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6 Random Things Women Do to Show You They Love You


There are just some random things women do to show their love for us that we take for granted or just don’t notice. This is just a short ode to the cute dope things that the women beside us do to show their affection, here’s my list:

She Needs That “I’m Going to Work” Kiss

Once I was dating a woman that insisted that I give her a “goodbye kiss” before I left for work. Being the nonchalant guy that I am- I could care less whether I got a kiss or not, but that wasn’t her style. A woman that loves you wants that last kiss before you go out and face the world. Hopefully, she’ll comment on how good you smell and look, with an accompanying “I love you.”

She’ll Get Tested with You

A down chick doesn’t make getting tested seem like a challenge to you. She’ll offer to accompany you to the doctor and get tested together. An even downer chick is also prepared for whatever results may come or may not back. She has the best interest of each party in mind. She wants your health to be on par to create a secure future with her man.

She Wants to Groom You

Sometimes it’s as simple as combing your beard or as gross as popping a pimple. From clipping your finger nails to lotioning your back. Women like to help you deal with the most intimate parts of your being, just because they care.

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She Says Slightly Psychotic Jealous Statements Every Once and Awhile

Oh so you’re going to the club tonight? With a smile she’ll say “Just make sure these thirsty b*tches keep their hands to themselves, I don’t want to have to f*ck anyone up. Love you bae.”

She’ll Just Stare at You

You’re driving and you’ll look over and her eyes are already on you. You’re laying in bed and she’s just rubbing and gazing at your face and chest. She adores you. Turn at her and do the same.

Sometimes She Just Doesn’t Want You to Pull Out

Ya’ll are as thick as thieves and ya’ll share everything with one another. You guys are intimacy personified. Sometimes when you’re making love, she goes crazy for a split second and believes she wants to bear your child, exclaiming an excited and airy “Leave It In Bae”.

Ladies, what are some things that you do to show your man you love him? Fellas, any random things your girl or exes do/did to show affection? What does your partner say is a loving behavior that you don’t like?

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  1. Everything except the tested part my ex-fiancee did. For the “leave it in” part- BC was always a must or else it as condoms every time

  2. I have one such woman. I especially love it when she says those semi-psycho jealous statements. The hello and goodbye kisses are always something I look forward to. Hold up, let me call this woman right quick 😀

  3. definitely have heard the slightly psychotic statements before heading out with the fellas…LOL!

    i was very standoffish when it came to grooming, but now that I think about it going forward i may be open to having my lady groom me *crosses fingers*

    And quite opposite I love staring at the woman I am with. Call me weird. So what. I love doing it. Great post!

  4. I don’t know if I would call it grooming, but I love touching him. I rub his head and face (like you would a baby) at night when were in bed. It used to annoy him at first but after awhile he got used to it that if I didn’t do it he’d place my hands on his face so I would until he went to sleep. I love giving him massages. He never has to pull out, he can stay in as long as he wants. I love staring at him especially when he’s sleeping. My man feels good, smells good and taste good. I love him.


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