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8 Things Black Women Hate Being Called



We have learned our lessons with what to call Black women, but we have never discussed it. Let’s have a conversation about what we can and cannot call women; I think we are remissed in what we call them. I also hope we can find middle ground, and stop calling women names. These are a list of names that I’ve come up with, and you let me know if you agree.

1. Slut – This is an ambiguous term that has no meaning, because we can’t really wrap our arms around what it means. Numbers aren’t important, but what is? Now you understand why this word is problematic.

2. Ho – We like to call women this word. What we don’t like to talk about, is how when we look in the mirror we’re most likely looking back at ourselves.

3. Thot – This is the worst term ever! It is an observation, and most likely not true. It’s about the behavior we see in others, not necessarily the actions.

4. Homie – Do NOT call women this – trust me on that. They hate being called this name, because it doesn’t classify how or why you know them. You’ll get evil stares that aren’t worth it.

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5. My Friend – You can use this, but it won’t fly for very long. Most women like to know how you’re explaining their presence to people.

6. Jumpoff – The most vague of them all; what does this really mean? Is it a girl that will do what you want, when you want? Maybe, but the thing about this is: you may be just a part of her plan, as you are hers.

7. A chicken – Death to derogatory terms about women that can’t really sustain themselves.

8. Bae – You guys realize that you can say this about anyone, right? Most women hate this because they want a specific name, not a name that you could use to describe everyone in your life.

What are some names that you guys can think of that make you cringe when you hear them? I have thought about this list and removed them from my dictionary but I’m not sure everyone has. Let’s talk about it.

Dr. J


  1. “Baby Girl” – I am not your 7 year old daughter…STOP IT. “BABY” You’re not my man and I dont drink Enfamil. “Honey” – My grandma and grand aunts are the only ones allowed to say this…..”Sweetheart”- thats ok lol. . “Sweetie” I WILL KILL YOU!!!! MALE OR FEMALE!!

    1. I do LOATHE “baby girl.” It’s a term of endearment used by pedo-sugardaddies looking for their next victim. Yucky!! lol

  2. You can call me homie… if I’m your homie. You can call me your friend…. if we are indeed friends. If we spend a part of our time together naked find another word.

  3. I don’t think any woman wants to be called a bit** by a man. Even if her girlfriends or female family members say it….No man better not ever fix his mouth to call a woman a bit**. That’s a fighting word.

  4. I don’t mind any nickname or pet name as long as it’s not derogatory or offensive and nothing that is reserved for family members only. I’ve had ex’s get in their feelings with me because I never called them baby or any pet names…lol. Never thought it was that serious, especially for men, apparently it is. Either way, I can’t call it.

  5. Only women who a man is sleeping with don’t like being called “just a friend.” Or if the woman really likes the man she’s sleeping with and wants more than fwb status. Of course no women wants to be called any of those names. They are all derogatory.

  6. I agree that Black women generally hate being called these terms. However, I’m not so sure about the reasoning provided for some of the items on this list.

    1. Slut – Numbers aren’t important, but what is?

    Numbers aren’t important to you and some others. However, there are some folk out there who place high value on numbers or the perception of a woman’s body count and its implications on her value as the individual sees it.

    2. Ho – We like to call women this word. What we don’t like to talk about, is how when we look in the mirror we’re most likely looking back at ourselves.

    Perhaps. However, there is no question that there is significantly less of a challenge for women to get laid than men simply because women are actively sought after. In other words, men have to work at being ‘hoes’ whereas women only simply have to say, yes. Which is easier?

    That in mind, one can see why it is viewed as an ‘accomplishment’ for a man to have bed many women, and not so much when a woman has done the same. Not saying its right or wrong, just explaining the logic behind the term ‘ho’ and why it is negatively attributed to women and not typically men.

    3. Thot – It is an observation, and most likely not true. It’s about the behavior we see in others, not necessarily the actions.

