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Is Your Booty Too Big for Corporate America?

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Big booties are magical and lethal. I’ve heard about men spending their entire pay check all over some buns. I’ve seen four-car collisions all over a big juicy and rotund rump. Weeks ago I discussed with a friend that her booty was too big to be in a corporate setting. I argued that it would be a distraction to her coworkers. Her booty would be considered a “visual” noise making it hard for people to focus on the tasks at hand. After all, people enforce dress codes so that there is uniformity and norms. So what if your physical attributes bust out of this norm that are being enforced? Who should suffer, the booty or the business?

Having a big butt like being butt ugly is that visual noise that I speak of, however having a big butt is hypersexualized. The sexual connotation with a having a butt aren’t always viewed as positive attributes to have in a reserved corporate setting. Being ugly can be overlooked, comedic or just puts you in the butt of everyone’s jokes- pun intended. But being a brickhouse puts a woman in a room with a glass ceiling. Others aren’t able to overlook her huge butt, for the sake of “over” looking and being possessed by her physical attributes.

The fat ass is the most ethnic of them all concerning those with a darker complexion. Big booties are like dreads and/or afros, they aren’t popular or culturally accepted in the workforce and are usually considered too “ethnic”. To the black community it is beauty, but sometimes even we give negative stereotypes to women that possess the very blueprint of what our ancestors gave us as slutty, hoochie, etc.

Even white girls with big boobs don’t get it as bad as those thick office goddesses. Boobs are less threatening than big asses, if that makes sense. They’re fun and nice, or even hospitable. But a fat ol’ ass demands your attention. It’s domineering, dare I say intimidating to the less fortunate man. (points at those guys, SUNK loves you)

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Some women will retort and say “Well it all depends on how a woman dresses.” But I’ve seen asses that couldn’t be contained.- that clothes couldn’t come near to containing, only accentuating. A few women just have bodies that are so curvy that they bring anything they were to life. So thick that they make a room go silent and make civilized men say things that make neanderthals look like geniuses.

So what do you think… Can a woman have a booty too big for corporate America or the work place in general? Do you have a big butt and have you found it hard getting a white collar job? How do your male coworkers treat you or other women with huge hind-parts? Or is this some sh*t that I’m shoveling and there’s obviously no difference?

-TheSUNK.com(the Sh*t U Need 2 Know)

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  1. Feel like this post can go waaaay left….there’s some lets say blessed women in my workplace and i think outside of either or being able to push the limits of the dress code (when did leggings become work pants, who knows but i ain’t eem mad), they are both subject to the usual fuggery of being an attractive woman in a predominantly male setting

  2. I have a well endowed lower half and I don’t find it difficult getting white collar jobs (I currently hold a white collar position) but I do find that I am very self conscious at work when it comes to the way I dress. I am actually very proud of my butt and live to show it off off the clock. But when I’m at work I find that I try to cover it with larger pants and bug shirts. It sucks and I think it’s generally unfair. As long as I’m not coming to work dressed like Nicki Minaj, I shouldn’t feel ashamed or self conscious about my body at work.

    1. Hey Stephanie!

      This is how I was thinking most women who fall in this category would feel and approach it.

      I’ve known black women in the corporate environment who have amazing bodies. Yet, like you stated, they don’t try to flaunt it at work.

      In fact, they try their best not to bring that sort of attention to themselves on the job.

      However, outside of work it’s totally different. I’ve met some of these women outside of work and couldn’t believe the difference.

      Personally, I can understand a woman’s choice not to accentuate her body at work as she does on her own time. I respect that decision completely.

  3. I work in a federal office located in Washington Heights, NY. Anybody that knows anything about Wash Heights knows this is basically Little DR. The women here are glorious and that goes for a select few of my coworkers as well, so I can say from MY PERSONAL experience that any self consciousness that my Black Queens are feeling in the workplace, these Dominicans don’t share. One of my coworkers in particular is so well endowed that anything she wears is simply not enough to hide to fact, but the simple truth is that she embraces her bodies and could not care less about hiding it. The end result could be considered lewd on a bad (or good??) day, but a thirst-trap on the regular for sure. A great follow up post would be potholes that men with attractive and otherwise well endowed coworkers should avoid to stay out of trouble in the office. Me myself personally, I smile, exchange pleasantries and keep it moving. No compliments ever lol, toooo risky.

  4. ummmm Idk because none of the big booty women I know want to work in corporate American….I think they can do it but yeah I think people will be looking lol

  5. I would make the assumption that women who are physically attractive have an easier time of making into the work force because lets face it… if you have a male that’s hiring you or a male boss… that may be one of the reasons why he hires you. And if you’re black that’s two checks off the A.A. list (woman and minority) so that’s a win win. Harassment in the workplace is always a big no-no because people don’t want to get sent up to human resources then F around lose their job.

    I think I speak for all the men out there when I tell the big booty women of corporate america, gone head and wear that sundress on dress down friday. We greatly appreciate it.

  6. Well, any ‘obnoxiously’ large body part will garner plenty of attention good or bad. It does suck that a woman with such rambunctious dimensions will have to be much more conscientious about the fit of her ensembles and deliberate in her choices, particularly in a corporate setting.

    I guess its no different than being careful when choosing appropriate work attire that is not extremely tight fitting or revealing. Perhaps just a little more effort to mask the magnitude of the derriere or more tastefully fitting clothes is warranted.

    But there is no escaping that there will be attention. Just try one’s best to mitigate the type of attention.

