Home Entertainment Is Nick Cannon Right to Rant on Twitter about His Marriage?

Is Nick Cannon Right to Rant on Twitter about His Marriage?



Nick Cannon took to Twitter to address rumors about his marriage. He says he’s never made a statement to anyone or any news source about his marriage. Which is confusing because this Twitter rant is addressing the rumors about his marriage which makes that a little contradictory. Anyway, read the rant for yourself here:

Do you think Nick Cannon was right to address the rumors surrounding his marriage or should have just kept his “big mouth shut” as he once said? You know… like back when he called out the women in his past he considers the best in bed? Comment below.


  1. He took the Pete Pan complex to a whole new level but he was Restrained to say at least what he tTweeted. He’s not a Young Guy anymore, and Mariah merely wanted to Settle Down with her Kids and Millions WITH her Husband…….Nick just Can’t for whatever reason and thus he is in Divorce Proceedings.
    Shouting Out who were Good in Bed is part of that Can’t Grow Up issue he has….. Oh Well


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