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Negrodamus Predicts Where the Biggest NBA Free Agents Will Go




We teased it last week, but today marks the official beginning of the NBA Free Agency sweepstakes. Every team with cap space (and there are a bunch of them), and even teams without space are looking to improve by signing or trading for an impactful player.

By the time you read this, Carmelo Anthony will have met with the Chicago Bulls, and Dirk Nowitzki will probably have re-signed with the Dallas Mavericks. Where will everyone go? Time to make some more (sure to be wrong) predictions!

Carmelo Anthony –

Last week, I kicked around the idea of Carmelo leaving the New York Knicks.

On the one hand, Anthony has more money ($129 million over five years), continuity for himself and his family, and the aura of Phil Jackson waiting for him if he stays in Madison Square Garden.

On the other, Anthony can chase greener pastures on a team with established veterans, no James Dolan, and a chance to win now while the Knicks are probably at least another year away (when LOTS more financial flexibility becomes available).

So what will he do?

I see Carmelo leaving for the Bulls. Scoring is their glaring need, and with Derrick Rose coming back (again), there is less pressure on either guy to carry the entire offensive load. The Bulls’ defense has always been its calling card, but I think they’d be happy to trade Anthony’s defensive liabilities for a guaranteed 25 points on the other end.

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Loul Deng –

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Dallas Mavericks

Remember him?

He might as well have been traded to Mars instead of Cleveland during last season. Deng does a lot of things well, and could definitely help whatever team signs him in the next few weeks. As if there was any chance he would return to the Cavaliers, the team removed all doubt by drafting Andrew Wiggins, their wing of the future.

So where does Deng end up?

I say the Lakers.

I see LA striking out with the top tier free agents this offseason. Instead, they’ll settle for Deng who will take less than a max contract (important since Kobe is making something like $75 million this season), score without many plays being called for him (because Kobe), and fill in the gaps on the defensive wing (yep, Kobe).

Lance Stephenson –

Lance, Lance, Lance.

On paper, you have a 23 year old player who does a bit of everything and has steadily improved throughout his young career.

On the court, Lance carried the Indiana Pacers’ terrible offense at times as the de facto point guard and finisher off the pass.


Then he did a bunch of other stuff.

We watched him be assh-, crazy per-, let’s say pest on the court against the Miami Heat in the playoffs. He put his foot in his mouth in interviews. And, if you believe anonymous sources, was a major reason the Pacers fell off a cliff in the second half of the season.

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So where does he go? Who even wants him?

It’ll come down to Indiana or Charlotte, who has a ton of money to spend. If Charlotte is willing to overspend on Stephenson like they did for Al Jefferson last year, he’ll head south this summer. But I don’t see it.

Lance will stay in Indiana, and have a great season next year.

LeBron James (and the other two guys in Miami) –

Somehow, the news of the Big 3 in Miami opting out was reported as earth-shattering news.

While it does open the door for all three to leave, it was also necessary for them to stay on South Beach. Here’s how it will play out:

LeBron will get the max because he’s the best player, he reportedly wants it, and because “duh”.

Dwyane Wade will take a four-year deal for $56 million. He’ll trade less money next year for more years added to the end of his old deal.

Chris Bosh will sign for four years and $60 million, leaving enough cap room for the Heat to sign Marcin Gortat, Pau Gasol, or another big man who can keep up with Miami’s offensive pace.

Lightning Round! –

Kevin Love goes to Golden State after the Warriors realize Klay Thompson will never be as good as Love is right now.

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Chandler Parsons stays in Houston after Carmelo Anthony ends up elsewhere.

Kyle Lowry stays in Toronto.

Greg Monroe stays in Detroit, and the Pistons eventually trade Josh Smith (more wishful thinking than anything on my part…but ah well).

Negrodamus has spoken. What do you think will happen this offseason? Do you see many of the big names that are available switching teams?

Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Solid predictions.

    I know Detroit wants to move Josh Smith, but I can’t imagine who they could get in exchange.

    What do you think the possible or most likely options are?

      1. Yeah…turns out they ended up landing Jodie Meeks.

        I have no idea what kind of impact he will have.

        I definitely think they paid him too much though…unless he really does bring the scoring that the team desires and needs next season.

        1. I *think* SVG is looking for a shooter to play around Drummond. Kinda like the Dwight Howard set up in Orlando. Can’t say for sure, but Jodie is pretty one-dimensional, so I’m guessing they want to maximize that skill.

          He’s basically Ben Gordon part 2 for way less money. Next up is re-signing Greg Monroe and shipping Josh Smith outta town.

        2. Yeah the way things are looking in the D, Greg Monroe may not return. What’s the issue of Monroe feeling betrayed that DET signed J. Smith

  2. No Gortat can’t leave the Wizards. We need him in DC. Key component to making a decent run next year. Tell Paul he can go to MIA. Good analysis otherwise.

    1. I would think Washington could pay Gortat more. So hopefully that’s enough for your sake. I agree he’s a huge piece for them.

      Paul who can go to Miami?

    2. Thankfully, Gortat signed an extension with the Wizards.

      I’m glad that he stayed. He’s a huge piece for their team, like Joe stated.

  3. The Miami “Big” 3 will remain in South Beach- why Endorse a hungry pup like Napier (see what I did there) to be Traded TO Your Team from the franchised that JUST Drafted him? In that Context and That Context ONLY, LBJ Beat Jordan; while the Max Contract steez is a new wrinkle, LeCramp does deserve it which means Wade will be Rewarded and expect Legendary Love from Miami’s front office & Bosh will realize he is NOT Elite, but the Chad to LeBron’s Ichigo Kourasaki and Wade’s Uuryu Ishida (for those who know Anime/Manga and Bleach)

    1. Also, Melo will be late to realize what Bron-Bron did in 2010: If you Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em- but NOT in Miami. He can be the Robin, Superboy, or Add to an Avenger/Justice League team, OR, he can be his Own Tony Stark/Iron Man, Bruce Wayne/Batman, etc-Unless he is willing to be Spider-Man w/No Real Sidekick but Forever Stiffled against the other Superstar-Led Teams, or “potential” Superteams

    2. I don’t know a thing about anime, but the rest of the analogy I agree with, lol.

      I think LeBron stays, UNLESS Miami doesn’t put more pieces around him he likes. Shabazz by himself won’t do it, but I’m sure it helps. Riley still has work to do, but they’re staying put.


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