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I Don’t Need This Ish! [Podcast]



Rich and WIM discuss strains and pains of age and over-aggressive workout regimens, a listener response to a topic from last week’s episode, Black-ish (somewhat), a humorous socia media exchange, Raven Symone’s comments, raw sex leading to genetic carryover, a listener question on why men come back, their views on professional next steps, sh*t men don’t think they need that they actually do, and more. Rich also tries something new in The Hustle. **Learn how to leave us a review by going here**

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  1. Raven – i agree with y’all…in the end, i dont care how she wants to see herself, whatever makes her happy…but WIM does bring up a point…minorities who bring up “not being seen as their race” may have something to do with being black in america? or the pervasive attitude/biases against being ‘black in america’?

    good back and forth on the passion vs. stability…good show y’all *salute*

    1. Appreciate the support! And interesting addition re: “black in america.” Do you mean stuff like implied laziness, not being as talented, etc.?

      1. ok, this may be a reach…

        but considering this is happening to (relatively) young, rich black folk, that see the pervasive stereotypes about black folks being passed on via media day by day, maybe having to answer to (or fit) those stereotypes by the majority (whites) has gotten to be a bit tiring?

        ahh in other words, taken raven for example, her world as someone who’s rich, is totally different, and probably has been different since she was…3? and the people that exist in her world as a woman of color in america, see how blacks act in (news/sports/tv) media and wonder why she doesn’t act like that?

        or maybe she feels like she’s the representative of blackness in her word, and she’s tired of it?

        i dunno, i ain’t her, i just hope she’s happy lol.


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