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15 Things Good D Can Do


Some say women make the world go round, but they forgot about the power of good D. Every man has a penis, but every man doesn’t have good D. From experience, I know the privileges given to you when you handle your business. I’m talking about laying it down so good, she peeking out the window every time she hear a car roll by type of D. Without further ado, 15 Things Good D Can Do:

1. Make You Take Off Work or Play Hooky from School

Last night was epic; it’s just you and him at the crack of day and you want that back tapped just the way it was the night before.

2. Make That Negro a Sandwich

He just laid it down, like a floor plan. Now you have a burst of energy or you’re tired as hell, but you just gotta give that man a prize for tearing that thang up like a speeding ticket.

3. Become a Booty Call

You don’t answer your phone for men after 11pm, but he got that Good Good. He called you at 1:47am and you returned his call by 1:49am- with your sexy voice “Hey, what’s up? No, I’m not sleep…” *wipes slob off mouth*

4. Ignore Your Friends

You spent the night over his house and you knew you made plans with your friends the day before. In your head you’re saying “them b*tches can wait-  they’ll understand!”

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5. Consider Buying Him Something When You Shop

You’re grocery shopping for two. You trying to fill your fridge up with all the stuff he said he liked and he ain’t even your man.

6. Let Him Drive Your Car

You don’t mind, you just tell him where the keys are and to drop you off at work- knowing damn well his license is suspended.

7. Check All His Social Media

When you met you weren’t a social media type of person. By the time he got finished with you-  you had a Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and a Tumblr account; all just to keep track on him.

8. Clean His Crib

You ain’t used a damn cup, dish, or fork in his house, but you cleaning that place from top to bottom.

9. Never Look Back At an Ex

Yo ex don’t even get the break-up preliminary coochie care package no more. You treat playboy like a distant memory. You don’t even check for ex texts on holidays anymore.

10. Consider Having His Baby

You don’t even want kids, but you thinking about what you all’s kids would look like. Ya’ll have protected sex, but you want him to….*loses connection*

11. Let Him Video Tape You

You’ve become his little sex star. You make sexy eye contact with his camera phone, while riding him. The D is so good you, you do alot of things you’ve never done before.

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12. You Named His Penis

Sidenote: Women come up with some of the worst penis names, never let your girl name your penis or your dog.

13. You So Stingy

You aren’t even in a relationship, but you don’t want him to share the D.

14. You single, You Not in a Relationship, But You Taken

*Stewie from Family Guy eye squint*
Once you guys slept together, you’ve had tunnel vision. You may not notice it, but you’re not checking for any  other dudes.

15. You Trying New Thangs

Two weeks ago while sitting down with your friends you said, “Hell naw, I would never…” Now, you’ve done it all; let him pull the weave, sleptover, orifice #3, tossed his salad(I ain’t with that), loaned him money(lol)…

BONUS*** 16. You Paranoid

His D so good, you keep him a secret. You don’t even want your homegirls joking about getting a sample. What you say “I don’t trust ’em, they don’t NEED to know”.

What is some other stuff good D can make a woman do? What does good P make a man do? When was the last time someone put it down for you?

-TheSUNK(the Sh*t U Need 2 Know)


  1. 17. Pay his Child Support….never have experienced this one personally but MAN, I’ve known so many females who’ve fallen victim…”he’s a good dad, he just needs some help financially”….girl BYE!

  2. Too good of D will make a woman leave you alone.

    In all fairness, love alone will create the majority of these same reactions. I’ve had love with bad-mediocre D & I did plenty for him. It could get better…

    1. I’ve had this happen before Gray, but explain why does a woman leave a man with good D?

        1. If she can RUN away, then obviously the D wasn’t that good. Now if you said she required wheel chair assistance to leave the situation,….

        2. No need to run. Assess necessity and move on. D is not as powerful as you men think. All these unsatisfied women out here can attest that a mans sex isn’t as good as he thinks.

          Pain does not always equate to pleasure. Wheelchair? That sounds more like forced one sided male enjoyment. I think you know what that’s called. Good/Great is suggestive. What’s good for one may not be up to par for the next.

      1. Because Good D can ultimately ruin our life; empty our bank accounts and destroy our credit.

      2. If I’m not looking for a relationship, the last thing I’d need is a D-habit. I took Good to mean Great which for me is a love hangover type of experience. It takes a Bad-Man to bring it like that, typically a relationship…

  3. *skims list and pats self on back*

    Good p would have men doing most of those things, in addition to accepting deprival as a punishment, u wanna test how good you are, skip a few days and see if he/she notices

  4. 17. Shit bad D can’t do.

    A man can tell everything he needs to know about his D-fense by the way she reacts after y’all sleep together. Not too many women out there want that one off type of D, her body count would be way higher than acceptable. If you have good D, she’ll want to keep it going as long as her emotions don’t get in the way.

    1. Interesting is that if the emotions don’t kick in, the selfish/possessive nature will in some women. One or the other is bound to occur. Others will remain silent and complacent in their situation to avoid losing out on the prospect of the good D; until they grow tired of that situationship.

      “her body count would be way higher than acceptable.” When guys say this, I’m always curious. What is acceptable body count?

      Mr. SoBo

      1. “What is an* acceptable body count?” When guys/girls say this, I never answer.

        It’s really no set number, it’s about transparency. Once you get to a number that you really don’t never want getting out… that’s unacceptable. I think there are some enormous number that don’t need to be discussed. Like if you’re a first semester freshman who came to college a virgin and by December your body count is 20 listen… man, woman, boy or girl… that’s unacceptable.

