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The Jill Scott Nude Mishaps: Sexting and What You Should Know Before You Press Send


IMG_3292.PNG First of all, I’m pretty sure my boo Jill Scott wasn’t sexting, because that would mean she was cheating on me with some other guy because these pictures are new to me and I mean we share everything together.  She was most likely just showing her weight-loss to a couple of her BFFs via Group Me or something- no harm in that. However let’ just say she was sexting and I was trying to give the voluptous songtress some advice on how not to get caught.

Sexting can either enhance your sex life or destroy it along with your public persona. If you’re going to get in this sexting game you gotta do it right. To avoid sexting altogether proves somewhat daunting, because who doesn’t like to give or receive pictures specifically tailored for them. For the most part women are the givers of sexts and men are the receivers, so it is only right that this post will focus on women. This is the Sh!t U Need 2 Know Before You Press Send:

Know who your sexting and know who you’re dealing with. This sounds simple but everyday a woman gets uploaded onto the internet to be humiliated or to go unaware of her internet fame. Don’t send pictures to a guy that you barely know. Why? Well, because you barely f^cking know him. This will prove to be hard, since most women can be in a long term relationship with a man for years and still not know him. However, if you don’t know him and you’re just fiening to show him how good you look when you get out the shower or want to show off those new nipple rings then go to the next rule…

Either Face or Body Not Both
This is an OG move, if someone asks for a picture send them a pic of your face. If they want something a little freakier, send them a picture of your body without your face attached. But never both in the same picture; only idiots, strippers, and have-nots send both within the same picture. You can have fun through sexting without ruining your personal and romantic life forever, you just have to be clever.

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No Identifying Properties
Tattoos, birthmarks, jewelry, school/work trademarked things, and/or house backgrounds are not permissible. Even if you didn’t put your face in a sext, some people will go to amazing lengths to identify you in a sext. Not as many women have a cupcake tattooed on their butt as you may think. How many chicks with a booty as fat as yours volunteered at *insert organization* last summer? Exactly. Take anything that is specfic to you out of that picture.

Be the Best That You Can Be
So you gotta include your face in the pic, because you didn’t want to take my advice. Well if you are gonna put your face in the pic, make that pic the sexiest sext that you could possibly send. Nobody wants to be in the twitterverse as the next joke or trending topic. Make it look like you intended to be on the internet and own that picture. The best way to combat negative publicity is to own it like you did it on purpose.

The Sextually Bartering System
The S.B.S. is when you have a guy or girl send a picture that is equally incriminating as the picture you intend to send. If you send your twat with your face in it, he sends the same type of picture. If he ever outs you on the internet, you got the same ammunition to embarrass him. A trade for a trade; guys usually get defensive when you ask for pictures in return. However don’t let that detour you, keep it on the same playing field. Don’t let him get an advantage.Hopefully, you learned something today.

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How do you feel about sexting? Is the fun worth the potential downfalls? Have you ever had a bad experience sexting? Do you have any tips for sexting?

-TheSUNK.com(the Sh*t U Need 2 Know)
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  1. Sexting is fine and I agree with everything stated above…Im not big on sending photos in general I absolutely hate being asked for a photo after just meeting a guy if you can’t remember what I look like your just a waste of my time. Some men are getting real bold these days and just sending raunchy pics just because its Tuesday which is another thing I don’t like especially if we’re not even on a level where you can send me photos like that. My photos if anything never show my face and I angle myself because I do have distinctive tattoos and if my face happens to be in it even just a little bit I always do the implied shot (learned that from modeling) and I play with the edit button (not photo shopping) but with colors and effects.

  2. I USED to Sext, and I followed every rule stated in this article. Now, as a Parent to a Little Girl who likes to Use my phone to play games I can’t do that anymore

  3. Sexting in a “defined” committmented relationship is cool but no matter what, I agree that you should never show both face and body and distingushing marks. You never know he may get a hold of the pics or if the relationship turns left, they could be held against you.

  4. Its alot of women that I have met and not known for even a week would want to sext with me. I have to explain to them im not into that especially if I dont know you but they still send there anyway. I delete them anyway out of respect but of course I look first lol.

  5. Sexting is definitely in our era. But you have to be prepared with the consequences. Can’t you just use Snapchat? You share the viewer sees and it is removed, right? I’ve never been the one to initiate sexting, but you have to put in time for that. There’s a ton of people who waste no time in sexting. That’s their choice. I’m patient.


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