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Top Ten from ‘ 33 Men Reveal The One Thing They’d Like All Women To Stop Doing Immediately’



A pretty dope post was posted on Thought Catalog the other day that listed 33 Men’s response to One Thing They’d Like Women To Stop Doing Immediately. I gather my favorite ten and listed them here. You can check out the whole article here but feel free to see my Top Ten and offer your thoughts in the comments section.

3. Believing that men have no discretion when it comes to sex.

Assuming every man must want to have sex with every woman all of the time. No I’m not gay, I just don’t find you attractive.

6. Thinking that they’re queens.

Stop posting those “A real man would treat their girl like a Queen” bullshit postings on Facebook. It is not our job to serve you like a queen, and you’d better believe a guy would get an angry feminist mob bearing down on them if they posted something similar about men.

It’s not funny and makes you look like a bitch to all men, no matter how many of your girlfriends agree.

9. Expecting guys to pick up on subtle hints.

Dropping hints. Seriously. We don’t pick them up. We won’t pick them up. We can’t pick them up. Stop expecting us to know what you want or feel and just say it.

10. Assuming that guys are mad when they’re just zoning out.

As a man, my mind often wanders. If I’m staring off into space, please stop asking me “What I’m thinking.”

I usually don’t know. Admitting this, however, seems to trigger an argument, since I’m “avoiding” the question.

There is only an infinitesimally small chance that my wandering thoughts are about you. There’s an even smaller chance that it’s anything negative.

11. Taking from their man’s plate of food.

Order your own fucking fries or salad at the restaurant. I told you to get whatever you wanted. I wanted a whole serving of fries, that’s why I ordered my self a whole serving of fries. I didn’t order something cause I only wanted half of it and was hoping to split the rest with you.

13. Sexually harassing guys.

Just cause I’m a guy doesn’t mean you can sexually harass me. It doesn’t matter what gender you are.

15. Talking during a movie.

Stop asking me questions about a movie we’re watching together that we’ve both never seen. No, I don’t know if he’s going to die, I’ve seen exactly as much of this fucking movie as you have.

Also, when you asked me what the person on the screen said, I don’t know because when they were talking you were asking me what the person on the screen before them said.

Oh, and I’m sorry you didn’t follow what happened with that one person in the movie because you started playing with your phone for ten minutes to ignore the movie that you picked for us to watch.

18. Treating sex like a gift they give to men.

Stop treating sex as something you let us do to you. Either want it too or fuck off.

31. Believing that guys can’t get hurt.

Generally speaking, a trait I run into among many women, especially those from privileged upbringing, is the pretentious stance that no one could suffer if they have a penis.

That really needs to stop, right now.

32. Not knowing what they’re asking for.

If you insist on getting treated like one of the guys, then don’t get pissed when you do in fact get treated like one of the guys.


  1. Ooooh #18 is the Bane of my existence. My female friends love to talk to me about how all men want is the box… It takes all will power not to dial up Sweet Chin Music. Actin like this 4 minutes don’t satisfy you too!

    Seriously… grow up.

  2. #9 with the subtle hints-I’m witcha. We gotta read minds too? I just need free flowing communication. I’m not here for the subtly.

    1. I’m with you.

      Like I continue to tell women I know, “Men need to be TOLD what to do.”

      It’s as simple as that.

      Assume nothing…especially if you haven’t verbally and directly communicated it before.

  3. So much realness….you can tell who actually interact with men regularly and who learned everything from their forever alone auntie. Keep using that body as a bargaining chip and watch how quickly a man will lower the market value.

  4. It’s not listed, but this one had me ctfu…”16. Painting their eyebrows.
    Stop making their eyebrows like the Nike symbol.”
    lmbao – *dead*
    This list was pretty much everything male friends and family have told me my whole life..lol. But said in a much funnier way.

  5. Now, I have to read the whole list, but I’m throwing the flag on a few of these…
    10, 11, and 15 are things that both women and men do. I can’t count the times my man took a bite out of my sandwich and the sandwich was dag near gone! LOL! I’m sure I’m exaggerating but still…LOL…
    There is nothing wrong with wanting to be treated like a queen IF you treat your man like a king…and vice versa. You can’t desire one and not be offering the other…
    …and I’ve had full conversations about #3. Dudes admitting that not every notch is a dime (or a nickel for that matter) and that sometimes, it’s about just getting off. Although I’m sure this is not gender specific either (both men and women do it), I’m willing to bet that men will bypass preferences to get off more often than a woman. Speaking of hoes, lol…I’m sure more men fit that description in general than women. Does this mean that all men lack discretion? Naw. But if we had to quantify the percentages of discretion-less acts that men/women have had and then compare the results, I think the males percentage would be higher, lol.

    1. I’m sure there’s a list for men that women wish we should stop thinking/doing….. Let this ride as is

      1. I actually agree with a good number of them. I’m letting those ride cause they’re true! The ones that aren’t get the flag though…
        But for the sake of your request, I won’t do a follow-up comment on the other bogus ones from the original list, lol…

    2. Yes especially the food thing I’m try not to make my guy pay for my food all the time sometimes we’ll go dutch or I’ll pay so why you eating off my plate…talking about you’re eating slow I’ll eat the rest if you don’t want it no fatso I want all of my food I’m not one of those bird/salad eating all the time chicks…in addition yeah a lot of guys are not that discrete when trying to choose who they are going to have sex with like that oh so rude quote posted on insta/twitter sometimes…all these guys claiming they only F with bad bishes but all the unattractive women are pregnant..um 2chainz voice…tru

    3. “But if we had to quantify the percentages of discretion-less acts that men/women have had and then compare the results, I think the males percentage would be higher, lol.”
      lol…too funny. I’m not touching that one though

  6. bruh I loveeeeee talking during the movies lol Idk if it bothers my boo or not I mean he doesn’t say it bothers him but it’s so funny when he’s trying to concentrate on the movie and I’m asking like fifty questions and I’m like why aren’t you listening lmao…I know I know I should stop but I don’t want to lol

  7. I hear guys joke about the angy black woman…this was written by a bunch of angry black men. Im wont come back to read any more of this foolishness. learn how to get your point accross respectfully without all the anger and b.s. Ladies please check out this blog by derrick janx…a perspective from a sensible, intelligent, and respectful black man. best of luck to the writer of this lol

    1. This was written on a white site by a white author. This is a share not an original post. I took my favorite 10 and posted them here. In other words, if this site isn’t for you because you don’t understand how to read the first nine words of a post (A pretty dope post was posted on Thought Catalog) then I guess it isn’t for you. Cheers.

  8. Men have discretion when it comes to sex, but it’s only as pervasive as their options. My thoughts are lead by the words of men, not women. It’s men who warn their daughters about men, then encourage their sons to get all the a$h possible. It’s men who respond to women who use their body for attention….it’s not Auntie’s guidance or fault. Most of the list is hogwash and equal opportunity gripes.


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