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On NBA Free Agency and a Plea to Your Common Sense



To be honest, I’m as guilty as anyone.

But it’s time to cut this out. All of us.

Endless refreshing of Adrian Wojnarowski’s Twitter account, believing in Chris Broussard again, and buying into endless speculation has. to. stop.

I mean, this stuff isn’t even news!

Chris Broussard literally said he had no hard info or sources, but he thinks that maybe, just possibly LeBron James will return to the Heat…says his gut.

The same gut we all punched him in during James’ first Decision in 2010. Remember that?

Here’s what we “know:”

– LeBron James’ agent, Rich Paul, is impressed with the Cleveland Cavaliers’ pitch for the best player in the world.

– The Cavaliers responded by trying to trade away players to create the cap space they need to make a maximum offer for James.

– James’ entire inner circle, including his wife, want him to return to Cleveland.

– Chris Bosh is intrigued by a max offer from the Houston Rockets, and will sign there if LeBron leaves.

– The Heat’s Big 3 haven’t spoken to each other in days.

– No one with any actual info has spoken to any media member on the record. Including LeBron, who has been tweeting Instagramming through all this.

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– The Heat signed Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger’s knees on Monday. (This one is true)

– Dwyane Wade is done as an effective player. (Also probably true)

Add these “facts” up, and you have the perfect storm for LeBron to return to Cleveland. That could be true.


Miami Heat small forward LeBron James smiles as his team takes on the Charlotte Bobcats during an NBA basketball game in Charlotte

– LeBron decided years ago he’d never return to Cleveland after this wonderful bit of writing.

– The Cavaliers are trading away marginal players who don’t mesh with the young core of players they are going to rebuild around.

– The Cavs trade those guys, then offer big money to Gordon Hayward, a free agent they had in for a visit before the holiday.

– LeBron is allowing Pat Riley, the Heat’s top executive, time to flesh out the roster so he knows how much he will take to return to South Beach.

– Chris Bosh will follow through on his vow, reiterated multiple times, to return to Miami for a discounted salary.

Doesn’t door number two make more sense? I know anarchy is more fun. I KNOW. But why chase whispers from sources, only to be disappointed in the end?

I beg you: don’t fall for this again. Listen to the voice in your head that says, “who would rather live in Cleveland than Miami?” That’s the white angel on your shoulder. It’s trying to save you from future deleted tweets. Remember what happened over four years, not three Finals games.

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What do you think will happen with LeBron James? Will he head back to Cleveland?

What do you want to happen?

The Decision part 2 could happen any day now. Put your money where your mouth is in the comments below!


  1. What do I think will happen? Miami’s core group stays in place and they make some improvements on the bench.

    What do I want to happen? For the Clippers to get a consistent starting SF, that JJ Reddick begins to play defense and the Clippers bench gets a little bit better.

    Oh you mean what do I want to happen in Miami?

    1. Well the question was open ended, lol.

      I think the Clippers’ main problem is that LA is in the Western Conference. They have a team that can win the East. A full season of Redick will help. Can’t imagine his back will take him out again. SF is another problem…would you swap LeBron in even if it cost you Blake?

      1. I wouldn’t trade Blake for LeBron. I’m of the mindset that you have a pairing of a PG with a Big or a SG-SF pairing. Mixing up those combinations tends to cause problems with synergy.

        CP3 can get anyone the ball but the offense has to run through him. You bring in a LeBron like player and that messes up how your (now) #2 player works and takes his biggest skill away.

  2. I don’t care as long as LeBron stays East…remember how boring the East was before LeBron really became LeBron…..AI, Vince, Ghost of Jordan, and T Mac weren’t winners so it was the Nets and Pistons squads no one cared about.

    In a perfect world, Bosh goes to Houston, LeBron to Cleveland, D Washed is stuck in Miami, but in reality LeBron and Wade go back, the Heat pull off a robbery for Love because life isn’t fair.

    1. I cared about the Pistons. Those were GREAT years. No idea what you mean, lol.

      I’m looking forward to seeing where Love goes. I’d have thought if Boston had the pieces to a trade, it would have been done already.

    2. Well Tristan as usual your predictions were right on point. 🙁 But good for Lebron, although we are sorry to lose him on the team, I am happy to see brothers being able to call their own shots with the NBA and there’s nothing they can do about it.
      Besides, I LOVE the fact that the Cavaliers’ owner not only has to eat his words, but pay LBJ a WHOLE LOT OF MONEY to come back home. That would be a win-win in my book.

  3. Bosh leaving. Max deal + playing back in his home state in the later half of the career? Money talks.
    Dunno about Lebron though but Bosh is out

    1. I hear you, but he has said he wants to stay a few times now. I tend to believe him. Money usually talks of course, but if the offer is for $88 emms like has been reported, it won’t be that much different than what Miami will offer.

      Sorry mane, Bosh is staying.

  4. Even if Riley can bring Wade and Bosh back at a discount, not sure how likely they’ll be in signing legitimate UFAs. In theory, taking less to play w/ Bron is good. But over 82 games +playoffs, will it really pay off? Meh. The UFAs they could re-sign (Haslem, Butler, Ariza, Lewis, Allen, Vince Carter, etc) are older than a lot of the WC starters they’d see in the Finals.

    What I want to happen? For Bosh to think for himself and go for the max w/ Houston. This is likely his last opp to get #s like Houston is offering

    What I think will happen? Riley will convince Bron and 1 of them to stay, Granger won’t be healthy, Heat make the Finals, but lose again.

    1. If Bosh Leaves and LeBron Stays in Miami, Melo WON’T go to South Beach. Look, LBJ isn’t Kobe and Kobe is called a Ballhog (even though he has said he just wants Ring #6 At the LEAST), but I Don’t See ‘Bron deferring to Melo when Bosh stayed complaining that he wasn’t getting enough touches- he just got the Last Shot at games that James Passed On to WIN, smh

  5. As the Resident Clevelander of SBM, I have some thoughts on this:
    *Pat Riley SELF-DESTRUCTED the Big Three by his press conference. You let out the Secret that Savannah is Pregnant and having a Girl- That WASN’T Supposed to Come Out, AND, you call him a Punk for “leaving” and go down the list of Championship teams of the past, yet LBJ LEFT Cleveland to JOIN Wade and Bosh!!! He’s Pissed that he will do to Miami what he did to C-Town (Ironic, isn’t it)

    The Miami Team that got trounced by the Spurs have been called “scrubs”- only 3-4 players weren’t on this Heat team that went to 4-yes, FOUR- Straight NBA Finals……….. but that Cavs Team STILL doesn’t get Respect by being Swept by San Antonio with just 6 Points Total. the Spurs won by Double Digits and Miami only won Game 2 BY TWO behind LeBron’s 37 Points after the Cramp Game……

    IF LeBron Returns, I STILL don’t think the Cavs will win anything, but IF they do I’ll be Happy b/c my City will have Won SOMETHING in this Century.


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