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5 Phrases Women Use to Initiate Sex



There’s a misconception that men never turn down sex or that we’re horny all the time. From my experience, women are just as horny if not hornier most of the time than men. Not to mention they have just as much game to get the pipe, as you think you do to get the panties. Here’s a couple humorous phrases women use to initiate sex:

Lemme See It

She puts her hand on your manhood and it’s throbbing. She pretends she’s not going to do anything she just wants to see it. Go ahead and let her see it, then see what happens.

Lemme Kiss It

Now she sees it, she asks “Can I kiss it? That’s all I want to do.”. Because she knows if she kisses it, you’re going to want more. Rarely if ever has a man ever turned down head and even less than rarely what came after receiving head.

Just Stick It In

“Can you just stick it in?” This is pretty self-explanatory.

You Don’t Think I’m Attractive

This is that Jedi mind trick type sh*t. She knows damn well she’s attractive, because hopefully you don’t hang out with unattractive women.

What’s on Your Mind? or What You Thinking ‘Bout?

When they’re horny but don’t want to just outwardly say they are horny. They always ask you anticipating that you will just articulate it for them. Just hoping that you will have the same thing on your mind.

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Ladies, what things do you usually say when you’re horny yet trying to be discreet? Have you ever been denied sex by a man? Fellas, have you ever turned down a woman that wanted to have sex with you?

-TheSUNK.com(the Sh*t U Need 2 Know)

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    1. I think women stole that one from the strip club. Strippers always say that when I’m being stingy with the green.

      1. My boy Roudy goes in the strip club and tells the dancers “impress me! ” lol he don’t let go of the bread till they do

    2. Son, this makes me feel GUILTY. Gotta show her how you really feel after she hit you with this and the faux innocent face. #Rounds

  1. “Lemme See It” has to be the #1 Sure-Fire Proof phrase!!!!! Let’s just say College was Kind to be whenever that was said

    Now, “What’s on Your Mind? or What You Thinking ‘Bout?” is one I never thought of or put stock in. I’ll be sure to pay more attention to this and look for any body language

    1. So when you hear “What you thinking bout?” describe some old sex you had and watch how she sets up the perfect trap.

  2. Don’t forget the “you getting it someplace else” or “you ain’t ready” chick….combative, yet (sometimes) effective.

    I’ll politely decline some gush if I’m tired or i know its more trouble than its worth in the aftermath. Eventually meb get to a point where they realize they are not a 16 year old in heat anymore. When one can procure it when they want they don’t need to jump on every offer

  3. I for one have never heard any of those phrases as code. Usually when you hear 1-3, its pretty clear what she wants.

  4. I think you’re misreading “What’s on your mind/What are you thinking about?” I have asked this question in the past and never as a means of initiating sex. It probably means 1) he seems deep in thought/preoccupied and I want to know why or 2) there is something on MY mind (usually relationship related, nothing to do with sex) and I’d like to talk about it.

    1. Not really, why would you think of the instances of which the phrase didn’t lead to sex. If I’m only documenting the times I heard it when it did. If you’re man looks at you intently/lustfully and you say “what you thinking about?” and he says “you know what!” and it leads to sex- this applies. If you’re laying in bed with your man and you feel the tool on your back and you say with a smirk “what’s on your mind?” and you begin to spoon- this applies. Why mention anything else other than when it applies?

  5. This list was pretty basic. Whats number 6- “pull out your penis and insert it in my vagina”. If she says that she might be looking to get smashed lol

    1. The subtle approach. I always like to push it a little further and ask what do you miss/want? I need to hear those words

  6. Lady Im talking to right now, in she asks me “what are you doing on *insert day*”, or “what are you trying to get into”, those are her tell phrases. I usually respond with some variation of “you”, followed by some blatant nasty talk with more specifics and she’s ready and willing. To answer the other question, I turn down sexual advances OFTEN by my ex. She lives very close to me but I’ve been down that road before. I got a good woman and I’m not trying to ruin that. At 24, I realized that sometimes you just have to pass it up and think with the bigger head.

  7. It’s 2014…ladies I think its okay to be a little more direct. No need for the covert operations used to protect your fragile image *rolls eyes*

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