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How Leaked Nudes Have Changed The Game For The Worse


Leaked nudes have hurt the game more than the abundance of stretch “4’s” in the NBA.

For anyone not into basketball simply ignore that. But leaked nudes aren’t a new thing. When nudes of famous people were leaked in the past it was sort of special. Not in a sacred way, but it was more of a rarity. In this increasingly viral world, nude leaking is a norm. As we retweet this content, we might also be sending wrong messages to women. Women are probably thinking: “I ain’t sending n****s any nudes!” I get it. We can blame the cloud hacker for part of this. But fellas we have  to hold ourselves accountable as well.

I can’t remember the first nude I ever received.

Over the course of receiving them over the years I realized that what I have in my possession can make or break me. This is true in the event I ever sent one as well. If it ever got in the wrong hands I’m  liable to get a major tongue lashing. What might be worse? A woman simply saying she wasn’t going to send anymore. We can’t have that right? I really think most guys love receiving nudes from women. Women have so many dimensions and parts of themselves that make them as fine as they are. If a guy sends a woman something provocative it’s probably one of only two or three things. The ladies on the other hand are equipped with everything to take our money.

I say  that to say that men haven’t really been responsible with the nudes they have received from women. They shouldn’t want to put that privilege in jeopardy. It’s hurting the game for us and I felt the need to speak up. I listened to a podcast recently that was done by @IamJayMayo  where he had  panelists express their like or disdain for sexting. To my surprise many of the men and women on the panel were pretty conservative on the subject. With the exception of one man and woman the other four panelists weren’t with it. There’s nothing wrong with this but it made me think. Maybe they’ve seen too much evidence of leaked photos to ever feel comfortable doing such a thing. I’d be pretty weary of it as well.

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With the advent of Instagram and Snapchat, there seems to be increased leaking activity.

I think certain realistic distinctions need to be made. I think it’s fair to say that some people may show a nude that they received  to a close friend. It’s also fair to say that the photo you may show to that one person isn’t someone you’re seriously dating. To me that is the only excuse to ever show a photo to another. I only say that because I know it happens with some people.

When it comes down to someone you’re taking seriously, they have to be able to trust you.

Sending sexy photos are a way to keep the spice in your relationship. Don’t kill the spice!! I urge the fellas reading this to share this. If you get a nude from a woman, don’t share it. People are more self conscious now more than ever because of all the leaking going on. I feel a way about this because I come from a time when a girl wouldn’t sweat to just throw you a little something  to light up your eyes. I mean they wouldn’t even think twice! Where has the generosity gone?!  This whole thing should be fun. The abundance of guys putting women on blast and cloud hackers running wild is killing this other dimension for us.

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Sending nudes are cool just like most things are…in moderation. How do you all feel about sending nudes? Have any of you done it but don’t anymore? Let’s speak on it.  Snap responsibly my friends.

These are my words and I make no apologies.

DamnPops is a writer on the staff at SBM: “I’m not a biter, I’m a writer for myself and others. ” Brooklyn born dude trying to figure out this life just like you. Come on this journey with me. Follow me on Twitter @DamnPOPS


  1. Great post!! And I absolutely agree! I used to send pics (not nude) to brighten up his day and to give him something to look forward to but gone are those days! You never know what could happen to these pics and I would rather be safe than sorry. For me it’s not really about trust. It’s just knowing that privacy is never guaranteed.

    1. That’s real. Privacy is a HUGE factor when it boils down to pressing that send button. No question about it.

      I’m curious, have you ever regretted sending a guy a pic after things ended between you two?

        1. That totally makes sense. Some people act brand new after a break up.

          Thank you for answering my question. I appreciate that.

