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#Bethebetterman – A Campaign To Promote Healthy Living


Barrington B. (former contributor here at SBM) and T. Lloyd are the brainchilds behind this campaign. It’s goal is to encourage people to live healthier lifestyles. There is special attention paid to the black community. As a people there are many ills that plague us. Diabetes, hypertension and obesity to name a few.

That brings us to June 14th 2014.

On that day, four teams will play in a flag football tournament. Each team will be playing to raise money for a cause. Teams will be playing to bring awareness to different sicknesses as well. These sicknesses include heart disease, diabetes,obesity, and prostate cancer.

The team I will be playing on is called the “Silent Killers.”

We’re raising money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation to continue research. Our team name is derived from the fact that this cancer can grow slowly and can go undetected. When it is detected, it many times is too late. Prostate cancer is very aggressive. And black men on average are 60% more likely to be diagnosed than a white man. We’re also prone to be diagnosed three years younger on average. There’s so much more that you can find on the website which I will give at the end of this post.

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But SBM fam I’m simply coming to you all looking for a little support.

We’re trying to do something really special here with this campaign. Teams are practicing not only for themselves but for their causes. We want to live long fruitful lives. Part of that is educating yourself, I think that might be the best part of this experience for me.

So if you all can, I’d really appreciate it if you’d donate to my squad. We have a team goal to raise $250. You all can give whatever you like. I would just like to make this thing a huge success. To donate, please click here.

To get a better feel for the directors and the cause follow them on twitter: @mrbethebetter @t_lloyd

To get a more detailed read of the whole campaign, check out the website as well here.

Thanks for your time and thanks in advance for your support. It’s greatly appreciated.


  1. I support the movement. I have men in my family who have been screened and early detection has helped any problems from furthering!! My Donation is in…Wish I was in NYC to show love!!


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