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The NFL is (about to be) Back! The 3 Top Training Camp Headlines



By the end of the week, all NFL players will report to training camp (Get your official Training Camp gear!). For a lot of you, that means you made it through another football-less summer. Congratulations!

I won’t bother with my sure-to-be-wrong Super Bowl predictions…that comes later. For now, we’ll stick with the most interesting stories going into training camp. It’s been a few months since I’ve discussed the NFL, so let’s check in and see what’s been going on:

Buffalo has certified intrigue this season –


I’m as shocked as you are.

The Bills have made some splashy moves in the last couple drafts, and now have EJ Manuel (the QB no one thought would get drafted that high) paired with Sammy Watkins (the WR EVERYONE thought would go that high).

All of a sudden, Buffalo has an offense that could make some noise. In a division with shaky teams you don’t trust (Jets, Dolphins) and an incumbent you’re tired of rooting for or against (New England), the Bills might have enough to make the playoffs for the first time since 1999.

Actually, nevermind. This team hasn’t made the playoffs since Dr. Dre released an album. We’re still waiting on Detox and a Bills playoff appearance. Never a great team to pin your hopes to.

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Let’s all hope Watkins is Megatron Part 2. The Bills are still going 7-9.

Johnny Football –

Already owning the #1 selling jersey in the NFL, Johnny Money Manziel has brought every bit of star power to the Cleveland Browns that most predicted.

Now we wait to see if he can do it on the field.

So far, Money has been more famous for his vacations, Instagram page, and…um…alleged recreational activity than anything on the field. Chances are Money will keep partying. Whether he turns into Jim McMahon or Todd Marinovich remains to be seen.

I hope Manziel rides a cocaine slalom to the Hall of Fame. The self-importance of the NFL is annoying, and I love that he openly enjoys Las Vegas, bottle service, and his own celebrity.

Plus, Manziel, LeBron James, and Andrew Wiggins (for now) all in Cleveland? Let’s break that Cleveland curse!

Can Denver prop open Peyton Manning’s Championship Window? –


The Broncos were only 60 minutes from a Super Bowl last season, but by the end of the game, it felt like they missed the playoffs. Determined not to tweak a championship-level roster, the Broncos made changes all over the roster.

For all the additions made and money spent, Denver seems to be hinging a lot on Montee Ball.

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That’s a lot of pressure on Manning, right?

Now, 606 points scored last season, mostly on the arm of Manning, but we saw that offense stopped in its tracks against the Seahawks last year. Most teams won’t be able to stop the Broncos’ offense, but it seems like Denver ended up right where they started. They’ll still be vulnerable to a team with elite defense and capable offense like, say, the Seattle Seahawks (again) or San Francisco 49ers.

Either way, it’ll be fun to watch.

That’s what I’m looking forward to as training camps open all over the country. Well, that and NFL Hard Knocks with the Atlanta Falcons (starts August 5th by the way!).

What are you looking forward to this season? Seattle returned most of the players that matter. Can they repeat? Will Dallas have a winning record this season?

Hit the comments and let me know!


  1. …couldn’t help yourself, could you? You had to throw a Dallas question in there huh?
    …and it begins…the campaign to make Dallas relevant in the offseason. The “Jerry machine” has tentacles even at SBM

    1. LOL! I wish I knew Jerry. I’d get him to pay off my Sallie Mae debt.

      Tell you the truth, in researching the post, I saw that the ‘Boys are 8-8 the last three seasons. You think of them as mediocre, then you see it play out since 2011. Somehow I had forgotten that. So it got a footnote.

  2. Even though I’m born and raised Californian I am a BIG Greenbay Packers fan, last season was so tough to watch I just need my team, yes my team…..to be healthy and remain healthy with no injuries this season.

    1. Always seems like injuries hold the Packers back. I picked them to win it all last season based on the crazy number of injuries they had in 2012. Figured that couldn’t happen again. Figured wrong, lol.

      I’d say good luck, but I’m a Lions fan so…

  3. Knowshon finally had a breakout year and Denver let him go. Which is unfortunate, considering his current status. I’ll wait until after camp to judge Montee Ball. Broncos will be alright w/out Decker, but if their running game struggles, their season is pretty much left up to both Thomas receivers and Matt Prater’s leg.

    As a Giants fan, I’m curious about who will be our #2 receiver and David Wilson keeping the ball in his hands. Seattle will be back in the Superbowl and Dallas will Dallas.

  4. How did ATL get Hard Knocks over “Money” Manziel???? J/K, but on the real as the (Un)Official Resident Cleveander Commenter of SBM, I see the Browns going at LEAST 6-10, the Most 7-9 but that’s about it.

    I Agree with the Broncos’ prediction, except I feel San Fran brings out the best in Seattle. Denver can beat them b/c the 49ners’ D is not the Legion of Boom.

    Buffalo has Improved, but that division will always belong to New England until Tom Brady retires, the Patriots lose more ppl to injuries (Gronk, Revis, Amidolla, etc) OR, the Jets get crazy with Geno & Vick at 100%.

    * Miami will do Poorly- I got No Faith in Tanehill whatsoever

    1. The 49ers have been to the Conference Championship three years in a row and the Super Bowl once. We will have no further comment until we hear from the fans of the other NFL team that has done the same in recent years.

      1. They lost to the Giants (CC), lost to Baltimore (SB) and lost to Seattle (CC). Heck, Detroit Pistons of the NBA went to 7- (Not 1, Not 2, Not 3…. I had to go there)- Seven CCs and ONLY won 1 NBA Title in that span.

        Gotta get over the hump and Win the Big One, Dr. J

  5. History says the Bills cant possibly stink this long, when you’re getting at least two top 40 prospects every year eventually they gotta be something. Even the Browns made the playoffs with Kelly Holcomb as their QB

    Speaking of Browns, Hoyer/Johnny Turnup is going to play out like Smith/Kaepernick just far far far less successful. Kinda ironic how Cleveland praises LeBron coming home but ready to dismiss one of their own for Manziel. *insert Kermit meme*

    Like my Patriots, I’m just blindly writing Peyton for at least 11 wins and playoff berth. Like Jahlil Okafor I’m going to say they’re one and done.

    Every year i say Antonio Romo is going to win the NFC East and a playoff game… Every year I’m wrong. This year, I’m……going down with the ship.


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