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#300Sandwiches Lady Gets Engaged 256 Sandwiches Later



Remember the 300 sandwiches lady? The one who had to make her boyfriend 300 sandwiches in order for him to propose? They just got engaged — 256 sandwiches later.

In June 2012, Stephanie Smith started a blog to document the sandwiches she needed to make in exchange for a ring. If you aren’t familiar with this story yet, you read that line correctly. Stephanie Smith started a blog to document the 300 sandwiches she needed to make her boyfriend in order for him to propose. Smith has since been making sandwiches for said boyfriend — Eric — and documenting them on her blog 300 Sandwiches.

“You’ve been up for 15 minutes and you haven’t made me a sandwich?” This was the refrain Smith heard every morning from her boyfriend, Eric, she told the New York Post in September. When Smith made Eric a sandwich one day, he told her, “Honey, you’re 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!” So began the sandwich-making journey and a fury of predictably angry reactions as her blog gained traction in the media.

Read the conclusion at Huffington Post.

Do you think she was right for committing to making 300 sandwiches? Could you see yourself doing something like this for an engagement ring? Also, if you did agree to do this, what type of sandwiches would you make? If you get a chance check out her blog, 300 Sandwiches. It wasn’t that simple at all.


  1. What I want to know is, what comes next? I’d rather be walking down the aisle or elope at sandwich 300. Then what? Is it a new challenge to keep the relationship spicy?

    1. That’s a great point Lashuntrice.

      So people become so blinded by the short-term that they never stop and even think about the long-term effects.

      I admit that I don’t know the entire dynamic behind their relationship, but it does make one wonder what the next step or challenge will be.

  2. People will do anything to get into the lime light for 15 minutes of fame. He knew he was proposing from the jump. He decided to make a game out of it to see how creative she could get and to make her work for it. Deciding to blog about and announce this was more about attention than engagement.

    1. But he admitted when he made the 300 sandwiches comment, he was just joking. He wasn’t going to propose to her originally. They had already been living together.

      1. He really wasn’t, she made a little extra bank off this story and I’m sure WeTV already hit them up so he just riding with it

      2. I believe beyond what has been publicly announced. I just don’t believe their version… This is all about seeking attention.

  3. HOW DID I MISS THIS ONE? I never heard of this lady or dude or her 300 sammiches [yes, dammit, I said SAMMICHES] story. It puts me in mind [sort of] that lady who had the blog 365 DAYS TO FIND HIM…but in her case, she found a lot of dudes but she didn’t find one that was interested in her. Maybe she should have been approaching dudes with sammiches? LOL. Seriously though, when it takes on a social media platform, its kind of hard to take it than something other as INTERESTING READING.
    hey, whatever works for you, right? 🙂

  4. I think this was all in good fun. Folks need to lighten up and get a sense of humor. It was something funny she decided to share publicly. I think it’s funny and cute. I doubt she would be making light of this and go public with it if he seriously came at her like a caveman wanting her in the kitchen barefoot, pregnant, and cooking and cleaning. Hell yeah I would make sandwiches. Why not. It’s a sandwich, not a 5 course meal with home-made apple pie from scratch for dessert. lol. seriously….laugh sometimes.

  5. Regardless of what they say, most all men desire and can appreciate a somewhat “traditional” woman that “caters” to them. My s/o’s ex did next to nothing for him, and they were married. He’s so happy that I wash and iron his clothes, cook for him, and give him a massage once in a while he doesn’t know what to do with himself…lol. I enjoy doing it all the more, because I know how deprived he’s been, and how much he appreciates even the smallest things I do for him. I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would not want to cater to and spoil someone they’re in a serious committed relationship with, whom they claim to love and care about.
    Why wouldn’t you want to do nice things for that person and make them happy?
    Why would you be with someone you don’t want to do nice things for and make happy?

  6. Question for the fellas: Do you think the engagement was really based on 300 sandwiches? Or do you think it was a cry for his girlfriend to cook something sometimes?

    1. Naw, I don’t think his proposing was based off of sandwiches at all. LOL. I also don’t believe it was a cry for his girlfriend to cook something sometimes….(a JT thought bubble: is making a sandwich really cooking?). I think that they both probably have a really good sense of humor


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