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Stephen A. Smith, Beta Testing Marriage, and More


stephen a. smith
Struggling through extreme amounts of fatigue, Rich and WIM discuss a new tv show (not their tv show), WifeSwap, old man mortality, Rich’s shocking revelations from exercise (more like painful) and a new perspective on life brought to him by a family member, the questionable poor door building in NYC, Stephen A. Smith’s comments and DV, why networking doesn’t work for some people, and more. **Don’t forget to leave us a five-star review on iTunes and/or Stitcher!**

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The Poor Door

The OKCupid Experiment

8 Reasons Your Network Isn’t Growing Quickly Enough


  1. I just turned 26 so lets see if i can remember to comment everything without having taken notes or anything

    1. Plaxico Burress was a stay at home deadbeat Dad, i don’t know how he even pulled that off.
    2. I think all men have the ego they can just do anything if they tried…i started running again after taking the winter off and i was humbled. quickly.
    3. The “poor door” could’ve been more subtle, had they reserved the front for VIPs or something this is a non story
    4. I think you both navigated the “Steven A Jackson” story well, to Rich’s point these types of topics are always divided into extremes to the point its almost impossible to have a middle position without one side or the other making the extreme case. For example, Beadle implied sexual assault then RTed all the hate she got so even if u kinda got Smith’s point..do u really wanna be associated with THAT side)

    1. 5. Networking is all about impressions, you do anything that makes a bad impression you’re not going to prosper. Some people are just oblivious to the impressions they give off, others are so worried about it that they fail to make one at all (something i need to do better at). these are the breaks
      6. To quote the late great Pimp C “pimpin aint dead it just moved to the web”, it’s so much easier to Carpe DM than approach a woman i think eventually men are going to tire of it.


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