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10 Reasons Why Your Life is Over at 29 and Begins at 30


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Many of our friends are beginning to stress out about the idea that they’re turning 30 soon. Having already passed that threshold, I’m totally over it. Honestly, my life went from good to great when I turned 30. So, I jotted down a list of reasons why it’s better at 30 than it was in your twenties.

1. You have money.

Life in your twenties is about “how can I afford this vacation to Miami… and pay my rent… and college loans… and credit card bills… and department store card bill… I think you get the point. Your twenties is about a perpetual process of budgeting in order to spend. When you reach 30, you’ve finally got some money in the bank, a saving account and the ability to spend it.

2. You’re hitting your prime in your career.

Your first few years in your career is about putting your head down and paying your dues. At 30, you’re most likely leaving the stage of worker bee and moving into the lieutenant stage. You finally have a good idea of what you do at work and what it will take to be successful. If you were a basketball player, you’d be at the Lebron James stage of your career.

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3. You’ve made all the silly mistakes.

You’ve shown up late for work. You’ve made a fool of yourself in your dating life. You’ve stayed in a relationship too long. You’ve had to use credit for something when you should have used cash. You’ve banged your head against all the walls that need banging. Now you’re ready to start success and lose the mistakes.

4. You have direction.

You’ve spent all your time up until this point trying to figure out what you wanted to do with your life. You’ve grown tired of being all over the place. Dreams, hopes and aspiration have met career, bills and finance. The rubber is burning and rather than spinning your wheels, you’re off to the races in pursuit of your goals.

5. You are less stressed.

Right after college and up until you hit your prime, you are constantly inundated with stress about life and where to go. As you near the end of your thirties you realize that life is about eliminating and avoiding stress. You’ll do anything to achieve that too. You’re about to start losing your hair, there’s no point in pulling it out.


6. You give less f*cks.

When you reach 30 something magical happens, you start caring less what others think and also care less to explain yourself to others. You’ve experienced failure, you realize that not every goal will be reached (either at the time you expected or at all)… yet you’re perfectly okay with that and won’t lose sleep.

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7. You have the “right” friends.

The friends who’ve managed to last this long are the ones that you want to keep for the rest of your life. You’ve all dealt with tough times, volatile arguments and when you think about it these are the people who know you better than you know yourself.

8. You’re used to your parents.

Parents sound a lot like stress. We are forced to talk to them, spend time with them and answer all of their questions. We have parents who care too much, care too little, are too bossy, or maybe are too passive. The thing is along with being less stressed and caring a little less what others think you have figured out how to deal with your parents.

9. You learned how to have fun.

Fun in college sounded like a mixture of music, alcohol and sex. The next morning you were able to bounce back and make it to class on time. Try that after 25 or 26, and you won’t make it to work until 11AM if you make it at all. Hangovers last until the next evening and losing a day doesn’t make much sense. Well now, you’ve figured out how to have fun and still function the next day. If that doesn’t involve slurred speeches, drinking tons of water before bed and two Advil’s in the morning… that’s just fine.

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10. You understand life.

Let’s be clear, you don’t know everything but you at least know that you don’t know everything. You understand that life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. You know that it’s not necessarily about the destination but the journey that it takes to reach that destination. Above all else, you know that everything hasn’t come to fruition and that’s perfectly normal. Life wouldn’t be worth having if it wasn’t to keep living.

Dr. J


  1. You make the 30s sound like something to look forward to. I can dig that! I still got some time though lol. Good read.

  2. This is how 30 is for SOME ppl. Unfortunately that isn’t true for most….especially about the $$ thing in 2014

    1. I’m going to tell you something really funny about your comment. I chose to make this post positive… like good news. I didn’t want to take a negative angle on it because that’s too easy. You’re right the world isn’t great for everyone but rather than wallow in the negativity maybe we could focus on the positive aspects. People always tell me they don’t read the news because there’s no good news. Well tell me what’s better “Why at 30 We’re Still Broke” or “Why Life at 30 is Great”? You decide.

  3. I don’t usually comment, but the extent to which I needed to read this astounds me. Thanks J!

  4. I can agree to a certain extinct what about those of use who go onto graduate school and doctoral programs. We still have some saving to do.

  5. I agree. However, I may have missed the mark by 10 years. I’m in my early forties and now feel that I’ve hit my full stride.

  6. I’m gonna go on and cosign this list. I was so depressed turning 30 (divorced and back at square one in many ways). But, I def found this list to be true once I was in it. So to those commenting about how realistic this list isn’t…you may not be able to check everything off at 30, but you’ll def be knocking MANY of these items off your list during your 30’s. Your load WILL lighten. I’m 33…and although I’m about to change careers, lol, I still feel like I can check off all 10 of these, lol. I don’t like my current career at all…but I’m good at it, I have seniority in it, and I’m making good money.
    Also, for those who want to establish families, you’ll probably be doing that during this phase as well. And let me tell ya…two checks are ALWAYS better than one! So, you have that to look forward on the financial front as well…

  7. Turning the big 30 was a milestone. I must agree, it appears everything just went up and in the right direction after 30 (house, a growing 401K, less debt, and a decent, but still in progress, savings)


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