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25 Things Every Black Woman Should Know How to Cook



Curry Chicken by theSUNK
Food prepared and photographed by theSUNK.

To pick up where Amir’s dope response post ‘The Problem with the ‘Can You Cook?’ Debate’ left off, here is a theSUNK classics called ’25 Things Ever Black Woman Should Know How to Cook’. Read this list, practice it, be fruitful and multiply:

1. Homemade Mac’ n Cheese

not runny, nice and thick

2. Meatloaf with Mash Potatoes and Gravy(Homemade)

a hearty meal for a hard working man, hopefully you have one

3. A Good Steak

I generally think it’s the man’s responsibility to cook the steak, but f*ck it you can learn

4. Smothered Chicken

watch him slide under the covers later after you’ve made this right

5. Good Fluffy Grits, Eggs, and/or Rice

breakfast isn’t complete without them

6. Homemade Chicken Soup

What if he or the kids get sick?

7. Spaghetti and Meatballs

a family classic… here’s my Meatball sexipe

8. Cornbread, Not That Jiffy Mix Sh!t

when your milk sours, you have cornbread

9. Decent Tacos

black people love tacos

10. Fried Chicken or Fish

forget women- every black man, woman, and child should have this down-packed(downpat)

11. Beef Stew

it’s cold outside

12. Greens or Cabbage

the perfect side-dish. My Cabbage sexipe

13. Be Able to Devein and Clean Shrimp

no one like’s sh*tty shrimp

14. Crab Legs

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have fun getting messy and cracking those open

15. Pancakes or Waffles

after that nightcap

16. Some Go-to Dessert(that’s homemeade and requires measuring, mixing, and baking)

real b*tches can bake

17. Chicken Salad

Pack his a** some lunch

18. Lasagna (the G is silent)

hopefully you knew that

19. Any Ethnic Dish Outside of African American

So you’se a cultured chick? Curry chicken can get you over every time

20. A Burger

nothing beats a good burger

21. Salmon Croquette

with some rice and string beans, shiiiiiiiiiiiit

22. Break Down a Whole Chicken/Turkey

this is just impressive

23. Banana Pudding

enough said

24. Make a Sauce from Scratch(BBQ, Tartar, etc.)

sometimes store-bought sauces are just boring

25. Oven-Baked BBQ Dish

no grill, no problem

-Do you guys have any suggestions? Do you remember ‘Sexipes’, should I start these back up? If you want to read the more serious articles theSUNK has written about cuisine head here. Follow theSUNK on Instagram here.

-TheSUNK.com(the Sh*t U Need 2 Know)
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  1. She gets a pass if she can prepare my favorite breakfast – Grits, eggs, bacon/sausage and toast…Cheese on every damn thing!

    1. Cheese on everything tho. Why must we disrespect the grits like that? Lol All we need is butter, black pepper, and a dash of salt.

        1. They are good, but my man said cheese on the entire breakfast tho. That’s too much damn cheese lol

        2. though i love my reg grits wit cheese, but when u add some heavy cream,cheese,spiced shrimp and mushrooms……#LevelsToThisShit lol

  2. I agree with the curry chicken. My parents are from the Caribbean and I cooked it for my ex who wasn’t West Indian and he was practically licking the plate! Gets them all the time!! 😉

      1. I like to use coconut oil in mine sometimes and you have to have some thyme and ginger. It just brings everything together.

        1. I love coconut oil. I can cook with it and use it in my beard. But two things that I add to curry is northern beans and granny smith apples, it adds a unique depth of flavor. I boil and smash the northern beans until they are smooth, they add a buttery texture and earthiness to the curry. The granny smith apples are julienned, adding little punches of sweet and tartness.

        2. Lol…Ok, it seems like you got some skills in the kitchen. I’m impressed!!
          Sounds pretty good, reminds me a little of apple chutney I had when I was younger. I never tried putting northern beans in my curry chicken. I love potatoes in it as well as as some roti (with dahl) on the side but plain white rice will do.
          I’m more traditional with my curry chicken.

      1. Lol… Not really sure that’s the topic of the post. I’m talking about cooking, I think you mentioned you can’t make curry chicken? I could give you the recipe to practice if you’re interested, let me know 🙂

        1. Ok, how about this. Even though it is extremely off topic, i’ll gladly share my ex stories if you’ll share yours. Let me know!!

