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Worst Things You Can Do During Oral Sex



Oral sex is a sensitive topic; some people love it, some people just do it, and some people hate it. Whatever category you may fall in, here are a few of the worst things you can do during oral sex:


Rushing has to be one of the most blasphemy things you can do during oral sex. Asking “Did you cum yet?” in some irritated voice kills the mood instantly. Nothing is better than getting oral sex and being able to enjoy it for extended periods of time without any pressure. Pressure during sex is a straight turn off. Sex is suppose to be fun, especially oral.

Act Like You Don’t Want to Do It

If you don’t want to do it, then don’t. And if you still decide to do it, please don’t do so in a manner that your partner can tell. A complainer might be worse than a spitter. Nothing makes a woman dry or a man shrivel up faster, than wack and unenthusiastic head.

Try Too Many Techniques

Some people are overenthusiastic and switch up the techniques too much during oral. They change rhythm so much you never can really savor and enjoy what their doing. They don’t find something that works and stick to it. They do so many different things you can never truly vibe with them. Tell ’em to slow down and take your time- it’s not rocket science.

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Be Completely Silent

Oral sex is the only time you should be talking with your mouth full. Oral sex is a mind game just as much as it’s technique, passion, and intuitiveness. Talk to your lover. Even muffled sentences can be the sh!t that takes your oral sex to the next level.

What’s the worse thing someone has ever done while they gave you oral? Who commits more of these oral sex crimes men or women?

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  1. Another thing…constantly critiquing your partner negatively. There are ways to say what you want. Telling her she straight up “You need to learn how to suck d!#%.” isn’t it. She’ll feel less than and completely unmotivated to please you.

  2. I’m not big on head, and when i tell women that they take it as a challenge and overexert themselves like they’re eating ice cream thru a straw

    1. dude, I feel the same way. If she doesn’t like and doesn’t do it well, the 2 generally go hand in hand, we can just pass on it, cause it will literally SUCK [no pun intended] anyway. LOL

  3. “Try Too Many Techniques”

    You hit the nail on the head…pun intended.

    Nothing worse than the self proclaimed ‘expert pleasure giver’ being all too eager to show off their skill by giving over the top (and oftentimes unnecessary) sexual performances that leave much to be desired. Great sexual stimulation is based on focused consistent stimulation with well timed variations. Not cheap parlor tricks that are all over the place. #ImproperTechniques

    Mr. SoBo

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  4. What’s the worse thing someone has ever done while they gave you oral?

    1) Staring unblinkingly into the other’s eyes. #ThatSh*tIsCreepy

    2) Excessive use of saliva or excessive spitting <– There is a fine line between erotic and gross. There are those that go waaay overboard with the saliva believing it is erotic. Nothing sexy about genitalia drenched in foamy… well you get the point.

    Mr SoBo

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  5. The worse is a partner who doesn’t listen.

    The 2nd worse is a man pushing the skeleton of his face into my very sensitive pelvic area…. SMH. It’s especially worse if he has a 5 o’clock shadow. That scruffiness scratching into my skin is horrible! Bottom line, more tongue less face!

    Take your own advice & keep teeth to yourself!

    DON’T spit a big lougie on me! You are not the Star in a Porn movie.

    Not wash your Butt! Please clean it. Dudes talk about rank ladies, but ya’ll stank too.

  6. scraping, staying on the head itself too long, and just flat out being immature about it. It’s apart of sex and the bottom line is, if you don’t want to do it to your man someone else will, same goes the brothers too….unless she doesn’t want it, if you don’t do it, believe me she’ll find someone, and he’ll end up doing more than that too.


  7. As with all crafts, you just have to love it first and foremost. Everything else falls into place after that. I’ve experienced some of the best head of my life from women who (supposedly) had very limited experience. What they lacked in experience they made up for in enthusium. You know she loves her craft when she moaning through it like you in there giving her the strokes. Ladies, if you don’t already, just try moaning while you in the act. See what happens.


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