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Rich and WIM discuss their recent guest appearance on The Black Guy Who Tips, lucid dreams, the podcast surpassing a major milestone, Rich phasing out his [crap] mobile, performance reviews in corporate america, the Bill Cosby meme gone wrong, Kim Kardashian’s latest effort to stay relevant, the slap heard round the world, listener feedback, a really awesome article on one man making waves in silicon valley, an intro to next week’s WIM Rant, plus more. **Song at break by True2Life Music: “Faithful” ft. JS.**

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@TGOSPodcast, @WisdomIsMisery, @IAmRichJones


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  1. i’m late…i’m catching up on the shows…

    on kim k doing the magazine shoot…i agree with WIM. my biggest problem was the fact that the magazine was $10…say what????


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