    Aren’t behaviors the actions a person exhibits? Unless you mean that people see outward behaviors and draw assumptions without necessarily witnessing the person committing the ‘thot’ acts. If this is the case, then I agree. Perception although powerful is not often reality, so you are correct. But as the great comedian Dave Chappelle once illustrated, if you see a person on the street in a cop’s uniform, would you be wrong if you ran to them for help?

    6. Jumpoff – what does this really mean? Is it a girl that will do what you want, when you want? Maybe, but the thing about this is: you may be just a part of her plan, as you are hers.

    True. ‘Jump off’ is not exclusively used for women. It is used to describe both men and women who are solely engaged in clandestine sexual liaisons; usually outside of an already existing relationship. Its similar to a side piece, just without having to be ‘kept/maintained’.

    Basically my qualm is this: We have identifying terms for everything. We call things that grow upwards out of the ground with colorful protrusions, flowers. That distinction allows us to differentiate between them and trees. Likewise the bobcat and the panther, et al. So why is there objection to making clear distinctions about people from one person to the next?

    I understand there is some element of subjectivity there, but simply not being bothered by a person’s proven way of life doesn’t make them any less of a *insert random adjective here*. Indifference doesn’t nullify who a person is. If that is the case, then why not work on removing other terms like liar, thief, pedophile, murderer, homosexual, heterosexual, jerk, queen, classy, lady, strong black woman, et al?

    If people can earn the aforementioned terms in society through their behavior without anyone batting an eyelash, then why are the terms on this list being subjected to different rules? If it is due to the rampant misapplication of the terms I could understand, but then again, all terms are egregiously misused daily. What is the beef with these words being maintained in people’s lexicon?

    I’m just curious.

    Mr. SoBo

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    1. Times are different. And just because someone tells you a low number doesnt mean they’re being honest, I mean who is THAT naive to tell a person every detail about their private past? As far as these double standards, if a woman is a slut for multiple partners so is a man. At least for us millenials. And I see this as a universal list, not just Black women. Granted the “thot” term sounds like a very insecure attempt to make a new degrading term for women. I never heard of it before this blog. And I dont associate around people who call me derogatory names. As far as other women. Unless you are a woman from chicago, I dont like women who say babe or baby (in Chicago its like Baby, bye. Baby please, conversational). Or Bitch. Its just tacky and shows limited thinking abilities.

  7. LOL @ this list. Maybe cause I have bigger things to worry about. But, my main comment is…if the shoe fits, wear it.

    If you’re not in a relationship, you’re friends, homies, or associates (“we cool”). If you’re 1-3 or 6-7, accept that it’s the label that’s generally attributed to your choices. It is what it is.

    Boo, hon, sweetie, love, suga lump, etc. are all general. So general to me that it’s nothing worth getting mad at, lol. I’ll call anyone any of those at any given time…kids, adults, men, women. I don’t use bae to refer to my man. I say babe, lol.

    1. ohhhh….dmcmillian72 didn’t u know….women hate being called “females” too. lol. Previous post on that. (sorry no time to search for it and copy and paste link).

  8. “Hips”, I don’t know it may just be a Cali thing but I’ve heard men reference certain women as they hips
    I guess black women are now comfortable being called a b*tch and thats why it didn’t make the list

  9. I am so sick of the term “thot.” It has got to go. It’s just used and thrown around so easily and used to describe ridiculous things. I was talking to a friend the other night about fragrances and such and said that I usually shop in Bath and Body Works. To which I get told, “No, don’t shop there. Those are thot scents.” -_____-

    1. lmbao….guess im a Thot, lol. I’m allergic to most perfumes so for most all my scents I go to Vickie’s Secrets and Bath & Body Works.

  10. Black women will get mad if you call them anything really. If you called them by their first name, they will verbally lash out at you with, “Why you saying my name”?, “Why you got my name in yo mouf, I don’t know you!” “It’s “Laah-Shay” and not “Le’Shae”! Smh you can’t win with these birds. And for the record, most black females are called “chickens” because all they do is ‘cluck, cluck, cluck’ all day. It’s an accurate description.


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