        2. It was on topic. She was saying if the food was so good he was licking the plate then why aren’t you still together. She doesn’t REALLY want to know or care why you broke up. I believe it was more a joke. In fact a very common joke.

  3. I knew I had my ex hooked when I cooked Thanksgiving dinner from scratch with Mac’n’cheese, candied yams, cornbread stuffing, greens and potato salad. He ate the stuffing right out of the iron skillet for seconds.

    1. The stuffing vs dressing debate is calling my name, but I’m sure you threw down. Glad you he enjoyed it.

  4. Gumbo, jambalaya?

    Looking at this list I got about 9 dishes securely under my belt….but im sorry I have to add I learned how to grill from my dad (i live in cali we can grill 365 days a year with our weather) but I must say Im pretty damn good down to the seasoning of the meat and the fact that I can start a fire with no lighter fluid is pretty darn amazing….

    ***I got some work to do****unhappy about that 9

  5. Updated title proposal: 25 reasons every [person] should know how to cook – men, if you can’t cook as well, you’re hopeless

        1. Hope you don’t mind me asking, but are you of Caribbean descent? Can you cook any other Caribbean dishes? You’ve peaked my curiosity.

        2. No I’m not Caribbean, but I’ve dated a few Caribbean women. I try to learn and take things from any culture I encounter.

  6. I am curious as to why this is a woman’s challenge to learn. We should know how to cook them in order to do what, exactly?
    Other than grits (I can’t cook what I don’t like to eat) I’m good with all of them, though most of these I didn’t learn to make until just the last few years, when I also learned “beef stew” is quite the subjective term. I’m surprised potato salad isn’t on here.

  7. I LOVE to cook as well as BAKE. I prefer my meals from scratch and it’s not a difficult task, it just takes planning. All 25, I have in the bag! My banana pudding, which I don’t even like is loved by everyone and my pudding is made from scratch. I enjoy preparing meals for my whole family to enjoy around the holidays and everyone looks to me, which I don’t mind. My parents are southern, and my most requested meals are ox tails, whole turkey, dressing, and mac and cheese.

    I can hardly wait for Thanksgiving….

  8. Meatloaf? Yuck.

    The items on this list are all pretty easy. This list should be what all independently functioning adults should be able to cook, IMO.

  9. This appeared on my fb page. I began taking off my virtual earrings and applying Vaseline to my virtual face as I prepared to post a response laden with swear words, especially the compound word that starts with “bull” but then I read that this website is basically for, by and about the “urban” male (that’s code for black for those who didn’t know) and it seems like an interesting website. Carry on.

  10. I cannot make curry and i dont bake but i can mke damn near anything else and im fine so i get a pass on some of those…lol

  11. THis is such an american list (yes I KNOW I KNOW… don’t come for me. I have never made grits in my life, had them once and wanted to hurt the whole of southern america for making me think it would change my life. This girl does not like grits lol, But yea I can probably throw down pretty much everything on this list.. but grits. Am I marriage material now? lol

  12. A little discriminatory. Nothing on that list that everyone should be able to make.

    “A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an
    invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet,
    balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take
    orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a
    new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight
    efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”— Robert Heinlein, Time Enough for Love

  13. We keep kosher, so no shrimp (you must, absolutely must, know how to devein them if you do partake) or crab legs for us. That said, Jambalaya has become a mainstay for Rosh Hashannah.

  14. How many black men can build a home from scratch? Who the hell is making cornbread from scratch in 2014? We have businesses to run and families to raise. Time is precious. Why can’t a man just be happy he has a delicious meal?

  15. my favorite breakfast meal to cook is fried potatoes with caramelized onions and cheddar cheese, oven baked biscuits, scrambled eggs and turkey bacon

    1. Girllllll. They better recognize. Any woman giving you this pile of grease, you need to be giving her the serious side eye and seeing how much life insurance she got on your butt. Cause you bout to die.

  16. Please don’t forget the telephone number to a good endocrinologist after she finishes cooking these meals. You will need insulin or metformin after eating these meals daily….IJS.

