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3 Ways You Know It’s Not Just a Summer Fling



During the summer you can bump into anybody. Ladies and men are hitting the streets in groups and everybody has been prepping their sexy all winter- just in time to show that sh*t off for the summer. While enjoying everything that your city has offer you might just bump into someone you’re feeling. Sooner or later you might wonder “Is this just a summer fling?” If you have no answers, then this is when theSUNK swoops in with the assist. Here’s 3 Ways You Know It’s Not Just a Summer Fling:

I. Sex Isn’t The Only Thing That Brings You Two Together
Sure the attraction is there and when it does get hot ya’ll get it popping. But you’re just not there solely for the sex. You’re attracted to their intellect, thoughts, and ideas. Even without the sex they’d be a good person to hang around on a hot summer day. This is when sex doesn’t control the tempo and isn’t the foundation of your friendship.

II. Ya’ll Start Ditching Your Homegirls/Homeboys to See One Another
You don’t do it on purpose, but your friends start to send you more and more of these type of texts:
“Oh, so your with him?”
“You not going out with us tonite?” 
“Yo bruh, yo still with shorty? Damn you slipping.”
You’ve seen the texts pop up on your iPhone, but you don’t really care. Because this person is new and you enjoy being in their presence and frankly you can see your friends whenever(true friends hold you down always).

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III. Ya’ll Talk About the Future
If you guys begin to talk about the future without any awkwardness, then most likely you two are more than just a summer fling. It might be too early to call you guys exclusive but you’re definitely feeling each other passed the physical and the overhyped summer fling stage. Just take it slow and enjoy the present, if it’s suppose to be then the summer is just an indicator of what’s to come.

What shows you that someone is more than a summer fling? Can you really take someone serious during summer?

-TheSUNK.com(the Sh*t U Need 2 Know)

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    Unfortunately, this is all the moderators’/editors’ fault. Instead of embracing and appreciating diverse, witty, and differing viewpoints to those of their own, they have become like a collective gestapo-like force and have blocked certain posters and deleted comments that apparently did not appease the female readership. While warranted in isolated incidents, the moderators’/editors’ behavior has hindered the progress of what was once an engaging, thought-provoking, and (quite frankly) entertaining space for commentary of social issues. The commentators who did not fit into the moderators’/editors’ cooker-cutter image of what the targeted readership (read: females) wanted to hear were marginalized and cut-off. Again, this probably has something to do with this site’s advertisers.

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    Dictated, not read,
    A single black male


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