        1. Your judgmental attitude makes our world such a better place. No one’s number is anyone’s business, even your partner, no one is obligated to reveal their full past partner list to you. Not everyone lives the same life that you choose to. Each their own. I love people who try to say what is “acceptable” of another person’s body. If they’re using condoms and taking care not to spread disease all around what’s the problem? Who made you the authority on getting it in? Then guys like you will go and be all over Kim K (who’s been chocolate dipping probably since middle school) and similar lifetime “passion pursuers” on twitter and other blogs O_o

          Where’s your “SpreadSheets”?

        2. You’re misinterpreting what I said in the worst way. At a certain point, people’s behavior becomes reckless. With the rising amount of STDs that can be transmitted despite condom use at a certain point you’re considered risky. In addition to that, the number doesn’t matter as much as the behavior. It means that people are prone to make quick decisions on sex. Sex isn’t an easy decision to make that can be rushed.

          I also never said I demand to know the number of my partner. And I ACTUALLY SAID THAT directly.

        3. I think it does. I think you should never do anything you wouldn’t want people finding out about. If the number was 40 and you didn’t mind telling people that, fine. If you are lying about the number or trying to conceal it out of fear of being shamed, then it’s a problem.

  5. For the most part, I can agree with the findings on this list. A great sex partner can yield some very interesting results indeed. Its amazing what some people will put up with under the spell of great sex, i.e. sh*tty relationship/arrangement and severe character flaws.

    “What does good P make a man do?

    Simple. Look around. ‘Good P’ typically results in a man having an unwanted baby with an undesirable woman. #NoRhythmMethod;N*ggasBeStayinIn

    Mr. SoBo

    My Recent Post: 10 Movie Titles You Wouldn’t Want To Be Synonymous With Your Relationship”

    Another Good Post: How Long Should You Wait For Your Man To Pop The Question”

    1. Yeah you gotta pull out, brothas be getting stuck figuratively and literally. Caught with the *oops face*

    2. “‘Good P’ typically results in a man having an unwanted baby with an undesirable woman.” She was good enough for you to sleep with…
      So in 2014 I guess NO men have any self control. And NO men have ever heard of Plan B. You can get it at your local pharmacy anytime for your “I just got caught up and forgot how to think moments.” Otherwise, you must want a baby.

      1. 1. What are YOU talking about? You went left with this one.

        Plan B isn’t for men and secondly, unless you are suggesting one drug the woman, you cannot force her to take it.
        In the end, not being ‘smart’ about sex is a personal responsibility, so if a man does impregnate a woman he would otherwise NOT want to impregnate, then obviously it is in his best interest to pull out or strap up.
        But since this question is what defines ‘GOOD P’, my response was spot on as the number of drama prone SINGLE baby mama’s out there in the world, who despite their ‘undesirable characteristics’ to the men who have unwittingly fathered their children and want nothing to do with the mothers, it is clear that their P was indeed too GOOD to pull out from.
        Lets not take the conversation left.

        1. How is that going left? You cant say. “I know we got caught up in the momeny, but I know we arent planning for babies. Would you like to go purchase a plan b.” Classy and stepping up your game all the way. Being responsible isnt left. Good luck w pull out..

        2. 1. Thats not my quote, not sure where you got that from.
          2. You’re reaching and far too eager to argue a point that isn’t part of this discussion.

          Again, I used the example of some men forgoing safe sex with women whom they clearly have zero interest in, yet will risk their peaceful baby mama drama free life for those moments of pleasure with her because the P is THAT GOOD.

          The post itself is about things good D can make a person do, even it is irresponsible and to their own detriment. In kind, I listed one thing Good P can make someone do, even if its irresponsible and to their own detriment.

          So where’s the beef?


  6. My question to men is, What is good p? There are a lot of women out here that believe they have good p and it may not be that its good, it just new (big difference) I know what good d is in my opinion and I’ve fell victim to about 8 of the things above smh…

    1. I want to say Roxy Reynolds but some of the stuff they do in the adult film business shouldn’t be brought into the bedroom. Good P and D? That information is only available via customer feedback surveys. If you’re getting repeat and new business without complaints… or any of the things on this list are occurring then you have good P.

      Just make sure the dude isn’t a corn in which case any P is good P to him.

      1. Good choice on Ms Reynolds. She puts in that work.

        New business doesn’t necessarily mean good stuff (unless their interest is based on word of mouth reviews). Apart from that, new business just means there are individuals who would like to experience the product first hand based on the packaging.
        But you’re right about repeat customers though. If they keep coming back, it either means it’s really good or its simply conveniently available for recreational use.

    2. @ Hustlyn Diva
      You are correct. Every woman believes her P is the best P out there. Thats primarily based on ego and on the strength that every time she steps out of her home, multiple men express their interest in getting her P. Confusing demand with goodness.

      Although there are men who feel the same about their own D Game, the vast majority of them have a very realistic view on their D game despite their boasting & posturing.

      Hood boogers and crazies usually have good P.

      But I take it you are looking for an actuatl description of what good P is though?

      Mr. SoBo

      1. I guess its like the center of a tootsie pop the world will never know how many licks it takes..what may be good d to one person may be sufficient enough to another

      2. The same goes for women. I think we all accurately gauge ourselves, just not publicly. I’ve told 2 men about their weak game only to be told no one else ever complained. I was more diplomatic than weak game, but neither man wanted to hear it nor improve. Had the nerve to tell me no one else ever complained. Well I didn’t ask.

        1. No being animated is great, it’s only bad when it’s not matching the passion that’s going on then it seems fake.


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