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5 Things Feminists Love About Men



As a feminist, I am here to extend the olive branch to men. Maybe sometimes you don’t hear enough from feminist women how much we truly admire, respect, love, and appreciate you. I know feminism got a bad rap as being about bashing men, or taking over mankind like the aliens in a science fiction movie. But feminism is inclusive, not exclusive, because equality is a human rights issue. Inequality affects men and women, boys and girls. So on behalf of feminists, here are 5 things we love about men

Your Courage

When you defend your woman, be it your wife, mother, daughter, relative, friend, or stranger in the street, you are being brave. It could be calling out a sexist joke in a group of men, or stepping in to ask a woman that’s being catcalled in the street if she’s okay. That takes guts. There is a lot of pressure that comes with being a man; the pressure to succeed, the pressure to keep it together, to be confident…. the list goes on. And it’s definitely not easy bending the code of man. So when you are willing to go out on a limb for us, it’s truly courageous.

Your Leadership

When you speak up for our honor, you are being a leader among men. When you are willing to call out the bad behavior of other men who abuse women and children, you are being a cutting edge man. A leader is when you build new pathways for others to follow. When you stand with us, not against us, you do so to the benefit of mankind, and by extension, humankind.

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Your Respect

Knowing in your heart that we females are equal to you males as human beings, you respect us. When you are willing to see women as human beings, sharing the same planet, and let go of the sexism that doesn’t make sense anymore, you can respect us. Respect, by the way, is the cornerstone of truly honest, loving, authentic relationships between men and women.

Your Kindness

Being kind to women is when your masculine strength truly shines. It can be little, like opening the door for us, or visiting your mother, or buying flowers for your wife. Kindness is being an all around gentleman. Chivalry is not dead! It is alive and well within everyone. Rescuing this tradition requires effort, but the rewards are tenfold.

Your Love

The love you store in your heart for all the women who have touched your lives; your mother, grandma, sister, daughter, wife, auntie, lover, teacher, friend…the torch of love you carry in your heart for us burns bright. It is the greatest of all; it fuels your courage, leadership, respect, and kindness for us. When you love us, you unleash the goddess within us, and we soar to the heavens. Better yet, we create heaven on earth. So cheers to the new wave of feminists: you wonderful men!

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Jennifer Victory

Jennifer Victory is an author, radio host, and dating expert. Her goal is to create a supportive experience to help women and men avoid bad dating experiences and seek to understand each other’s needs in relationships. Guests of her show Seduce Smart have included New York Times best-selling authors John Gray, Arielle Ford, Steve Santagati, Allan Pease, Robert Greene, and Oscar-nominated director Dana Adam Shapiro.


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  1. Overall I like this but this causes trouble on so many levels:

    “Knowing in your heart that we females are equal to you males as human beings, you respect us.”———- This gets thrown around a lot until particular topics and issues arise then we aren’t equals

  2. I don’t give feminists a bad rap anymore. I simply learned the difference between those who advocate feminism and those that preach misandry. Personally, I believe everyone should just focus on becoming more egalitarian.

  3. In other words, a man is his greatest and most desirable when his existence is to serve the benefit of women. Not demonstration of courage leadership, respect, kindness and love to ALL (men, women & children alike)….just those humans born with lady parts.

    I see.

    If that is type of self-serving, conditional love feminists have to offer, then I will gladly bathe in the waters of their hate.

    Mr. SoBo


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