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Terry Crews Upsets Women with His View on Fatherhood



When I first saw the headline and video of Terry Crews’ views on fatherhood floating around the internet, I braced myself to expect that he was going to say something ludicrous or unbearable. To my surprise what he said really wasn’t that bad. Here are the three main things Terry Crews said fathers give their children:

1. Your Father Gives You Your Name

Your father tells you who you are.

2. Your Father Gives You Your Inheritance

“That doesn’t mean money, you inherit his story. You inherit whatever your father was, whatever bill(kind of lost me there) belongs to you.

3. Your Father Gives You Your Security

“Not just protection, but your competence. Because when your father tells you that you can do something you believe you can do it.

Do you agree with Mr. Crews? Are these things women can also give? Why does it seem like any time we refer to what a man can do, women think we’re discrediting them?

-TheSUNK.com(the Sh*t U Need 2 Know)

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  1. I do agree with him. i wrote something similar a while back. I don’t remember the name of the post but it was about how men can only come to men to relate on certain things. Our psyche sometimes will only make sense to us. When you say that around single mothers or people raised by them they might take offense. But the bottom line is that we all have a purpose or else two genders wouldn’t be needed. I grew up without a father mostly. But i got lucky by having an olde bother and older cousins who set great examples. I’m able to confide in them as I navigate through life as a young man. There’s things they give me that my mother couldn’t. It’s not a knock on her, she’s given me everything a mother should. Terry Crew’s philosophy was dead on.

  2. It’s his views. We’re all entitled to our views. People need to stop wanting one another to exclusively share their own opinion. We’re all different for a reason.

    “Why does it seem like any time we refer to what a man can do, women think we’re discrediting them?”

    We could personally be saying the same thing and the other sex would have to explain their same/specific point of view. From where I sit, this isn’t exclusive to one gender. I think it happens because we assume we know what one another is thinking and what the others intentions are. Often from one comment to the next assumptions get added & people start with their BS from telling you your intentions to redefining your words. Female/male, we could clearly be speaking the same language yet somehow things get lost in translation.

    1. There are some things that are gender specific. When was the last time you saw a male kindergarten teacher? They just changed the rules to allow women on the front line in war. I wonder how long it will lsat and how many of them will like it? And the ones that do like it, what “type” of women will they be?

      1. My youngest son’s teacher was male…Mr. Mummert.
        They aren’t the rule, I admit…but they exist, lol.

  3. I don’t see what the big deal is. I get it ladies, we are strong and we can do a lot, but now it’s getting to a point where we are jumping on men for trying to be men. He’s not diminishing the role of women/mother’s but giving to a role that hasn’t seen a lot of positivity(i.e father’s)

    1. And it was a Father’s Day message, I believe? Really, there is so much more important stuff for Black people to be concerned with we need to stop wasting our energy criticizing men every time they say something we disagree with.

  4. I don’t see the big deal, but as a competent human who’s a woman, I don’t see how anything he mentioned is necessarily father specific, but I don’t necessarily see any of the mother’s day things as mom specific either.

    I recognize decent people and great parents.


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