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7 Things Exes Love to Do


Exes are quite the complex group of people, they are hard to understand and usually harder to lose contact with. Today we’re going to talk about a few Things Exes Love to Do:

Wants to Know If Your New Girl/Guy Looks Better

We’re all a little egotistical by nature. We’d all like to believe that our ex can’t do any better than us and that anything after us should indeed be a downgrade. Which is why your ex will be quick to do some research to see if your current looks better.

Compare you all’s past to your current

Okay, so maybe your replacement does look better… What’s the next thing we go to- history. See a ex will hang the history that you all had over your head, like a creep with a pocket full of mistletoes at a Christmas dinner. Your ex will never let your past go and will use it to validate or stake their claim to your heart anytime they see fit. You’ll never be able to convince them that the past is exactly what it is- the past.

Holiday Season is Ex Season

Christmas, New Years, or Valentine’s Day the f*cking ex texts will come pouring in. You’ll know if you’ve been on an exes’ mind when the holiday season rolls up. Sometimes you get some bait like a simple “Happy New Years” with the hope that you follow up with some convo. Or some exes are bold and just simply say ” Happy NY, I miss you. What you are doing tonight?” Hey you do get an ex-sex pass on holidays, right?

Tempt You

Exes are renowned for tempting the f*ck out of you. Maybe you agreed to go to lunch and catch up. Somewhere along the lines your ex began talking about how you use to make them feel or about how you use to make their body feel. Yeah you heard it before, “I remember when you did that thing, that made me, back when we..” un huh

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Make It Known That No One Knows You Better

Not only do they constantly like to bring up the past. They also want you to know that no one knows you or will ever know you as good as they knew you. They know your birthday, your favorite color, the thing that hurt you the most, made you smile the most, etc. A scheming ex will always remember all they need to know to get under your skin.

Show Up as Soon as You Get Over Them

So you haven’t seen them in six months and life is going great. Sh*t, you’ve managed to not bump into for quite a long a** time and finally you’re at *insert club/bar name here* and they walk through the f*cking door. All that emotion that you thought you were over hits your chest like a ton of f*cking bricks, not to mention they’re making their way over to you… no worries you can play it off, right?

Reminds You Why You Stopped Talking to Them

Hey even if both of you linked up after the club and have nasty drunken ex sex, they’ll remind you why you two broke up in 5, 4, 3, 2…

What are some other things that exes do? What are some things that exes do, that you like? What do you dislike? Have you ever been guilty of any of the things on this list?

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  1. I cant say I like any of it. Theyll pop up we’ll have pleasant conversation, she’ll throw a lob or two, i (typically) resist. I have some exes I’m amicable with; provided we never ever ever ever ever discuss “us”. Which brings me to

    #8. Will play the victim card- exes are seldom accountable for their roles in the breakup, at best you can get an “agree to disagree”.

    1. Tristan, that’s a great point about some exes not being willing to hold themselves accountable.

      There’s no doubt that both people have some role in the break up.

      If a person isn’t willing to accept their role in the outcome, that’s definitely someone to make a clean break from.

  2. These things and many more are why it is so important to make a clean break from an ex.

    No, it may not be easy to do, but it pays off in the long run.

    Sure, there are some exes who you can remain cordial with, but firm boundaries must be in place to avoid giving them control over you, your life and/or your new relationship that they don’t deserve.

    1. You can try your hardest but it’s more important you come to grips with the fact that feelings will be hurt, people will be mad but to protect your own happiness you’re better apart. People spend too much time on that clean break and end up still getting called an asshole.

      1. I hear you.

        Yet, I’ll be honest. I’ll be whatever they want to call me, because when I break it’ll be clean on my end.

        We can’t dictate how another person feels or what they do.

        However, we can accept our role in how things turn out, hold ourselves accountable, seek forgiveness from our ex, forgive ourselves and them for any hurt that may have been caused and move on.

        Don’t get me wrong, this may not be easy to do and definitely isn’t an overnight occurrence, but it’s necessary…if a person doesn’t want their past to dictate their present and future.

  3. This was a great list.

    I keep it on the low that i’m cool with my exes and let everyone else think we hate each other. That way we can have an amicable relationship without everyone in our business causing drama. This works for me.

  4. Lol @ the list. True.

    I hate when exes have tried staying in contact with my family. No, my family are your exes too once we break up.

  5. The last one is the one that resonates with me. But the rest don’t. Not cause I don’t see how they can happen (I’m sure they do), but moreso cause I don’t discuss my current rela with my exes. I mention exes to currents though…
    But that last one is super serious. You don’t even have to be doing anything super serious with the ex for those reminders.

  6. My ex loves to do number 5! If i post something on instagram, he comes with “do you remember the time” stories! My friends are holding themselves back with hair on their skin from going INNNN at him if he does it one more time! We broke up 4 years ago, he has a baby momma and a wife, like where does he find the time between all that to holla at me!?!!!!!!


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