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What Are The Dangers of Office Romance?



From time to time our readers do us the pleasure of sending in articles worth sharing. Not all of them make it to the site but this one was a goodie.

Some people can find love and romance anywhere: in college, at social gatherings, standing in line at the store, and even at their work place. However, out of all these places to find your soul mate the work place is one that could present possible challenges. Certainly, most of us can attest to witnessing or maybe even being involved in an office romance, but several companies have particular guidelines for office dating/relationships, while other companies may outright prohibit it.

Specifically, if the relationship is between an employer and employee or a supervisor and subordinate there can be issues of nepotism. This can be a problem particularly if everyone else in the office is aware of the romance and the favoritism is obvious. This type of office romance becomes even more problematic if the relationship goes south because that can open the employer and company to claims of discrimination when the preferential treatment ceases. It could also lead to a complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission if the relationship ended poorly and if one of the individuals becomes vindictive.

Even office romance between co-workers can create challenges. For instance, a dissolved office romance can seriously impact an individual’s work performance and hurt the business. Also, an unsuccessful co-worker relationship, similarly to a supervisor/subordinate relationship, can result in claims of sëxual harassment, which can have a tremendous impact on a company and their reputation.

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I’ve always been against office romances and trysts. I think they almost always end up in the sh*tter. They say, “Don’t sh*t where you eat” for a reason. Have any of you dealt with office romances, hook ups or observed them from afar? What do you say, yea or nay? If it is to work, what does it take?


  1. This doesn’t generally work out. I saw an Assistant Director’s position & a subbordinate position both get eliminated. The subbordinate of the Asst. Dir. was later changed to being administered by Executive Director.

    I saw bitterness and hate between two individual co-workers within different departments. They made it weird for everyone.

  2. Been there, done that…got the reputation to show for it too. LOL. But I was young dumb and full of___! So, I stick to the rule.
    HOWEVER, there is ALWAYS an exception to the rule. You just have to be insightful enough and wise enough to realize when THIS person is the one you break the rule for….that is that .01%


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