    Mr. SoBo


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    1. Yes I do agree. Having to take extra care to dress a certain way for fear it’ll make you appear slutty or garner the wrong attention. It’s so annoying sometimes.

  7. This is a non issue. I’ve seen some big butts from white, latina, and black women in the corporate arena and I have never seen it become a substantial talking point. Yes, men (and even women) are going to look, but that’s just par for the course. Everywhere I’ve worked had more white women with big butts than black women anyway (mainly because they are outnumbered so heavily at the places I’ve worked).

  8. I also think that most white people see a black woman with a donk, and just think it’s normal for that to be the case, when it fact it’s actually an minority of black women who are endowed like that.

  9. Well having a large round behind could be both a blessing and a curse but that’s just a general assessment from a big booty woman who has had it in tow for almost all of her life. I get tired of hearing the comments and seeing the stares, but when it comes to work I have a job to do and I do it well. I expect to be taken seriously and it’s rare that I’m not. I’m very quiet and attentive but from time to time I catch and try to ignore the stares and attempts to whisper by both men and women. I don’t like walking across a crowded room even though I dress conservatively. I hear men make comments like dayum! and women swearing I’m attempting to entice. Yes, I’ve heard “Dayum” at work in a professional non-profit office setting but for the most part my body doesn’t interfere with my job. Never where the long maxi summer dress to work as it garners too much attention.

    1. Go girl! I salute your confidence. I always feel like the women are thinking my goal is to entice as well. I swear the thoughts are nerve-wracking, you almost hate having your back face people as you walk away.

  10. I feel like it’s easy for me to get away with it and people don’t notice because mine’s is only big for my size. I’m 4’11 so people tend to overlook me anyways. Plus, I never wear skirts and mostly wear black pants. I do however know people that have been told their clothes are too form fitting which is unfair. You can’t simply get the next size up without the pants being too loose or long and not fitting. You just have to get your size and let it be tight on your ass.

  11. Having a donk, hasn’t prevented me or slowed down my move to the top. Now it has garnered a lot of attention from people because they are just in awe of the ratio. If anything, having a donk has prevented from knowing who is really interested in me on a relationship level versus just wanted to try out the merchandise on a regular basis.

  12. This is a cool and relevant article to me! I’ve been dealing with my big butt in the workplace for years! I was told I couldn’t wear certain clothes because of my butt/shape at my last job (thank God it was only a job). It was too sexy etc., but my less shapely collegue could wear the same thing?! I have been discriminated against for years and it sucks. In my current position (when I have to meet with clients) I still feel obligated to cover my butt or wear a long shirt….sigh…the life of big booty women..

    1. I certainly understand this. I don’t mind covering up at work. Its better to have to cover up at work then to have nothing to show outside of work. 😉

  13. Having a huge butt in certain setting are inappropriate IMO. This is someone coming from a HUGE butt family. Luckily mine isnt massive. Anywho, sometimes it just looks… STANK and inappropriate because no matter what you do to cover it it just makes the woman look hmmm, unkept in a way. Cant even wear certain things without it looking too sexy for the office. idk what they can do but I agree having a big butt isnt that great in some situations.

    Also, black woman dont have a monopoly on big butts.

  14. Oh great. Now women will use this as an opportunity to brag about their behinds and play a pseudo-victim as to how their “big butts” has been the detriment to their lives black women. Well newsflash….Most of ya’ll don’t have “big butts”. You’re just fat..all around fat, which makes your bums look big. Only a few black women have and can claim they have a real “big butt”. Only a small few.

  15. I am a “white” women with a 40+ bottom and hips to match. I worked in corporate along side many “ethnic” women. Some had big booties some not. Some dressed professional some casual. At the end of the day everyone had a job to do. I think this article is misleading unless anyone has a strory to tell about not getting the corporate job after the interview because no one can see your big bootie looking at a resume!

  16. I loved this post! I myself blog and vlog and was just thinking of this issue not long ago. I’m a big booty chick myself lol and I work in a callcenter. So of course every time I’m walking around of course everyone, especially my male co-workers get a full view of it all. I try to be confident, hold my head up high but sometimes, the self-consciousness takes over I must admit. I see them looking, and mostly I can feel it. I try to take a deep breath but I always wonder what they think. I just wonder are they making assumptions about me or undressing me with their eyes. I once had an ex-coworker of mine admit to me he used to check me out in the breakroom and had crazy thoughts about me. SAY WHAT! LOL! Oh my I was like really? So now that he told me that, now I’m pretty sure all the other guys are doing the same, but hey, it is what it is. I just try to focus on me and doing my job.
    But I know the feeling, you do feel like the “freak” out of everybody else, like you’re always on display. So it can be annoying, but I wouldn’t allow it to stop me from doing me.

  17. I dont know if this article has any truth to it or not and I’ve read some of the comments below, and i’m trying to remain positive but I am a little worried about the stigma. I have about a year left in school and i’ve just recently started applying for internships and small jobs for my degree. But to get where I want to be i’m probably going to have to work in corporate america at least for a short time. I dont see it as a problem but i have both larger assets than the average girl. should i cut my loses and try to get in with a small job or should i just cover up really well? I dont want my body type to be a problem but i have a feeling that it will be. what do you viewers think?

  18. Personally speaking, I can admire a woman who has a big butt, but in some cases it can cause a problemr in corporate america because of other people’s thoughts and views and it has nothing to do with the woman. How can you change something that you were blessed with. This coming from an avowed but man!!


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