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Does Iggy Azalea Really Have The Body That ALL Men Love?


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Check out this excerpt from an article I recently came across below:

Thinking about how much attention my family member gained from the guys who’d enter her restaurant made me focus on what they found attractive about Iggy Azalea body shape. She regaled me with stories about how the men would start out acting like gentlemen, but after the liquor flowed and they began openly flirting with her in front of their own girlfriends, jealousy and anger arose.

For one thing, she’s pretty tall and quite lean, with very long legs and a high rear end. Her mom used to sing a little ditty that rhymed her name along with a “big fanny” phrase, but her bottom isn’t nearly as wide as some famous ladies you see in the media these days.

“Your waist-to-hip ratio is amazing,” one radio guy recently told Iggy Azalea, leaving me to research the popular rapper’s height and weight. According to various Google results, Iggy is my height — around five feet, ten inches — and while I’ve hovered around 160 pounds lately, Iggy is approximately 132 pounds, so says the Internet “scuttlebutt,” pun intended.

Such wonderings about hip-to-waist ratio even had me performing more in-depth research. I learned, without even realizing it, males tend to prefer a woman whose waist size is about 70 percent of her hip size. That means a 28-inch waist supposedly looks nice and boss with 40-inch hips.

This is because males have a primordial sense that they want to choose a woman who would have no problem birthing their children. A waist that’s 70 percent the size of a woman’s hips must spell the perfect “child-birthing hips,” according to science. I blame these scientific findings for the surge in women buying waist trainers and corsets to trim their middles — a phenomenon we can see being chronicled via Instagram photos all the time.

The whole article is here.

My short list of initial observations for Iggy Azalea body shape:

  1. Why did they choose Iggy as the example? Did they learn nothing from Vogue?
  2. So does this mean, I’m predisposed to like a girl with a big butt and a smile? Are these the only beauty paradox?
  3. People keep accusing Iggy of having a fake ass but I really think the fact that she’s 5’10” has more to do it with it than anything.
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Nonetheless, what are your thoughts on the “body that all men love”?


  1. She has a nice manufactured body…. She’s just a skinny chick with fat injections strategically placed to give her hips/arse….

  2. she has a nice body… no hate or judgement… she isn’t bony, nor is she phat… she’s just got a nice figure for her. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t look or at least introduce myself if I was still single. Her body is right for her.

    Now, is she the definition of “new b00ty”? GT FOH… no… but she’s got it in the right places for her.

  3. I’ve seen Better-Looking Women-White & Black- than Iggy. From video vixens to adult film stars to Women from and in college (Howard U), they ALL look better. Same for Nikki Minaj.
    I’m not impressed with her. At All

  4. I hope you are being sarcastic… lol..I remember her before she was signed to TI label and before she was popular… she had a bootleg video on youtube with Tiny (Deebo form Friday) in it and she didnt have all that…. no shade zone… If I had $5 extra dollars Id get some extra azz too… lol

    1. yeah because if you know anything about clothes and how producers will set up a music video if they wanted to hide her butt they can. i’m not being sarcastic. it’s just an easy cop out to say her butt is fake when it’s really not. I can show you a million videos of J. Lo or any other celeb that you think has a above average sized butt that will look compromised in certain situations. I think people need to stop hiding behind the defense mechanism that “it’s fake” and just admit that there are some people who have larger than average derrieres.

      sorry to bust your bubble and I really don’t care whether it is fake or not but in this case, it’s important to note that it’s not fake and that point that’s made by several women is pulling away from things. it’s also false.

  5. I saw a before and after of her and you can tell she has had work. Still she is nothing special. Would I touch her? Yes, but no relationship.

  6. No, call me old school but women should be natural. She got surgery to compete with the Nicki’s and Draya’s, like Kwazi Style said “a nice manufactured body”.
    It looks good but i do wonder will it be stiff, does it deflate over time and need re-plumping every now and then O_o She’s pretty much a black girl dipped in cream. Some pics i double take thinking its just a really light skinned black girl because she darkens some of them to look tanned.

  7. What I want to know is when is it all gonna end? It seems like everyone has done something to themselves; either fat injections (in just about every inch imaginable of a woman’s body), fake skin (color), hair, teeth, eyes (mostly color), nails, eyelashes, nose, cheek bones…I’m getting exhausted just naming everything. Is this gonna be the new standard of what is beautiful? It seems the message we are sending young girls is that it is ok to enhance yourself surgically cause you will get attention and men will flock to you. Great message to send young ladies who are already battling so many insecurities!!


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