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Things Women Need in a Relationship, the Future of Sidechicking, and More



Rich and WIM discuss the power of naps, Nicki Minaj’s new look, Nigerian spellcaster spam, Pharrell’s Marilyn Monroe cover, Lil Terrio’s real age and other unfortunate facts, Palcohol, the #myNYPD hashtag, putative fathers, an article on things women need in a relationship, the non-future in sidechicking, the cycle of ambition and doubt, mentoring, another reason kids have it so easy these days, and more! **You can also listen to the show on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and/or TuneIn.com**

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The Truth About Terrio

Sex and the Single Man Article (Putative Fathers)

4 Things Every Woman Needs in a Relationship

Check Them Student Loans!

Psychology Today Article About Effect of Watching P0rn



  1. I am absolutely Lovin Nicki Minaj’s new (hair) look. I had no idea she was 31. Definitely the time for her to put the “barbies” away, and get her grown woman status up.

  2. Great show, i gotta eventually drop some real feedback but work filters be hating

    1. Break the hex Rich, break the hex man Lol
    2. I really hope Terio has a trust fund or someone gets that kid a scholarship in 10 years or he’s gonna be on Dr Drew or some reality show
    3. Palcohol just sounds like a terrible idea and a great addition to some punch at the same damn time
    4. the #mynypd was a terrible idea just #askrkelly
    5. Sidepieces are always complements, you know whats more stressful than one relationship, multiple ones
    6. Doubt is such a struggle, we’re too smart for our own good, sometimes we gotta just leap and say you know what ima be a rapper, or ima sell t shirts even though the likelihood of sucess is so damn low

    1. Oh and i may have had it easier than y’all but wasn’t no apps on my phone i had to wait til everyone went to bed and use dial up internet wasn’t no HD streaming just just buffering previews cuz nothing was free

        1. OMG no one ever remembers what I’m talking about when I reference Prodigy!!!!!!!!! Thank You! LOL

  3. Rich educate us man..Keep that information coming – pause..But really a lot of the info you give us I consider inside information (from an HR perspective) and I spread that amongst my peers. So keep that up..Don’t let the doubt kill that ambition.

    1. Agree wholeheartedly. The discussion about these issues is stimulating in itself, and the content is noteworthy. Wish you guys had been around 10 years ago with the knowledge that you are sharing now.

  4. Hold up, hold up, hold up…
    Ain’t none of the fella’s gonna call Rich out on the “I don’t wanna see too much booty from the front” comment??????!!!!!! …talkin bout Mizz Minaj’s (she looks like she should be called that now) hip curves????!!!! LMBO!!!! I’ll say that with a smidge of caution just in case Tristan was referring to that in his #1…
    But, I was waiting for a whole hilarious thread…calling Rich to the mat to explain this further, LOL…

      1. WIM will prob kick me out the luvbigbootiegroup as well but. I get what you saying..Its like if it was all her back there she prob would get a pass..

    1. These two [African Americas] (above/below? – not sure where this comment will fall) are TRIPPIN! All good. More extra posterior-hip-having women for WIM to love.

      SMH…SMGDH! I worry for the future! I REALLY DO!


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