man with a mustache, goatee, or thin beard outline. Full beards make most all men look too much like Paul Bunyon and lumberjacks. Not to mention they can irritate and scratch the sensitive skin on a womans face. And if they irritate and scratch a womans lips on her face, one can only imagine what it does to the “other” set of lips.
    No thank you to the full beard unless it’s cut down low and the hair lays down and is soft. Other than that, the mustache, goatee or the outside line is cool. But too much facial hair is a turnoff for me.
    I especially have a strong disdain for what I call the long “Bin Laden” beards.
    If the hair on your face is longer and thicker than the hair on your ladys head, that is not a good look. ijs.

    1. @ Bree

      It’s definitely a personal preference thing because I, for one, love the feel and look of a man’s beard. In fact, a few of my friends and I were just speaking about this the other day. They too prefer men with a beard, length didnt matter. It may be just a regional thing like you say of course. But whatever the case may be, I feel as though most women prefer beards than those that don’t.

      1. @disqus_tU3uiBvWyB:disqus + @sunnaya:disqus Yeah maybe it’s an East Coast thing. Cities like DC, Philly, and NY.

        1. Sunk you may have a point. I live in MD, but I’m from Philly. Philly & NY guys are notorious for having those crazy long and thick Bin Laden beards. And the crazy thing is they aren’t even Muslim.

        2. I agree. I’m from DC and from what I know, most women that I have come across prefer it. Its still a personal preference though.

        3. As a male from MKE the scruffy beard can work if you can pull it off. Meaning it’s gotta be still be neat. As my wife and coworkers tell me having it neat and trimmed is best. (Unfortunately because of the time.) The more neat and trimmed, but still there, the better. I’ve had female friends from the south tell me they don’t put as much attention in there hair as northern and eastern men do into there beards. (It’s a lie but shows they are looking at the grooming of the beards.)

      2. Sunnaya maybe most women do prefer beards. Personally I like a more clean-cut look on a man. I do think grown men that have baby faces like boys need a beard to help them look more like men. I just don’t like all the scruff, and 5 o’clock shadows, and stubble, and the long thick bin laden beard. the scruff and stubble scratches my face whenever I kiss or hug men with that. But a nicely shaped up beard is nice.

    2. Bree, you are funny…. I don’t like long beards either. It becomes a grooming issue for me. It’s hair, it needs to be cleaned. The longer beards get dirty from food, etc… If it’s smelly that’s a problem for me, but that’s no different than a poorly groomed woman with stinky hair.

      I must say I have never encountered a beard that hurt, scratched, or irritated my skin. Stubble, may feel a bit prickly in interim, but it goes away once it grows out or is cut.

  8. I can’t lie, although it’s a preference thing really, I’m def gonna double-take a guy with a fabulous beard. The exclusivity thing stands out to me the most. There’s something uber manly about it…and the commitment it takes to have a really nice, well-groomed one should always be applauded. I’ve propped random men up on their beards in passing numerous times. They are def winning out here…the nice ones, lol…

    1. Yeah you’re from Baltimore right? I know the chicks in DMV love the beard game. It’s definitely a lot of commitment and diligence if you do it right.

  9. I think it’s all about personal preference for us all. I personally love a bearded man, but I know plenty of women who dislike them…I grew up with bearded men all around me, but I’m not sure why I love them so. It’s probably more attractive, IMO, to see a well groomed man more so than just a bearded man, as they are not all equal. I don’t mean metro prissy men but a beard that’s taken care of. I’ve also seen men who look extra sexy to me with a 5 o’clock shadow, which does not have the same effect on most.

    My ex wore a beard and periodically he would allow me to groom it; edge & cut.

  10. I have a beard and have had one since I was 19. Mostly I’ve kept one because I have a very young looking face for my age. I’m almost 40 now and do get treated completely differently when I have one and don’t. But one thing I’ve noticed is that my wife prefers me with a beard. Recently I’ve been growing the goatee portion out but keeping the sides trimmed. (Just recently noticed that Ice Cube’s beard in Ride Along is how I’ve had it for a few months.)

    But my wife loves me to have a trimmed clean lined beard and hair. It shows attention to grooming and to her manliness. She loves me with it or with out. But with it she loves to show me off and proclaim I’m her’s.

    I would say with a good lining and perfectly trimmed beard I get a lot more attention than without. Professionally and casually.

    Professionally speaking having a ‘baby face’ I get taken a lot more seriously with a beard than without. I have tested it. With a good groomed beard it’s amazing how much more your experience is regarded when I high profile client walks through. I think it’s crisp grooming == $$. You spend money on grooming you must be worth something. And having a good groomed beard takes time.

    If I shave it off all I hear is you still look the same as when you were young. When I do shave it my wife says you look like baby ‘Jay’.

    The thing is that it’s not the beard alone. A good beard promotes good grooming overall which encourages confidence. So if you have a beard it all has to be trimmed and neat.My wife thinks there’s nothing sexier than a black man with a trimmed beard and perfect lining.


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