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A Wife’s Love : What I Learned From “Legend’s House”


Like a few writers here at SBM, I’m a pro wrestling fan. As early as I can remember  I was watching it. It entertained me like other mediums didn’t. Now, at 25 I still watch. I might not watch as frequently, but it’s still a pastime. Over the last few weeks I was caught up watching a reality series called “WWE Legend’s House.”  It’s based on former wrestling personalities from the 80s living together. It’s the same generic formula that you’d have in “The Real World” or “The Surreal Life.” As a fan especially of times past I loved it. But in hindsight, I didn’t gain anything from the series til it’s final episode.

By this point I hope I haven’t lost you. You see, in the show’s final episode some of the realest stories came out. We got an inside look at some of the hardships the former personalities had to face in their lives. Two stories struck me deeply. I implore you to indulge as I paraphrase the stories of “Mean” Gene Okerlund and Tony Atlas.

“Mean” Gene tells a story  of how he suffered from a genetic kidney disease. For a period of time he was on dialysis. His wife ultimately becomes eligible to give him her kidney. He attributes him being alive today because of her selflessness. He was moved to tears before he could even finish the story.

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Tony Atlas tells a story of hitting rock bottom. In the early 90s he fell on hard times and ended up homeless. I believe he said he was in Ohio one night when it was below zero weather. He was trying to sleep on a park bench. A woman comes along and decides for whatever reason to take him in. She gives him shelter and more than likely saves his life that night. He says from that night he knew that he had to marry this woman.

Now this is just a synopsis  to give you all an idea of these respective ladies. Our ideas of love are always challenged. Everyone always wants to know clearer ways of knowing when they’re really in love. These acts of kindness that I mentioned  really puts things in perspective.  I started asking myself if I would give women I’ve loved a kidney. When the ish hit the fan that woman held her man down in the most ultimate way. All I could do was shake my head. I thought it was beautiful.

Tony Atlas’ case was even more unique. For a stranger to want to take a homeless man in from the cold amazes me. The God’s honest truth is that I may never do something like that. Many of us probably wouldn’t; this woman did. It’s a deleted scene from a Lifetime movie I swear.

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I wanted to see if these stories would strike you all like it did me.

I have always spoken on the importance of sacrificing in relationships. I’ve known of examples and even read about them. But to watch these grown ass men moved by these acts really hit me. They loved their women to the core. No matter what our walk in life, what we want is so simple.  We  want an honest connection with a special person. At one point or another these men were stars. They were household names. But it was their special women who kept them grounded for so long. I also think it was those women who gave them the courage to share these stories. They gained that courage through those ladies showing them their courage.

What are you willing to do for your partner? Are you all really bout it? If you have a story of love and sacrifice please feel free to share. I’ve been inspired.

These are my words and I make no apologies

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  1. Wow! Those are both moving experiences.

    I truly goes to show you how remarkable love is.

    To answer your questions:

    If I was married, I would be willing to do nearly anything for my wife, as long as it didn’t compromise or go against my spiritual convictions, which I would pray she would share.

    Yes, I definitely thing I would be “bout it”. When you truly love someone it is accompanied by a level of sacrifice that is unmatched…or so I hear.

    I long for the day that I can discover and embrace such a love.

  2. This isn’t exactly a story of love and sacrifice, but For Me, it is one that is an example of what a Soulmate embodies- my Ex-Fiancee and I were off and on at times, and in 2010 it was no different. I lost my Grandmother while I was finishing my 1st full year of college so I was Numb and Cold the whole summer. We fought more than had good times and broke up New Years of 2009 so this August 13th Day was at the time our Last Day of ever being around each other again. I got a phone call from my Mother that night telling me my Grandfather, who was ill for a long time, was about to die and I needed to get to the hospital ASAP; I had my phone on Speaker because my Ex was tired of me constantly answering my phone while we had arguments but after that call Everything Changed- She looked at me, tossed me the keys to her call and I swear I think I ran about 20 red lights and double the stop signs getting to the hospital.
    I made it just in time at around 10pm to meet other Relatives and to see him Pass Away, and once the Doctors took off the IV and breathing machines, folks were going home and she insisted I needed to Drive Around to Greive, and she was Right. We rode around All Night and she listened to every story I had about my Grandfather until it was lmost 3 AM and rather than taking me home we got a Motel Room, let me Cry some More and Slept the whole morning. She put her Concerns and Issues w/ Me Aside to Be There for me and I will Always be Grateful and Love her for that.

  3. How sweet are these stories, especially Tony’s. You don’t hear about selfless acts of love like this too often but it’s something I’d aspire to have.

  4. WOW! The homeless one does seem taken from a Lifetime movie. The kidney one is something any wife should be willing to do. Anyone should be willing to sacrifice for their soulmate. That’s what love is all about. I haven’t been married yet and haven’t met a man that I would sacrifice that much for though.

  5. i remember years ago hearing of atlas hitting rock bottom after having success in the early-mid 80’s. Unfortunately like a lot of wrestlers (some who are no longer with us) partying and excessive drugs curtailed their careers and lives.And there’s a place in heaven for his wife belie’ dat.

    I didn’t know Okerlund was in such a bad way….wow.
    I haven’t watched the show but they need to put my boy iron sheik on there, LoL…Imagine that.


      1. He was?!…I gotta see if I can youtube it, not into it enough to actually buy the network. Shiek’s rants are gold. I’m not sure if you’ve seen them but it’s priceless…

  6. I see so many people investing in material things more than the human beings whom they claim they love. Love itself is a selfless and powerful concept…when we truly share that with or have that for someone, sacrifice is never given a second thought…..it becomes natural.


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