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Men and women approach things totally different, one of the biggest areas we approach differently is business. Recently, I was discussing with a woman I was dating a business idea. She was enthusiastic about the ideas I had that built upon something she was doing that she knew had legs, but hadn’t made profitable. She wanted me to volunteer my services and time to make it profitable, but I believed that I should be compensated. She disagreed. So I started to think about the proper way to start a business with a partner and why they should be compensated monetarily:

The Idea is Free But the Work Isn’t

When you pillow-talk, have dinner, and spend a lot of time with someone you two can usually come with plenty of ideas that could be profitable, if you put in the work or effort. People come up with golden ideas all the time, but lack the ability to work and execute them. That being said, when you’re tossing around business plans with a beau, they shouldn’t be compensated just for leisurely talking. However, if they start to put in work with you and make that dream a reality they should enjoy the spoils with you.

It Keeps the Business from Spoiling the Romance

When you pay someone that you’re dating it keeps that business relationship completely business. Therefore, if they under-perform you can correct them in a business appropriate way. If you don’t keep it strictly business, it can spill over into your romantic life. Payment or compensation keeps the relationship honest. Compensation makes the expectations concrete, which can then be handle completely separate from the romance. Money keeps the business from taking a toll on the romantic relationship.

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It Shows That You Appreciate Their Work and/or Expertise

By paying your lover, it shows that you truly do appreciate their expertise. Sometimes when you date someone that does work for pay like a lawyer, you inherently think that the information they give you is lover’s free. But it’s not, it’s their expertise. It’s something that they put time into learning and by paying them it shows that you respect the time that it took to gain the knowledge that they’re now sharing with you. It shows that you find their thoughts and efforts valuable. Thank you’s, hugs, and kisses are fleeting. But when you compensate them, it makes it real.

You Plan Strictly Business-Wise for the Romantic Moments That Challenge You Guys the Most

Plans are put in place for the unforeseen future. Say you guy’s relationship is rocky but the business you started together is booming or vice-versa. When those challenging moments come, the plan is what keeps you progressing. The plan keeps stress from taking a strain on your business and romantic relationship. With a business plan or model you know your worth and it won’t be questioned in the present because of unforeseen stress. The structure you put in place in the past guides your future and saves your present.

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Being in business with your beau, girlfriend, or spouse can be tricky, but not when you respect one another and put rules in place. Being concrete and succinct in the beginning before diving head first into business with one another can save you in the long run. Getting paid with the person you love sounds like a great idea and it is, when you plan correctly.

Have you ever started a business with a significant other? Did it go according to plan? Which sex do you think can separate business and love better?

-TheSUNK.com(the Sh*t U Need 2 Know)

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  1. I’ve done it before and will NEVER do it again. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of problems it caused.

  2. I think it can be done as long as there is a strict understanding in the beginning, setting up certain boundaries…I would even go as far as a signing of some type of contract if I feel like this business can work. At the end of the day you know who you can work well with and who you can’t. Everyone has a strength, its best to make sure that you figure out what your partners strengths are 1st. Lets be honest how far do you think you would go working with someone who was just as head strong, stubborn and unwilling to compromise as you are? Not very far…. In every every relationship/friendship at some point and time people always think that they give more then the other person why would it be any different in a business? Some of this stuff you should already know its going to be expected but if you handle it correctly it should all work out.
    I’m always about going against the grain, society has so much to say on what WE cant do..don’t go into business with friends, family, lovers…men and women can’t just be friends I mean the list goes on and on…I don’t know who would be able to separate business and pleasure better it all comes down to who you’re dealing with. As far as me I am real quick to shut off all business talk after 4pm my office hours are from 7am – 4pm Mon – Fri


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