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Why Men Don’t Stand Up for Women and More



Rich survives Nigerian spellcaster attempt at destroying his hear. Rich and WIM discuss dating standards (and how simple men are), George Clooney getting married, Donald Sterling, adult footage stars having bank accounts revoked, the middle school teacher that gave a student a lap dance, an article on why men don’t stand up for women, a surprising downside to being a longfellow, the power of referrals in the job search game, why women like to argue, and more. **Don’t forget to leave us a five-star rating on iTunes and/or Stitcher!**

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  1. 1. ZocDoc is clutch, pcps are overrated they look at the work the nurse did ask 2 questions and u come back in a year
    2. Safe travels Rich, and yeah in 2014, u probably gotta Skype so they see you where you supposed to be
    3. To WIMs point, the market is oversaturated with quality women, be attractive, make me happy, be loyal and have goals in tune with mine that’s like 40 pages of Google results worth of women, #binders word to Mitt
    4. We still have Jeter.
    5. I have no idea why we keep calling that woman V.
    6. Referrals are clutch, i had to kick in the door to get where I’m at, turn around and see others were letting dudes in through the side entrance.
    7. As I’ve said before here, its about precedents women feel that if they let x go then y and z will happen on their watch. Its always about the long term while men are more worried about the now.

  2. – Thx for putting me on to ZocDoc…I’ve been going to the same PCP since High School, so the relationship and rapport is there for me.
    – I agree that navigating relationships now has gotten so complicated that many often either will be in a relationship, married or choose not to be in one at all.
    – I’m done talk about Donald Sterling now…but I loved how Bomani Jones talked about a deeper issue, which is the factors that contribute to violence within our communities (e.g. access to affordable housing or housing at all).
    – LOL @ “Sticky Money”…it’s hard out here in these streetz.
    – I advocate for women, and don’t wait for permission. The dialogue created pushes me and my peers. I can understand why you wait to be invited to the table, though.
    – Speaking about opportunities being all about who you know…there’s an interesting NY Times article speaking on “How Social Networks Drive Black Unemployment” (Link: http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/05/05/how-social-networks-drive-black-unemployment/?emc=eta1)

    Enjoyed the episode!

  3. Thoughts:
    – No one is a psychic, I get that. But if you know that your partner likes apple pie, if you see that a place has great apple pie, why not pick him/her up a slice (Just to be thoughtful/considerate)?
    – Personal Accountability & Selflessness: This breakdown needs to be in written form. (Is this a post?)
    – Maybe as a woman I won’t get it ( or rather I’ve never had the opportunity) or appreciate the infatuation with the “freedom to do whatever you want w/ limited consequences”

    To attempt to answer your question on men standing up for women ( I’m pulling from left field…bear with me)
    – I think in general, women DO want men to be on their side/stand up for them/fantasy “knight in shining armour”
    – It seems to me, that in general, a sizeable number of women (and society) simply don’t trust men to have good intentions. Hence, why both women and men were upset at the “pro-women men.” It makes me think about many societal ideologies like why people automatically assume women are better caretakers, or that most men are liars/cheaters, why a compliment is not always a trick to get you in between the sheets, and how young men are excused for bad behavior/poor choices.
    (QOTD: If true, how does that make men feel? Unappreciated?Devalued?Not trustworthy?)

  4. When I asked my bf once back in ’11 or so why he decided to pursue a relationship with me as opposed to his other options, he said:
    –       I like how I feel when I’m around you
    –       I like how we spend our time
    –       I enjoy being with you and like being around you as often as possible
    –       I like talking to you
    –       You understand me

    So, I’ll co-sign WIM on this. I think men just pursue the connection that resonates with them on a deep level…no real bullet list of qualifications. We def stumbled into a relationship.

    WIM…yo. I hope that relationship with you getting kicked out the bed on the regular was short, lol. What in the world, dude, LOL! All you needed to do to fix that was start going home (or somewhere else). She would’ve stopped that mess. I believe in checking folks…

    Stiviano’s skin is not the best and ages her…looks older than 31. Sterling was fired cause his comments went public, the NBA wanted to distance itself from that type of blatant racism, and cause sponsors were pulling out (read: NBA is losing money). And, that Bomani vid was def the truth. The sad part is that you can’t tell me those people didn’t know he was racist and let it slide all these years cause you couldn’t readily prove the discrimination. And, I TOTALLY agree with Rich…that was an HONEST conversation and, even if held in private, it went public…doesn’t matter how. If your messy private life goes public, the fact that it was done in private doesn’t keep people from having an opinion about it, keep people from chosing not to deal with you, or keep you from getting arrested (if the act was illegal. Those of us in this internet age should know this. It is what it is. See Columbus Short for another example of this, lol.


    Yes, WIM…the individual is responsible for making sure their needs are met. If you aren’t getting something you need, it’s your responsibility to tell the man what you aren’t getting and what you’d like for him to give you to meet the need. Both parties should have their needs met in a relationship. If it’s an important concern, it’s tied to a need. Since your happiness and fulfillment in a relationship is the equivalent of having your needs met, it would behoove a partner care about what important to the other person. Not cause you care about “it”…but because you care about the person who cares about “it”…within reason, of course, lol.

    I can’t wait for y’all to talk about Floyd posting his ex-girl’s abortion docs! Simping ain’t easy, LOLOL… 50 is gonna have a FIELD DAY with this!

  5. theres levels to standing up for your woman, in other words if a man looks at your woman, or something of that matter no need to get gangsta on him. If he puts his hands on your woman or to that extent it’s different. You do have to pick your battles though because in this day and age you don’t know what the next man has weapon wise and you don’t want to lose your life over something that can be avoided.

    post:http:www.http://opinionatedmale.com/2014/05/04/10-movie-titles-you-wouldnt-want-to-be-synonymous-with-your-relationship/>10 movie titles you wouldn’t want to be synonymous with your relationship


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