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Foul or Fair? Trey Songz’s new song and music video ‘Foreign’




Trey Songz has a new single and music video and it’s poised to stir up some controversy. Not many of us are surprised to see Trey Songz surrounded in a music video by scantily clad racially ambiguous women but you may be surprised by the lyrics of the song. A friend of mine sent me the music video on Youtube a few days ago and I knew almost immediately this would be bad for the business of Black men. Several comments on the video speak to the larger issue of loving your own.

Check out the video and let me know your thoughts.

– Dr. J


  1. It doesn’t bother me. I am a black woman and there were a couple of girls that seemed black and there was at least a dark skinned one. If Trey Songs wants to do a video about chopping down foreign ladies, why should I care?

    1. I’m with you on that I am a black woman and I actually love the song and the video is cute and I respected that he did a dark skinned black woman on there. If he like all kinds that’s good for him. IDC. I have this song and other trey songs new songs on my phone and this one is my favorite. Trust that truely confident black women won’t take offense becuase what a man that’s not dicking her down does with his penis and time doesn’t have no impact her life.

  2. See, this is where the Colorism beef jumps the shark-again. the Last Time this nonsens came up was with Pharrell’s album cover: the “Objectification of Women, especially Black Women” vs “No [Dark-Skinned] Black Women on the Cover”.

    NOW, the Garbage is that 1) SOME Black Women are not only “embracing the Swirl (Interracial Dating & Relationships) but Recommending Non-Black Men” AND 2) STILL calling BM Sell-Outs and Weak for even Liking the way Non-BW Look, let alone Dating/Marrying one.

    IDK how many times the Actual Stat has to be said but I’ll say it again- 89% of BM MARRY BW!!!! It’s a simple Google to find it but Hey, keeping up Colorism and Race Tensions seems to be the In-Thing to do, even in 2014 and with the Obamas in the White House, smh

  3. He had a bad chocolate chick in there so what is there to be mad about? And Im sure he did that on purpose to shut the haters up cause she got a lot of camera time.

  4. Well…it’s clear what type of women he’s not talking about. American Women. The other commenters missed that part. Yeah, she’s black but not American and most black people from other countries don’t refer to themselves as black anyway.

    1. Yea I recognized that he’s talking about non american women as well. The song is playful.fun cute sexy I love this damn song Ive been non stop playing this song for the past idk month+

  5. 1. Why did it take 2 minutes to get to the song
    2. Craving “exotic” women isn’t new, didn’t that Jason DeRulo dude top the charts with a song with the same theme
    3. Trey just gonna take R Kellys talk sanging style and run with it huh
    4 That blonde girl…..had an interesting face.

    1. This whole article was extra anyways because I saw nothing wrong with the song or video and he’s clearly.talking about he like women that aren’t american he didn’t say he likes women that aren’t black and that’s what the article is referring to as if black.women had an uproar when they saw this which is load of crap I been playing this damn song since it came out. I like be this damn song and the video and I’m black. This articles intention like a lot of media today is to make black.women look like they ready to start an argument over anything as if we all are just extra sensitive. This article needs to be pulled down immediately.

  6. Don’t see a problem…he was inclusive of the fact that black women can be foreign and exotic by including us….soooooooo, where’s the beef? Even gave 2 black women shine, light skin with the red shorts was bad, and chocolate was banging…so I’m unbothered.


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