  17. Yet black women are ridiculed for being fat. Look at this list, I no longer understand the ridicule…This list is riddled with high cholesterol, insane amounts of sugar and fat. Hypertension inducing recipes. That’s the first problem. Second, I can make 90% of this list, I still don’t see how this makes me any more or less of a woman than the next person. How does my ability to make a pan of baked macaroni define my actual character, which is the ACTUAL requirement for a solid partnership? If I made a list of 5 things that make a Real Man and filled it with shit like “change a tire” or “build a house from the foundation”, it would be considered petty and juvenile

    1. I think this was more “tongue-in-cheek” than a ‘serious’ “you’re not a black woman if you can’t do ‘x’ amount of things” list. Trust me, ANY man (hand raised) will make exceptions if she’s worth it lol. In fact, I don’t even like most of the stuff on that list; still found the humor in it though.

  18. Thank God I dated and married a good White man! He NEVER spoke of such foolishness! He’d rather take me out for fine dining than have me in the kitchen being his personal chef for hours! These Black men are absolutely
    RIDICULOUS! I have no idea why intelligent Black women continue to support them and their pure and utter foolishness! Child, BYE!!!

    1. Not only that, they’re very easy to please. They’re not expecting you to be Betty Crocker. They’re happy enough if you can make them a sandwich.

      1. Please stop the lies… Bm do a lot of things, but just like the ones who put others above, yall aren’t any better so STFU!

        1. Ma’am please calm yourself down. Its not that serious. This is simply our opinion and we have every right to it based on our own personal experiences. Quit spazzing out in your comments as if you are the only one entitled to speak on here.

        2. But it IS that serious. Guess youre like totally the ish because you date a white boy, like Omg!

          Why are you on a BM site if you hate them so much, now BE GONE…

        3. Exactly where in my statement did I say I hated them? Also, I was sent here through a link. So like I said before, calm down and please check yourself into a mental health facility, if you haven’t already done so.

        4. A disgruntled BW praising WM while berating BM for expressing traditional meals that most Black mothers made, and being uptight about a light hearted article on a BM ‘s blog… And “I”am the one in need of help? I see…

        5. Yes, “YOU” need the help. You have no right attacking anyone’s opinion. I sure hope you are married to a “brutha”. The Black females that vouch the hardest for black men are almost always single and unmarried and have bulldog like personalities. Maybe that’s why you’re still single lolll. Take care (and take your meds) 🙂

    2. I’mma need you to sit down…Every conversation is not for you. No need to spew your cultural self hate cause YOU still using an easy bake oven… Enjoy your days of casseroles (^_-)

      1. Okay, so you do realize that I’m laughing at you, right? Cultural self-hate? Girl, BYE! I just LOVE how Black people try to say you “self-hate” when you don’t buy into some BULL that most other black people believe! I don’t sip on that stereotypical buffoonery Kool-Aid.

        As for good men AND women being celebrated, I’m all for that! BUT being a good man does not mean that I need to be in the KITCHEN to prove what a good man you are! I don’t need to work on 25 meals simply to please him in hopes of being his wife or girlfriend! Comprende?

        Furthermore, since you consider yourself a feminist, did you ask yourself if there is a list of 25 Things Every Black Man should know how to do? I’ll let you think on that because I’m pretty sure one doesn’t exist. But just to make you think a bit more, if such a list did exist, what do you think should be on it? I’ll give you a running start:

        1) 25 Things Every Black Man Should Know About Securing Home Ownership.

        2) 25 Things Every Black Man Should Know About Proper Lawn Care

        3) 25 Things Every Black Man Should Know About Receiving a Quality College Education

        4) 25 Things Every Black Man Should Know About Being a SOLID Provider For Your Family

        I literally could go on and on and on and on. What about you since you are all about GOOD men — especially good black men, right?

        Oh, and just so you know, we rarely have casseroles. Neither me nor the hubby really likes them. But thanks for your concern!

        1. Just like I thought, you have nothing of value to add. Couldn’t really come up with that list of “25 Things for Black Men,” could you? BUT I at least wanted to extend the invitation.

          I’ll tell you what, Hun — How about you just enjoy spending hours on end in the kitchen showing how much you “love” your black king. Meanwhile, my hubby and I will be out having a 4 or 5 course meal, having great conversation, and truly enjoying each others’ company.

          Go get you a hug, girl. Sounds like you need one.

        2. Two things blacks who date out (out of anger not pure and random love) should know.

          1. You’re still a Ninja
          2. Marrying out will not make other blacks envy you… AT-TAL..

          And I don’t “consider” I AM a feminist.



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