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The Idris Elba Effect: How She Determines If You Have Good D



In recent light of the frenzy caused by Idris Elba’s Crotch picture, I felt it was good to revamp this post about women’s love and judgement of the love below. This blog is for the fellas that don’t know how women determine good and bad D. Some of you guys are walking around here completely oblivious to the wack D your bragging about, while your girl is somewhere else admiring another package. Ask yourself fellas- “Am I Good in Bed?” Life would be so much easier if you could without a shred of doubt, that’s why theSUNK is here. So pop the top:

The first is length. Women need a good length(round bout 7 in. and up) so they can ride it how they want, without you slipping out. They want to be sure that you can hit every spot and scratch every itch. Even if the length isn’t practical, women think it’s a turn on when look at the slugger. Does size matter? Yes, so stop asking that dumb question.

If length is the first, than width is of the most importance. Thickness reigns supreme. Skinny D is the most shunned of all. Being big or thick is just considered more masculine. If you’ve never seen the look on a woman’s face when you drop the thick monster out of the boxers, it’s nothing that can be explained. I could explain it to you, but it’s a secret between me and your girlfriend, just kidding… Women liked to be fulfilled and filled until there’s nothing left. A combination of length and width ensures that.

Having a curve isn’t a must but when you do have it, it’s the icing on the cake. Where she wants you to curve is all up to interpretation; to the right, left, down, or up… Some chicks dig D that curves downwards for doggystyle. Others like the ones that curve up for missionary. However, the curve can make a chick wear that devilish grin that bad children have when they’ve something wrong.

Does it really matter how great and big your D is if you can’t last? If you lack self-control, it makes you look weak. You talk all this sh*t for a 2-minute pump session- what a let down…If you are big and didn’t last, please believe your size will be the furthest from the list of things she tells her girlfriends. You have to make her tap out, it’s absolutely necessary. If she doesn’t fall asleep, you’ll have an awkward morning.

Skill/Understand Her Wants
You know what’s worse than a man that can’t last? It’s a man that doesn’t understand when sex is supposed to end. This is all tied up into skill. You can’t have a good D and lack skill. You have to understand what your partner wants and how to deliver it. You should know if she likes it rough. You should know if she wants to be romanced. You should be a great listener, which is the first step to being a great lover. Sh*t, tease her every now and then. Here’s how

Acoustics(Men Should Know What to Say During Sex
So you slangin’ the good D, but you messed up the mood because you don’t know how to say the right things.If she wants you to shut up and just lay it down- well do that. If you never seem to say the right thing. Quiet good D will always outshine annoying good D. The express lane to a woman’s panties is her mind, if you have the gift of gab making her cum is easy. If you have size, stamina, good D, then saying all the right things will take her over the edge. However, if you don’t have the right things to say just be quiet and/or groan…fake it til she makes it.

Ladies, what’s your input? Was there anything I left out? Did this help, fellas?


  1. I completely agree! I’ve had big D with a dude who didn’t know how to work it and average size D which was amazing!! Stamina makes a huge difference!!

        1. Yo sexual stamina has nothing to do with athletic stamina, whole different ball game. No pun intended.

        2. Lol, but I think the two are related, a matter of knowing how to marry the two for everyone’s benefit and enjoyment.

        3. From my “observation,” there is a GREAT positive connect between the gym and a gem. And no gym time, and no gem….

          So finding that one exception of a guy who can barely walk a mile (unless it’s for mcdonalds) turn into a “rod of Thunder” elsewhere, must be like the “white unicorn” Twitter women that TGOS talks about: highly fabled but never seen in action….

  2. Life does seem to come at you fast when you start to approach the precipice, but I have one word for that: Edging. No shame to it, you gotta train yourself to achieve the mastery to really go the distance, especially when you come into contact with women who have some bomb P (Ladies, they are ABSOLUTELY not created equally, sorry). You don’t wanna be that guy who couldn’t handle her blessings because sometimes, you only gonna get one shot.

  3. I’m a multi-round pleaser and intentive learner when it comes to Skills; as far as Acoustics go- i’m no Wesley Pipes but I do like feedback if I’m pushing the right buttons or hitting the right spots. Kegels are a Mutha with a Woman who knows how to use them.

  4. Interesting list.

    From conversations I’ve had with a myriad of women, length carries more of an aesthetic appeal while girth on the other hand takes the cake in providing the physical pleasure a woman craves. Yes, length is important too, as having a rather thick, yet stubby member isn’t going to get the job done. But an average length “rod of righteousness” with a slightly more than average girth will undoubtedly possess more potential to stimulate her love canal than an extremely long and slender one.

    In the end, size does matter but up to a point. Unless it is disastrously small or too large, the majority of the pleasure rests in the man’s ability to wield his rod in a pleasing fashion. Couple that with great foreplay, close attention being paid to her cues, perfectly timed erotic talk, and he can surely knock it out the ballpark with his frankfurter. That is unless the woman he is with is so fixated on his ‘unimpressive’ member that she would rather revel in disappointment than allow herself to truly enjoy the experience.

    My advice to men: Be proud of what you have. You can’t do sh*t about the anatomy. Its the ONLY one you will ever have, so you can either b*tch about it and buy products hoping to enhance yourself, or you can focus on building your confidence around it by learning how to use and hone your blessing in a skillful way.

    Besides, good chex isn’t just about stroke game. Good chex is about the entire sexual experience you bring to that woman. Blow her f*cking mind and you will see how easy her body follows in kind.

    Mr. SoBo

    Latest post: “What Really Makes A Woman Attractive?”

  5. Every D is not equal simply because they compare in shape or size. Girth is far more important than length. Nothing wrong with an average length… Skill level is of the utmost importance. Learning how to control and/or utilize it to the best potential to bring a little bit of pain with massive amounts of pleasure is mind blowing. The secret is in the suspense of teasing and taunting with kisses, touches, foreplay…especially if you lack “O” control. Lucky for all it can be learned/developed. Men just need to listen better and pay close attention to her reactions when she’s not saying a word; facial distortions, slight tensing, moans, increased moisture, etc… The absolute worse is a selfish lover ignoring your desires. The 2nd most worse is no control. Once a Dude exploded in his pants during foreplay….wha??? The worse!

  6. I can tell by the confidence, even if it’s a quiet confidence, almost like he has a secret that he knows you will love. Too big is actually a turn off. And talk dirty to me.


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