  2. I have gotten Birthday Suit Pics and ALWAYS do I keep them to myself. Once I’ve had my Viewing Pleasure(s) I’ve deleted them. I’ve sent some as well (a few)

  3. I doubt it.

    Hackers still millions of dollars everyday from fortune 500 companies, then they provide a demand for cyber security professionals. Hackers still credit card information all the time from many of these big corporations, many times not even getting coverage in the news. What’s surprising is that juvenile things like that don’t happen more often.

    Regardless, life will carry on. Hackers do not have enough power or anti-social energy to obstruct the progress of sexting.

  4. It’d be really cool if HACKERS could hack into THE MAN’S SYSTEM and just wipe out credit card and loan debt. Hell, I’d pay nicely for that service. I’ve received nude texts and I’ve sent nude texts [discreetly can’t be identified as me types]. I’m not one who actually keeps texts…I tend to delete them after a few days as I don’t see the point in saving them. Pics, I usually keep but delete the nudes. If a woman were to ask me about sending out nude texts, I would simply tell her NO, DON’T DO IT…unless you cannot be identified in the pics. What feels good today might feel absolutely foolish tomorrow….hell…might even feel foolish two or three hours from now. Who’s to say. Plus, its just not that important to do.

  5. I’ve sent and received, but I won’t send another one anytime soon (unless we’re married and I can’t be identified) because I’m afraid of him showing it to his friends. There was actually a time when I sent him a serious message, and it turns out his friend was using his phone while he was outside. His friend could have easily searched his photos.

    1. That would have been wild if they would have seen it without him even know.

      I’m curious, do you think you could remain with a guy who had shared one of your pics with his friends?

      1. Of course not! I sent photos with the intention of them only being viewed by that one person, and to show them to other people would be a complete violation to my body and our respect for one another. That’s what little boys do when they want to show off the girl they’re banging or the fool they tricked into sending a pic. I’m not a porn star, video vixen, lingerie model, or instagram model, and I’ve never been and never will be a fwb, so if that’s what he’s looking for, there’s no clearer way to say it than to flaunt my body to the world. And I know what to do! No man that is serious about the woman he is with will be okay with another man seeing her naked body.

        1. “No man that is serious about the woman he is with will be okay with another man seeing her naked body.”

          That is truth and I agree with you completely.

          That’s one of the reasons why I personally believe that those types of pics should not be sent unless someone is in a relationship. That way, the trust should be established and if someone does share the pics, it’s a violation of trust, like you stated.

          Thank you so much for taking the time out to answer my question. I truly appreciate that.

        2. You’re very welcome. And I’ve never thought of sending those pics to someone I’m not in a relationship with o_O.

        3. I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t suggest anyone do that either.

          It’s wild though, because some people do send those types of pics to people they aren’t in a relationship with.

          I don’t get it, personally.

  6. Objectively speaking its kinda futile. Most nudes I receieve are from ppl I can then get the live show from or probably have no intention to (ebaes) so I’m just teasing myself

    Biasedly speaking, im a creep so I’ll probably still solicit them.

  7. Im team no video, no audio, no photo… nothing is guaranteed so I just avoid any possibility of being put in that predicament in the first place.

  8. Wow Kahlil! This is another great post bro! I also appreciate the shout out too. Thank you for listening to the podcast. It’s great to know that you took something away from it.

    Personally, I’ve never sent a naked pic and I’ve honestly never even thought about doing so. I’m not much of a picture or selfie taker by default. So sending a nude would be a stretch for me.

    Once again, great thought provoking post. Keep them coming fam!

  9. I’ve sent nude pics, but my face is never in them and I don’t have any identifying marks, so if they are shared, I won’t be identified. I don’t send them to just anybody it has to be a person that I trust and am serious about.

  10. I am 26 years old and I have never been into sending nudes. Ive NEVER trusted the idea of it, and Ive always felt that a man asking for a nude shows his lack of respect for me, I worked as a bartender for a few years and it definitely proved me right bc I have seen way too many man show these nudes to their coworkers and aquaintances and drinking buddies. Do not be foolish and think these nudes for going to be for his eye’s only.


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